Real women changing society

Saturday, February 14 was a day of celebration for REAL Women of Canada, who were thrilled at the attendance of close to 300 supporters, at their Annual Convention. This was an all-day event held at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel. REAL women sprang up from a small group of women who were very concerned about the breakdown of the family. It is a [...]

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ADVERTISEMENT: Where is Canada Heading?: The TFP Raises a Public and Christian Protest Against Preferential Legislation in Favor of Homosexuality

In December 1986, the Provincial Parliament of Ontario approved the controversial Bill 7 that amended seventy Ontario laws to conform with the Federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms. One particular amendment to the Ontario Human Rights Code made it illegal to discriminate on the basis of “sexual orientation,” providing homosexuals with full protection for employment, housing and access to services. The Province [...]

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Birds of a feather

The major opponent to government funding for REAL Women is the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, which claims to represent three million women in various organizations ranging from the Communist Women of Canada to the PC Women’s Caucus. (This news comes as a shock to most PC women). The NAC magazine, Feminist Action, reported that at their last Annual [...]

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Ex bunny exposes porn pushers

“I thought I had the flu last week, but I was pregnant so I had an abortion,” said a very beautiful Playboy Bunny in an off-hand way. “Oh,” said an equally ravishingly-looking Bunny, “did it bother you to have an abortion?” “Well,” sighed the first Bunny, “the fist time it did, but this is my third or fourth abortion and there is [...]

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Family programme proposed

The Standing Committee on National Health and Welfare will study the feasibility of a federal-provincial communications programme that will affirm the importance of marriage and family life. The idea was introduced as a Private Members’ Motion by Reg Stackhouse (Scarborough West) and passed on December 2, 1986. MPs voted to send Mr. Stackhouse’s motion to the Standing Committee on National Health and [...]

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Pro-life profiles: Lawrence O’Neil, MP (Cape Breton-Highlands-Canso)

At 32 years of age, Lawrence O’Neil is one of the youngest Members now sitting in the House of Commons. A native of Mulgrave Nova Scotia, near Antigonish, Mr. O’Neill is a lawyer and father of three children. His wife is also a lawyer, and is now studying in Ottawa to become a physician. Mr. O’Neil attended St. Francis Xavier University, Dalhousie [...]

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Contraceptive caused birth defects

In a precedent-setting decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld a substantial damage award to a young girl whose birth defects were caused by her mother’s use of spermicidal jelly. The decision is said to have alarmed pharmaceutical companies, some of whom are in the courts fighting law suits brought by women injured by various brand-name Inter Uterine Devices (IUDs) Ortho Pharmaceutical [...]

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Promoting excellence in education

“My son was poor in spelling, so I went in to talk to his teacher. She told me she wasn’t marking his spelling mistakes because it would give him a poor self-image!  I ask you, how is a student supposed to correct his errors if they aren’t pointed out to him?” “My child’s class went out skating three times this week. Then [...]

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You be the judge

O dear, it’s really getting boring!  After seventy-four years in this world, it is only in the last two that I have seen the inside of a courtroom. I have stood before a judge as a “defendant,” almost a dozen times, and most recently, on January 21st of this year. I was charged with “trespassing,” at the Morgentaler abortuary, in April 1986, [...]

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Mother sues over daughter’s abortion

Let’s say you’re a mother at home tending the housework, or perhaps watching some TV. Your daughter Erika is at school. So is your other daughter, Erin. At least you think she is. The phone rings. Someone at your daughters’ school tells you Erin is in a nearby hospital for emergency surgery, and that you should go to the hospital. “Was she [...]

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Evangelicals ask: rights or special protection?

The federal government is facing one of the most challenging issues it has encountered in its two and a half years of leadership. At issue is how the Department of Justice will interpret the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The political pot continues to boil as the government fuels the debate by stating its intention to include “sexual orientation” in the Human [...]

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A sad story of missing children

The latest Stats Canada figures are out. What are they and what are the implications for pro-lifers and Canada? Last December, Statistics Canada published the 1985 abortion statistics. These show that the numbers of therapeutic abortions escalated rapidly from 11,200 in 1970 to a high of 66, 319 in 1982. A decline in reported abortions began to seen in 1983 and by [...]

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Abortion and teen suicide

If violence breeds more of the same, then 17 years of legalized abortion in Canada has played a definite role in the increase of teenage suicides in our country according to Dr. Harry A. Nielsen, professor of philosophy here at the University of Windsor. Professor Nielsen was addressing a group of university students February 10 on the direct relation between growing up [...]

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Spiritual Corner: From a short discourse by Saint Bonaventure, Bishop( 1217-1274)

The source of sacred Scripture was not human research but divine revelation. This revelation comes from the Father of Light from whom the whole concept of father hood in heaven and on earth derives. From him, through Jesus Christ his son, the Holy Spirit enters into us. Then, through the Holy Spirit who allots and apportions his gifts to each person as [...]

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New party appeals to grass roots

“Prime Minister of Canada Edward VanWoudenberg  said today…” Why not? Why not this remarkable gentlemen as the future leader of our country?  Ed VanWoudenberg is from British Columbia and is one of the founders as well as the present leader of the newly formed federal Christian Heritage Party. I had the privilege of interviewing him recently in Toronto on his cross-country tour [...]

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