Planned Parenthood publishes MP’s supportive letters

  Last fall, members of parliament and senators were sent a copy of the September issue of Tellus, the quarterly journal of the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada (PPFC), which contained the results of PPFC’s two surveys of sex education in Canada. In its Winter 1984 issue, Tellus printed excerpts from letters received from MPs and Senators. Some of the letters excerpted [...]

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Morgentaler update

  CMA supports Morgentaler’s India trip Henry Morgentaler was invited to give a lecture at a conference on law and medicine sponsored by the Indian Supreme Court and the Indian Medical Association in the second week of February, 1985. Canadian co-sponsors of Morgentaler’s trip were the Canadian Medical Association and the British Columbia Medical Association. Canadian Civil Liberties The Candaian Civil Liberties [...]

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Guest Column: Let’s have a holy-day

      More than any other day of the year, March 25 is appropriate as a pro-life observance. Think of our other holidays: Easter, Victoria Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s to name a few. Each of these already has its own tradition. It would be impossible to superimpose on any one a new theme, so strong are the established [...]

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Pro-life commentary: MSAFP testing: the latest “search and destroy” technology

      The Newcastle area of New Brunswick has the distinction of having one of the world’s most comprehensive programmes of parental screening for spina bifida. According to one source at the Miramichi Hospital, a blood test, called the Maternal Serum Alpha-Fetoprotein Test (MSAFP) is “routine” for all prenatals. In 1983 this test was used in 695 maternity-related cases in New [...]

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    When I return from an eight hour flight (from Paris and Rome this time) I do not usually laugh until my metabolism has readjusted itself with the aid of eight hours rest. But I nearly did (laugh) on Sunday (December 2nd). I had plugged in the kettle just to welcome myself back when my eye fell on a photo of [...]

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Bits and pieces

    Two years ago I wrote my first column. It was for the first issue of The Interim and was on “pro-life feminism,” a constant theme of many subsequent columns. When I wrote that first column, I thought I’d soon run out of things to say on the abortion issue and I’m sure that some of you who persist in the [...]

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Spina bifida: is there a choice?

    The ever-widening chasm between doctors who respect life and those who believe they have the right to decide who should live and who should die is perhaps nowhere more clearly shown than in their attitudes towards the child with spina bifida. Thirty years ago, a baby born with spina bifida had a miniscule chance of living beyond a few months. [...]

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Social justice and evangelism

      The recent opening of the Morgentaler abortuary and the seeming inability of the Canadian judicial and legal systems to deal with him and the atrocities of abortions being committed all throughout this nation is forcing the evangelical community to re-examine its position with regards to a Christian’s obligation to promote social justice.   As an evangelical myself, I would [...]

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Obscenity and the future

      To its third annual seminar held in Toronto on February 2, Canadians for Decency attracted a crowd of over 300. The topic was “Obscenity, Violence and the Future of Society”; the speakers for the most part took for granted the existence of shocking conditions in our society, and went on to discuss fundamental reasons for their existence and possible [...]

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The Nature of Man

  By Corrine Fischer, 16 years old, St. John’s College, Brantford, Ontario, Winner 16-18 yr. group In the February issue of The Interim the last two paragraphs of Ms. Fischer’s essay were inadvertently removed. It is reprinted in full below with apologies to Ms. Fischer.   “It’s dramatic. It’s emotional. I don’t say I kill. I terminate. I end. I interfere. I [...]

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In Vitro M.D. ignores fetal tests

    Dr. David Armstrong, scientific director of the test-tube clinic at the University of Western Ontario, does not appear to know how rapidly life develops. In an interview with Rose Dimanno of the Toronto Star on February 12, Dr. Armstrong defended his recommendation that human embryos be mass-produced and kept up to 28 days for experiments because, he said “up to [...]

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Mengele and Morgentaler: Overblown rhetoric?

    Some people get angry at the very idea of drawing a comparison between Joseph Mengele and Henry Morgentaler. Harvey Schachter, associate editor of the Kingston Whig-Standard is on of those persons. He wrote an extra-long, 1300-word, editorial the day after Morgentaler’s visit to the Queen’s University on February 6. Entitled “The lessons of Morgentaler,” the editorial really focuses on only [...]

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Mexico bans Playboy

  The Mexican government recently announced that it will no longer allow Playboy magazine to be distributed and printed in Mexico. The move was taken after an investigation undertaken by Allianza Nacional para la Defensa de la Moral Familiar, an organization which works for the preservation of family morals. Allianza Nacional indicated that the magazine had brought great harm to Mexican Society [...]

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Sociologists confirm what many already knew

  The cover article of the American Newsweek magazine (January 14, 1985) points out a number of features which were more less known: -nearly 40 per cent of all Americans are not certain whether their current position on abortion is correct. -that only 21 per cent favour abortion on demand. -that 50 per cent would support banning abortions except for rape, incest, [...]

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U.S. President supports legal battle for rights for the unborn

  For the first time since the legalization of abortion in 1973, a U.S. President is lending his prestige and authority to seek legal rights for the unborn. President Ronald Reagan was the first president to address the now-annual demonstration in Washington on January 22, the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion. Reagan’s comments delighted the 71,000 strong pro-life [...]

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