Richard Décarie, first pro-lifer in 2020 Conservative leadership race

Québec strategist who helped Harper unite the right in 2003, under attack for comments on LGBTQ Richard Décarie has been pilloried for his socially conservative stances. A bilingual political activist who was Stephen Harper’s Québec lieutenant when the former leader united the right, has launched his own bid to become leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Richard Décarie, who [...]

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Potential CPC leadership candidates

Tanya Granic Allen       Age: 39 Province: Ontario Personal life: Married, four children Political experience: Ran for Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership (2018) Fun fact: Former head of Campaign Life Coalition Youth. Life/family record: 100% Pro-life and pro-family             Rona Ambrose     Age: 50 Province: Alberta Personal life: Married twice. Political [...]

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Did the Conservatives lose because of Scheer’s position on moral issues?

Andrew Scheer MP Immediately following the Oct. 21 election, there was criticism of Andrew Scheer’s leadership from the usual suspects – the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal media, opposition parties, and elite in the parasitic industries of government relations, public relations, and political strategy. The criticism was as predictable in its specifics as it was in its sources: the Conservative Party needed a leader [...]

Social conservatism and the federal election

Laying Down the Lawton Andrew Lawton It’s hard to recall an election in which social issues were brought to the surface as often as they were in this year’s federal election. Of course, this didn’t come from social conservatives, but rather from scads of progressive politicians trying to embarrass and humiliate Conservative candidates for holding the apparently unconscionable belief that, [...]

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Pro-life gains despite ‘disappointing’ Trudeau re-election Analysis

The Liberals will return as government, albeit with a reduced large minority of 157 seats, down from 184 in 2015. The Conservatives gained roughly a half million votes and won the popular vote 34.4 per cent to 33.1 for the Liberals, yet won just 121 seats, up from 99 four years ago. The Bloc more than tripled their seat total, winning 32 [...]

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Andrew Scheer must go

Andrew Scheer Many in the pro-life, pro-family community are disappointed, but not surprised with the results of the Oct. 21 federal election. While there were well over 140 pro-life candidates, most were Christian Heritage Party and People’s Party of Canada candidates with little chance of winning. But even if every pro-life candidate won, there would not be a pro-life majority [...]

Election notebook

Green Party candidate repudiates pro-life position October 1 Mark Vercouteren, Green Party candidate in Chatham-Kent-Leamington, stated he supported abortion after it was reported he had previously indicated he was pro-life in Campaign Life Coalition questionnaires from previous elections, including the 2018 provincial election. He said he “doesn’t remember” signing the questionnaire. Vercouteren issued a statement, “you have my word I would never [...]

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How to vote pro-life

Andrew Scheer has been a disappointing Conservative leader. For pro-life and pro-family Canadians, he has not lived up to the promise of his stellar voting record as a long-time MP. Some pro-lifers were hoping that despite his repeated avowal to not reopen the abortion issue, he would allow the many pro-life members of the Conservative caucus and swelling ranks pro-life candidates in [...]

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Scheer says he will ‘ensure’ abortion issue is not reopened

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer says he will 'oppose' any effort to reopen the abortion issue by Tory backbenchers. In late August, Ralph Goodale, the Liberal Minister for Public Safety, tweeted video from 2004 in which Scheer spoke against homosexual “marriage” in the House of Commons. Goodale said, “the Conservative Party leader should now end his lifelong boycott of Pride events [...]

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Don’t be these people this election

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke I had a hard time deciding what to write this column on because I’m not sure who bothers me more this election: “Pro-lifers” planning to vote Liberal/NDP/Green or pro-lifers insisting it’s “Conservative or bust.” I decided to write about both, in a “fun” exercise of considering which mindset is more infuriating. Let us look at Exhibit [...]

Scheer’s Tories accused of nixing social conservative candidates

Ann Gillies Christian psychotherapist Ann Gillies was six weeks into campaigning for the Conservative Party of Canada nomination in her Ontario riding when she received a curt email from party executive director Dustin Van Vugt telling her she’d been disallowed. A longstanding party member whose campaign in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound had been building “really, really good momentum,” Gillies was “shocked” -- [...]

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Justin Trudeau promotes the LGBQT+ agenda

The Trudeau Record In November 2016, just over a year into his mandate, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau named Edmonton Centre Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault the first Special Advisor on LGBTQ2 issues to any prime minister. Boissonnault, a press statement said, would “advise the Prime Minister on the development and co-ordination of the Government of Canada’s LGBTQ2 agenda,” including “working with LGBTQ2 organizations [...]

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Google whistle-blower suspended after suggesting Big Tech manipulating elections

Greg Coppola A senior engineer at one of America’s biggest tech firms has been put on administrative leave after expressing fears that firms like his are interfering in elections. Software engineer Greg Coppola spoke to Project Veritasfounder James O’Keefe about the ways in which Google manipulates information to advance a left-wing bias. “I don’t have a smoking gun,” he said. [...]

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People’s Party candidates call for late-term abortion ban

People's Party candidates in Red Deer, Alberta. Laura Lynn Thompson, Paul Mitchell (centre), with the party leader Maxime Bernier. On August 7, both People’s Party of Canada candidates in Red Deer, Alberta – Paul Mitchell (Red Deer-Mountain View) and Laura-Lynn Thompson (Red Deer Lacombe) – held a press conference in which they called for a ban on abortions beyond 24 [...]

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