Shielding women

The Dalkon Shield and its dangers have received enormous publicity and at least two books have been written on the subject.  The aptly titled Nightmare – Women and the Dalkon Shield, paints a horrifying picture of corporate greed on the part of the manufacturer, A.H. Robins Company.  Authors Susan Perry and Jim Dawson discuss at length how adverse medical reports on the [...]

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Pro-life pilgrimage to Midland Part II

Father Bill and I were sharing a tent but he was having a meeting with some of the organizers to plan for tomorrow.  So I slipped quietly into our tent to get ready for “bed.”  It was quite dark but I found the red sleeping bag and unzipped it.  It was very cold by this time so I decided to keep on [...]

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Another day on Harbord Street

For several days I could not make up my mind if it was a good or bad day.  I now know that it was good! Good because the Lord showed us again: “I am with you always.” That morning, at about the same time as the three abortionists were taken into custody, some 25 pro-lifers started their two-and-a-half-hour trip to Toronto to [...]

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Book Review

“Hey Anita, would you do a review of this book? I was supposed to do it but I don’t have the time.” “Sure!” I said, and dumped the book into my purse. On the way home that evening, riding on the subway, I started reading. The book, Secret Child by Nancy Moore, captured my attention right from the first line: “You’re pregnant.” [...]

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Priest jailed for five years

Fr. Edward Markley, O.S.B., has begun serving a five-year jail sentence for smashing two suction machines in an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. Fr. Markley was sentenced last year, and given a suspended sentence of five years in jail for each baby-killing machine he had destroyed, with a condition that he stay away from the abortion clinic. Fr. Markley found this condition [...]

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Parliament hears both sides of abortion issue

Four Private Members’ bills to amend Section 251 of the Criminal Code have received first reading in the House of Commons in the new session of Parliament that began September 30.  All previous items of Private Members Business relating to abortion and the protection of the unborn child died on the Order Paper when the House prorogued at the end of August.  [...]

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The Billings Lectures – NFP gains momentum

“People think that making contraceptives freely available will reduce the incidence of abortion.  That’s a myth.  The truth is exactly the opposite.”  Doctors John and Evelyn Billings told listeners in Halifax at the start of a lecture tour of eastern and central Canada. The Australian husband-wife research team has developed the Billings (or Ovulation) method of Natural Family Planning, now accepted by [...]

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Some new and increasing threats

A discussion paper given in Winnipeg at the Annual Directors’ Meeting of Campaign Life Canada – October 1986. Dr. Everett Koop warned us of the Slippery Slope and he predicted that abortion, by taking away the value of the life of an unborn child, would lead to the diminishing value of all human life.  Three and a half centuries ago the clergyman-poet [...]

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National groups meet for combined action

The third meeting of National pro-life groups was held in Winnipeg on October 5, concurrent to the Campaign Life annual directors meeting.  The Presidents of Alliance for Life, Campaign Life and Coalition for the Protection of Human Life continued discussions aimed at further unifying the movement and solidifying pro-life support. Following a recommendation from the directors of Campaign Life, it was decided [...]

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Ontario – RC Bishops reject Bill 7’s controversial clauses

The following statement was issued by Ontario’s 20 Catholic Bishops on October 1, 1986. The Catholic Bishops of Ontario gathered in plenary session in Toronto (September 29-October 1) are opposed to the present form of omnibus Bill 7 now before the Provincial Legislature. Much in this Bill is good and quite acceptable.  However, section 18, nos. 105, to amend the Human Rights [...]

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Saskatchewan – Blueprint for pro-life election action

In the past, Campaign Life Saskatchewan has had a single election strategy: identify pro-life candidates to inform pro-life voters.  Last spring it was decided that our campaign for this provincial election must have two distinct parts: one to identify pro-life candidates and a separate campaign directed specifically to the voters. In previous campaigns, we have used short advertisements on radio and television [...]

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British Columbia – Abortion for birth control in B.C.

Late this summer, newly-elected B.C. Premier William Zander Zalm stirred up a hornets’ nest when he announced that he would launch an investigation into the way the federal abortion law is being interpreted in the province.  He said he believed that abortion is being used as a method of birth control.  Pro-abortion supporters immediately attacked Vander Zalm, who had not hidden his [...]

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Is it wrong to tell the truth?

A lot of my time as an editor and writer is taken up with answering slurs against the pro-life cause.  This is because so much of the media is run by anti-life people.  Take the latest blast in Toronto’s Globe and Mail (Oct. 11) by Michele Landsberg  against “fake abortion clinics.” The piece is a diatribe using “facts” gleaned from the U.S. [...]

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New party a necessity

Discussions on forming a pro-life political party have been ongoing since the 1985 Campaign Life annual meeting authorized a committee to investigate the possibilities.  During the winder of 1985-6, weekly meetings were held to draw up a series of general policy statements on a variety of topics which run more or less parallel to ministries in federal and provincial governments. In April [...]

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Abortion stats canned

Statistics Canada has announced that it will not longer collect abortion statistics.  The move, said to be a “cost-cutting measure, has been condemned by all three national pro-life groups. Alliance for Life, Campaign Life and Coalition for the Protection of Human Life issued a joint press statement condemning the move as “totally unacceptable.”  They pointed out that the government had promised to [...]

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