Arizona State House keeps contraceptives out of schools

A bill, prohibiting Arizona schools from either distributing contraceptives, or from referring students to agencies that dispense birth control without parental consent, was approved by the State House of Representatives on Thursday March 13, 1987. At present no Arizona high schools dispense contraceptives, but the co-sponsors of the bill, Lela Steffey and Jim White, object to school clinics referring students to other [...]

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MD sues Manitoba government

Physicians for Life president, Dr. Colin Merry, is suing the government of Manitoba, because of an agreement that the government made with the Manitoba Medical Association (MMA). Under a new agreement worked out with the government of Manitoba to ban extra billing and create binding arbitration, the MMA secured the right to require all licensed physicians in Manitoba to pay an annual [...]

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Meanwhile, in Ontario, the Tory party holds a leadership convention again, this time to elect a successor to ex-premier Frank Miller. November, 1985 Leadership candidates Alan Pope and Larry Grossman, speaking on CBC’s open-line Radio Noon about Catholic hospitals, offer the opinion that hospitals should be forced to accept abortion facilities. Pope (Cochrane South), says, “I think it is clear that a [...]

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Federal Government

September, 1984 Brian Mulroney wins a landslide victory.  He favours “better, and more equal access for abortions.” October, 1984 The Prime Minister appoints Stephen Lewis, former Ontario NDP leader and outspoken pro-abortionist, as Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations.  Pro-abortion Walter McLean (Waterloo) is named Minister of State for Women’s Affairs. January, 1985 The “Jury for Life” postcard blitz (following Morgentaler’s jury [...]

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October 28, 1984 The Ontario Tory leadership race is under way.  Candidate Dennis Timbrell declares that he accepts the federal law on abortion (Section 251 of the Criminal Code).  However, he opposes abortion on demand and any further liberalization of the abortion law. December 4, 1984 Then Ontario Attorney General, Roy McMurtry, appeals the jury acquittal of Morgentaler of November 4, 1984, [...]

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A sad chronology: Tory record on pro-life, pro-family issues

The following is the third summary of party policies and activities concerning abortion and other family-related legislation.  The first, “New Democrats and abortion,” appeared in February 1985 (off-prints are available).  It covered the period 1965-85. The second summary, “Crumbling mortality under Ontario Grits.  How Ontario Liberals have helped to undermine the family since 1985,” appeared last month.  The summary covered abortion, the [...]

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B.C. woman traumatized by abortion: “Tissue…whole arms and whole heads.”

A British Columbia woman has gone public with the story of her January abortion, claming that she was not told of the state of development of her unborn child.  The 25-year-old single mother of two believed herself to be 10 weeks pregnant at the time of her abortion at the Burnaby General Hospital.  She experienced severe cramping for two days after her [...]

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Vander Zalm promises to reduce abortions

Premier William Vander Zalm’s throne speech on March 9, contained promises to reduce abortion, help parents who choose the independent education process for their children and generally cut the costs of government. Although the Premier promised, “funding to reduce the high rate of abortions,” the speech did not go into details.  The Pro-life Society of B.C. submitted a brief to the Vander [...]

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Christian Heritage Party on the rise

“I’m tired of voting for Catholics who aren’t” quipped one middle-aged gentleman, a recent convert to the Christian Heritage Party, who attended their special news conference in February, in Hamilton, Ontario. “We’re all from somewhere else,” laughed a Christian Heritage Party aide.  “We’re all ex-NDP, ex-Liberals, ex-Tories.  We’re all fed up with that’s going on in Ottawa.  You’re going to see a [...]

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A Feminist statement against abortion

Pro-life feminism is a growing movement in the United States, although such feminists are routinely barred from active participation in official feminist organizations.  Feminists for Life of Colorado published the following position statement in the Rocky Mountain News last June, while the pro-abortion National Organization for Women (NOW) was holding its annual convention in Denver. Feminists for Life are interested in hearing [...]

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Crombie stops payment

Secretary of State David Crombie recently stopped payment on an $8,000 cheque to an Alberta pro-family group, following allegations that the funds would be used to promote pro-life activities. “We fund neither pro-life nor pro-choice,” Crombie’s press aide told the Ottawa Citizen.  “We have nothing to do with abortion,” she said, noting that activities promoting either side of the abortion issue are [...]

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The condom crusade: Part II

Part I of this series, “Condom crusade under way,” by Father Alphonse de Valk (February Interim), set the current propaganda against aids in a historical context, noting that it has its roots in a continuing campaign OF advocacy of both contraception and abortion.  Though that campaign has escalated in the last 20 years, it has failed in its primary objective of curtailing [...]

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AIDS apathy

AIDS – it has created widespread panic and hysteria – the public is alarmed – schools are scrambling for materials to teach children about the disease. Right? Wrong.  If a recent showing of videos by the Toronto Board of Education is any indication, neither parents nor teachers are very interested in the subject at all.  In a meeting billed as a preview [...]

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The Editorial: It’s time to pull the plug

One pro-family group REAL Women of Canada has had its requests for funding consistently denied by the federal government.  Another, the Alberta Federation of Women United for Families, actually got so far as to have a cheque for $8,000 in the mail, only to have Secretary of State David Crombie stop payment.  Why? These groups are contaminated in bureaucratic eyes by standing [...]

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Vatican defends marriage and human life before birth against technology

On March 10, 1987, the Vatican reaffirmed the special character of marriage and the dignity of human life before birth in a new document on genetic engineering.  The document, Instruction on Respect of Human Life in its Origin and on the Dignity of Procreation, was published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith after wide consultation with many experts around [...]

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