What is a practising Catholic?

I am writing this in January 1986.  It was announced on the radio this morning that Maureen McTeer, a “practising Roman Catholic” and wife of Joe Clark, has agreed to become an honorary director of CARAL.  The announcement went on to say something to the effect that, while Ms. McTeer would not have an abortion herself, she supports the right of any [...]

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Uncommon ground

I find myself in a most unlikely position:  feminists and I appear to see eye to eye on the matter of the contraceptive drug and devices which are still claiming thousands of victims. The women’s health networks currently are working hard to raise public awareness of the dangers of the IUD, and are lobbying strongly to prevent the federal government’s blessing on [...]

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Dangerous coil still approved in Canada

Two more Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) have become the focus of so many lawsuits in the U.S. that their makers have removed them from the American market.  The CU-7 and the Tatum-T (two versions of an IUD called the Copper 7) are manufactured by the C. D. Searle Company.  However, only one, the CU-7, is sold in Canada.  Searle’s Canadian subsidiary has announced [...]

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Pornography leads to violence

On Feb. 1, Canadians for Decency held its 4th Annual Seminar on Obscenity, Violence and the Future of Society at the Prince Hotel in Don Mills.  As in the past years, the society’s president, Nancy Pollock, produced a stimulating array of speakers, and again there was a large and appreciative audience for them. Dr. William Marshall, a psychologist from Queen’s University, first [...]

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Feminists and the courts

On January 26, 1986, Edward Greenspan, a renowned Toronto lawyer and editor of the courtroom bible Martin’s Criminal Code, charged that Canadian courtrooms are cowed by feminists.  The credibility of Canada’s judiciary is being undermined by attacks by feminists and other lobby groups, he said. When groups unhappy with a decision, they simply launch an appeal to the judicial council, he said.  [...]

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Catching up – Canada

The National Action Committee on the Status of Women has set up a new subcommittee formed specifically “to help raise the profile of the abortion rights struggle.”  NAC receives large government grants.  The December issue of NAC’s Feminist Action newsletter announced a nation-wide campaign to “expose the injustice of the existing abortion legislation,” centering around testimonies of women about their abortion experiences.  [...]

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A tribute to Harry Schadenberg

On February 4, 1986, the pro-life community was saddened by the sudden death of Harry Schadenberg of Woodstock, Ontario. Harry and his wife Mary have been cornerstones of the pro-life movement in South Western Ontario since the early 1970s. When Mary first became involved in pro-life work, Harry would chauffeur her to meetings in the evenings.  Then, recognizing the depths of the [...]

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Carruthers and Whelton vs. Lions Gate Hospital

The B.C. Court of Appeal has upheld an earlier court ruling preventing George Carruthers and Michael Whelton from continuing a civil suit against the North and West Vancouver Hospital Society.  Carruthers and Whelton are former members of the hospital society and are attempting to sue the hospital on the basis that abortions are authorized and performed in Lions Gate Hospital, contrary to [...]

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“Abortion posting shameful” Maureen McTeer

On January 25 the Toronto Star reported that “Maureen McTeer, a practising Catholic and wife of External Affairs Minister Joe Clark, has become an honorary director” of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League.  McTeer was quoted as saying that – while she would never consider having an abortion herself – she believes as “a lawyer, a mother and a Christian,” that a [...]

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Counselling at the abortuary: Three short stories

Death in the afternoon One day this winter, while picketing the front of the Toronto Morgentaler abortuary, I looked across the street and noticed two young girls walking back and forth on the opposite sidewalk.  They were obviously nervous, glancing and pointing at us picketers while at the same time whispering to one another. They appeared to be “nice high school girls,” [...]

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New Brunswick – “Abortionists provoke property violence”

In November 1985, Henry Morgentaler lectured on abortion to the student body of the University of New Brunswick.  The visit was, naturally enough, controversial and the student organizers subsequently agreed to give equal time for the pro-life view.  On January 29, 1986, New Brunswick Right to Life sponsored a visit to Fredericton by Dr. John Willke.  Dr. Willke, president of the International [...]

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Quebec – Doctors demand pathology exams

The Corporation Professionnelle des Médecins du Québec will formally advise Henry Morgentaler of the necessity for pathological examination to be made of “tissue” removed in his Montreal abortion facility.  A letter from the Corporation to Ottawa resident David Waechter states that “… recommendations will be formally addressed by our office to Dr. Morgentaler requesting that all tissue obtained by aspiration or curetage [...]

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British Columbia- B.C. teachers pro-abortion policy protested

Pro-lifers picketed the B.C. Teachers’ Federation executive meeting held in January in Vancouver.  The pickets were protesting the Federation’s policy in support of removing abortion from the Criminal Code.  Picketers also protested the use of pro-abortion literature in the classroom. Picketers included representatives from Campaign Life, Right to Life and Christians for Life.  Their press statement pointed out the “contradictory absurdity” that [...]

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Rabbits are pro-life

Sue Hierlihy, president of Action Life Ottawa, was recently the target of an anonymous letter accusing her of not being truly pro-life, and in fact of being a “phoney.”  The reason for this allegation is that Mrs. Hierlihy keeps a rabbit outside in the winter. The letter writer insisted that in his or her opinion, keeping a rabbit out of doors in [...]

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Get-well card for Peterson

About 50 picketers showed up for a lively picket against Premier Peterson at Toronto’s Sheraton Centre on February 17.  The picketers were in “excellent form” according to organizer Dan Mc Cash and sang hymns while handing out a Toronto-and-Area Right-to-Life pamphlet called “The Journey of the Unborn Child” as they waited for Premier Peterson. The picket lasted two hours, until it was [...]

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