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Pentecostals publish their official position on abortion

"Human life begins at conception. Human life is a continuum from the moment of conception to the moment of death. The only possible justification for the interruption of a pregnancy would be in the extremely rare situation in which an abortion is performed in order to save the life of the mother. Abortion performed for any other reason is the deliberate taking [...]

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Francis Schaeffer

Dr. Francis Schaeffer died on May 15 at his home in Rochester, Minnesota. He had been fighting caner for several years. Through decades of achievement in two major areas, Dr. Schaeffer had become recognized internationally as a leading Evangelical thinker. Francis Schaeffer was the author of twenty-three books and - with his son Frank - produced several film series in which he [...]

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Charity no. 0367458-13-10 is lobbying again

Even though the Department of National Revenue makes it quite clear to charitable groups that political lobbying is contrary to regulations, Planned Parenthood of Canada has once again placed an ad in national newspaper (The Globe and Mail. July 28, 1984) and ad which is an open admission that Planned Parenthood is a strong political lobby in Ottawa. The ad instructs the [...]

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There are no women’s issues

With the election campaign in full swing, I am heartily sick of the slogans, "women's issues," and "gender gap." Unfortunately, they are the kind of buzz-words which will stay with us for a long time. The two slogans are, of course, intertwined, and I'm surprised that no-one -male or female - has protested the insult implicit in the slogans. First, the term [...]

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The West Birthright: The gift of a lifetime

Alberta 203 333-17th Ave. S.W. Calgary, Alta. T2S 0A7 (403) 488-0681 6624-44 B Ave. Camrose, Alta. T4V 2V5 (403) 672-2005 108-11520 100th Ave. Edmonton, Alta. T5K 0J7 (403) 743-0681 210-9912 Franklin Ave. Fort McMurray, Alta. T9H 2K5 (403) 743-5088 Rm. 4 321 A 6th St. S. Lethbridge, Alta. T1J 2C7 (403) 320-1003 Box 1118 Peace River, Alta. T0M 2X0 (403) 624-2878 38 [...]

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How should I vote?

It is very difficult to imagine what one isn't! But I am going to try just for a few moments. Act I - The Atheist I am an atheist and in the coming election I want to vote for what is best for Canada. I'm not emotionally attached to any of the three parties so, in practice, I am reduced to looking [...]

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Canadian government sends secret pro-abortion group to Mexico

The Canadian delegation to the UN-sponsored International Conference on Population, which took place in Mexico City early in August, adopted a pro-abortion position. In contrast to wide-ranging publicity and debate given to the US policy against funding abortion, the Canadian people were kept completely in the dark - not only as to what kind of policy had been adopted but also as [...]

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The curse of Time Magazine

During my time at the University of Toronto, attending media classes with Marshall McLuhan, I would on occasion hear Dr. McLuhan refer to Time magazine as "Big Brother." He would explore the subject further by saying that George Orwell's book, 1984 was obsolete the day it was published and that Orwell was writing about the world of 1932 not 1984. and in [...]

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Abortion -a threat to a free society

Abraham Lincoln, a great American president, had a simple but profound formula for government in a free society. "...government of the people, by the people, for the people." All freedom-loving Canadians concur with Lincoln. It is a formula that works. But it must be won and kept with determination, sacrifice, and eternal vigilance. How do we rate as a free nation? All [...]

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Abortion on film

I doubt whether any of the people who packed the hotel room in Kansas City at the 1984 National Right to Life Conference, to see the first public showing of Dr. Nathanson's abortion film will ever forget that experience. What we saw was a real-time ultrasound picture of the complete abortion of a ten-week-old fetus, and what we heard was Dr. Nathanson's [...]

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REAL women and election ’84

The feminists have been putting forward a no-holds barred campaign in order to induce the politicians into believing that there is no single, more powerful group than women and no issue (not even that of unemployment) more important. The feminists are attempting to intimidate the politicians into believing that women are powerful, legitimate voting block. This is not so. Feminist policies do [...]

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CYPLO Canadian Youth Pro-Life

By: Jim McManamy Shall I vote for the man or vote for the party? This is a question which many people consider before an election and one which pro-life voters will be asking themselves before September 4. Although, pro-life voters believe that the Abortion question must be made an issue, (even though many politicians would rather avoid it, often by making it [...]

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Dr. Paul McGoey

Dr. Paul McGoey died recently at his home in Gormley, Ontario. He was a man of courage and of frankness; a born leader. He stood out in any gathering of doctors. He was an outstanding surgeon and was a leader in the just cause of defending the right to life of the unborn in Ontario. He graduated from the University of Toronto [...]

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Interim essay contest Winner!

Sandra Kloosterhuis Thunder Bay Ontario 1st Prize 9 Year-old group Life is great! An abortion is when a doctor and a mother decide to kill a baby while it is growing in the womb. Some people think that abortion should stop and I think they are "Pro-Life." Why would a mother and a doctor want to kill a poor innocent baby? The [...]

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The three leaders

Ed Broadbent - NDP Ed Broadbent has supported abortion on demand throughout his political career. Henry Morgentaler has defied Canadian law for at least 12 years with his unauthorized and illegal clinics. In the House of Commons Ed Broadbent has consistently supported motions or declarations favouring Henry Morgentaler and he has opposed government measures to uphold Canadian law against the Montreal abortionist. [...]

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