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Feminist review of law

Four Canadian women, three lawyers and a criminologist, published a 210-page report entitled A Feminist Review of Criminal Law. The report was commissioned and paid for by the Advisory Council on the Status of Women, an agency fully-funded by the federal government. Walter McLean, Minister for the Status of Women, said the report was written to “arouse public sensitivity.”  This it certainly [...]

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Another reason to celebrate

Last October my husband and I met a 19-year-old girl, Teresa, (name changed) who had gone to the Morgentaler abortuary to have an abortion.  She was met at the front of the abortuary by a very motherly picketer from outside Toronto, Mrs. Johnson (name also changed).  Very simply and gently she said to Teresa, “You don’t want to go in there.”  Teresa [...]

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Trying to have it both ways

Yet another feminist report urging repeal of Canada’s abortion laws is hardly headline news.  But, throwing into the report the proposal that women should be allowed to steal, commit welfare fraud and disregard individual property rights to provide food, clothing and shelter for their children, ensures that the report receives maximum publicity. Both sets of proposals, and many more, are contained in [...]

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Another ‘search and destroy’ test on the way

Researchers at Michigan State University are hoping that a newly-developed blood test to detect fetal abnormalities will eventually become a routine procedure for every pregnant woman. The test, Early Prenatal Karyotype (EPK) is said to be safer than both Chorionic Villi Sampling (CVS) and amniocentesis, since it is conducted on a routine blood sample  Both CVS and amniocentesis involve surgery and a [...]

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The unlearned lessons of history

Here is a quotation from The Story of Civilization (Volume 3) by the famous historian, Will Durant.  It is taken from Chapter three which is entitled, “Why Rome Fell.” “In Greece the depopulation had been going on for centuries.  In Alexandria, which had boasted of its numbers, Dionysius calculated that the population had, in his time, (250 A.D.) been halved.  He mourned [...]

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Church Conflict Threatening

Father Charles Curran, professor of moral theology at the Catholic University of America, a “Pontifical” university, announced on March 11 that he has refused to retract his dissenting views after being requested to do so by the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.  “My positions are neither rebellious nor radical,” he stated, claiming that his theological positions represent the main stream [...]

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International- Abortion picketer is prisoner on conscience

Holmesberg Prison. 16th November 1985 Dear Sara So here I am, immured in an imitation Tower of London, in a filthy, sunless cell! – Holmesburg County prison here in my native city and country of Philadelphia. I shall have to return to Pittsburgh at the end of next week after our trial here. I believe I dropped a note to you in [...]

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Abortion on demand

The extra billing controversy in Ontario was seized as a vehicle to promote abortion on demand.  On March 20, 1986, former university student Julie Newport testified before members of the Legislature’s social development committee how a Peterborough abortionist demanded $300 up-front.  She got the money as an interest-free loan from an abortion fund set up by Trent’s student council, but she still [...]

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Remove IUD

The withdrawal of Copper 7 IUD from the US market (it is still on sale in Canada) has drawn the ire of Dr. Kenneth Walker whose column “The Doctor Game,” under the pen name W. Gifford-Jones, appears in a number of Canadian newspapers.  Gifford-Jones is a pro-abortionist committed to the contraceptive mentality.  The IUD is an abortion-causing instrument. “Women’s groups who advocate [...]

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Soviet abortions

Moscow. Authorities are worried that the more than 10 million annual abortions have had unwelcome effects on women’s health. Medical demographer, A. A. Popov said: “The current abortion rate is a major factor in determining the incidence of gynecological diseases and childless marriages, infant mortality, miscarriages and child morbidity.  Lowering the abortion rate would have a colossal effect on public health.” There [...]

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Catching up – International – Pornography banned

North America’s largest chain of convenience stores, the 7-Eleven stores, announced at the beginning of April that it will stop carrying Playboy, Penthouse and Forum magazines.  Christine Hefner, president of Playboy Enterprises claimed that her magazine has stood for “positive, healthy sex for three decades.”  But U.S. Fundamentalists and Evangelicals, boycotting the stores, pointed to the connection between pornography and violence.  The [...]

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Don’t sell pills

The Ontario College of Pharmacists is threatening action against health clinics which are distributing contraceptive pills at cost, often in unlabelled packages, without medical supervision.  According to the Globe (April 14) one of the College’s inspectors told Planned Parenthood volunteers at an Ottawa clinic that they must hire a pharmacist if they want to sell the pills.  In Ontario the Ministry of [...]

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Catching up – Canada – Pornography effects ignored

The proposed three-tiered Canadian federal legislation on pornography is based on faulty research that ignored major findings on the harmful effects of pornography, charges psycho-therapist David Scott.  The Fraser Committee report is filled with flaws, he stated at a symposium in Toronto on April 5. The first two tiers involving children and violence would be subject to strict penalties.  But the third, [...]

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Supreme court refuses to hear case brought by pro-lifers

On March 17, three Justices of the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed the motion of George Carruthers and Michael Whelton to be given leave to appeal the BC Appeal Court decision on their case to the full nine member Supreme Court Bench.  (See Interim, March 1986, for background on this point.) Lawyer Marvin Storrow of Vancouver outlined the case before Justices Bertha [...]

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Private Members’ Bills may now stand a chance

Editor:  An article in the April issue explaining parliamentary procedures on Private Members’ Bills was prepared before recent changes were made.  The following explains how Private Members’ Bills now proceed through the House of Commons. The new rules governing Private Members’ Business are substantially different.  All Members wishing to submit bills (or Motions) to be debated during Private Members’ Hour enter their [...]

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