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Huge pro-life telethon planned

“It’s the biggest pro-life project ever undertaken in Canada,” said Ken Post, the Executive Producer of ‘Feel the Heartbeat’, a telethon special to be broadcast in April of next year. Months of preparation have already gone into it. The mammoth telethon is aimed at the 16 to 24 age group but will have broad appeal for all. It will seek to present [...]

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From abortion to euthanasia

“If pro-abortionists were in power in Canada at the time I was born,” said Rev. Bernice Gerard, MA, “I wouldn’t have been.” Her mother had been institutionalized in a psychiatric institute for 40 years. Today, a pregnant woman in such circumstances would be a prime candidate for abortion. Fortunately for Rev. Gerard, her father and the authorities at the time held more [...]

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NDP abortion policy sign of philosophical confusion

The results of the recent provincial election in Ontario must have given cold comfort indeed to Ed Broadbent and the federal New Democratic Party. While achieving official opposition status at Queen’s Park and successfully resisting the Liberal tidal-wave in terms of popular vote, the Ontario NDP failed to capture the imagination of the uncommitted, of disaffected “Red Tories,” or of left-wing Liberals. [...]

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Who is a pro-life politician

During and after every election Campaign Life Coalalition finds itself the subject of attack. The recent Ontario election was no exception, when our detractors included two Catholic priests. They wrote to complain about our tactics and one of them suggested that we were “abrasive and self-riteous” Well that’s not the stuff that swelled heads are made of and so we took a [...]

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The Editorial Care to Dance?

Honestly, if you didn’t know better, you might begin to wonder: just  whose side is the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops  on anyway? First, Gus Mitges gets a pro-life motion over all the hurdles and actually before the House of Commons for a vote. Next. Gus Mitges gets a pro-life motion over all the hurdles and actually before the House of Commons [...]

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Beyond the twilight of justice

Commentators such as the distinguished Canadian thinker, George Grant, have noted that it is difficult today to know what to do, in terms of practical politics, about stopping the current epidemic of abortions.  This is because of a decay, these authors assert, in the philosophical underpinnings of Western society that might be summarized in the phrase “the twilight of justice.” In view [...]

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Bone-weary Pope: “Defend life!”

A bone-weary Pope John Paul II ended his U.S. tour in Detroit by saying that America’s greatness will be measured by its treatment of the “weakest and most defenceless ones, those as yet unborn.”  “America, defend life!” he urged. The Pope raised the abortion issue in a farewell speech before he flew to Edmonton  and Fort Simpson, Yukon.  In every country he [...]

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Pro-Life Hospital Board re-elected in B.C. By

Vancouver Pro-Life Society President Betty Green was in Vernon just prior to the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Society Board elections to join other pro-life organizers in a massive advertising campaign to inform the public about abortion.  “Education is the main thrust of the current campaign to precede the hospital board elections, and pro-life supporters want an anti-abortion board to remain in power,” said [...]

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Roe v. Wade based on a lie

Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” of the Roe v. Wade decision, recently revealed that her challenge to state laws was based on a lie McCorvey now says she made up her story of becoming pregnant through being gang raped when she discovered that Texas only allows abortion when the life of the mother is at risk. In a television documentary aired in [...]

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You shall be as gods

I have no problem with science as such.  But I do, sometimes, have trouble with the scientists.  Science has done wonderful things for us and for the world in general.  Cars, radios, telephones, computers and aeroplanes are just a few of the tremendous benefits of science and the scientists who invented and developed them.  Neither have I problems with most of the [...]

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AIDS education in the schools – Part I: The homosexual connection

Despite strong criticism from parents and school trustees, the Archdiocese of Toronto has given the go-ahead to an AIDS education programme for grads 7 to 10. At the heated management committee meeting of the Metro Toronto Separate School Board in early October, several parents objected to the programme, saying it is “disturbing, deplorable and sickening,” that “there is nothing Catholic about it,” [...]

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The “Oklahoma Experiment”

Carlton Johnson, a black baby boy, was born on September 12, 1982.  he was found to have myelomenin-gocele (spina bifida) and hydrocephalus, and shortly after birth he was transferred to Oklahoma’s Children’s Memorial Hospital.  There he became first a statistic and later a key player in what has become known  in medical/legal history as the Oklahoma Experiment. The public first learned of [...]

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