White Cross Ceremony

A recent “White Cross Ceremony” organized by Right to Life in Hanover, Ontario attracted more than 150 people.  During the short memorial service, 60 white crosses – one per thousand of the abortions committed in 1987 – were planted on a property.

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Vander Zalm and Media Prejudice

Like many another British Columbian, Nina Hunter is “affronted and frightened” by her premier’s style of government.  In a letter to the Toronto Globe on March 10, she added her voice to the chorus of others condemning the premier for his high-handedness.  “While election confers the mandate to govern,” she wrote, “it also implies the obligation to govern wisely.  The complexity of [...]

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Bits and Pieces

Alert readers may have noticed a difference in The Interim last month: my only contribution to that issue was my column.  I am now taking a much needed (although probably not deserved) break and will not be contributing very much now until the October issue. It does feel rather strange.  It is something like standing on the doorstep that first Tuesday after [...]

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Two People of Courage

In the opening address to the national convention of Alliance for Life and Campaign Life Coalition, petite Halifax lawyer, Mary MacLennan, spoke of the wisdom shown in the way ancient civilized societies carefully guarded the rights of their unborn members. She gave a bird’s-eye view of twentieth century developments.  “We’ve come a long way since Hammurabi and Hippocrates,” she said.  “A long [...]

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Walking for Life

Charlottetown. The people are “for life,” but they feel helpless, and they don’t know what to do,” Helen Walsh of Bedford, N.S., told the national convention of Campaign Life Coalition and Alliance for Life, meeting in Charlottetown, June 23-26.  “I want them to know that they’re not helpless.” The slender, ash blonde, 44-year-old mother of five ser out on foot from St. [...]

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No abortions Charlottetown. More than a thousand members attending the Annual General Meeting of Queen Elizabeth Hospital here on June 20, defeated a motion by the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) to grant abortion privileges to the doctors on the staff of Prince Edward Island’s largest hospital.  The motion was defeated 874 to 70. Three candidates who were nominated by CARAL [...]

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PCs refuse funding

Doctors committing abortions at Henry Morgentaler’s Winnipeg abortuary will not receive any provincial funds, Manitoba’s Health Minister Donald Orchard announced at a June 3 press conference. Earlier this year, however, the Manitoba College of Physicians and Surgeons decided to approve the abortuary itself “as an appropriate place to perform abortions.”  Application for approval had been submitted following the Supreme Court’s judgment that [...]

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Change of Heart

In a June 26 “open letter” the Toronto-based Catholic New Times, a :progressive,” feminist bimonthly newspaper, appealed to its supporters to “take up the profound moral challenge which confronts us” and resist abortion. The paper’s editorial committee admitted that it had misjudged the strength and influence of the pro-abortion forces in Canada. “We have not spoken strongly enough or often enough.  We [...]

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President of Campaign Life Calgary, Michael Malley, has scored a victory against that city’s Planned Parenthood and Board of Health.  “Humanae Vitae Centre,” where instruction in natural family planning will be given, has received official permission to incorporate. The pro-abortion forces in Calgary alleged that Malley’s use of the terms “family planning” and “birth control” to describe the services offered at the [...]

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Users of NFP face the real danger of slipping into a contraceptive mentality, said Father Denis St. Marie of the University of Steubenville, Ohio, at a recent workshop sponsored by leading Natural Family Planning groups. He challenged NFP users to periodically review their reasons for not conceiving children.  At least once a year, he advised, husband and wife should check to see [...]

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Women denied access

A group of Niagara Falls women have called upon the Liberal government of David Peterson to live up to its promise to provide equal services in Ontario. If they wish to remain in the Niagara Falls area, expectant mothers are forced to obtain obstetrical care from doctors who have had a hand in the killing of preborn children, said Mothers for Life [...]

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Brooks, Alberta

We are picketing the hospital in Brooks, Alberta, since March 7, 1988.  This hospital performed one or two abortions per month before the Supreme Court decision.  Since then the number of abortions have increased.  After the nurses strike in Alberta, we had for a time one or two per day.  We also picket abortionists’ homes. Picketing the abortionist’s home was quite an [...]

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French Consulate Picketed

Toronto: On June 22, members of Campaign Life Coalition picketed the Toronto consular offices of the French government – a major shareholder in Roussel-Uclaf. Pro-lifers worldwide are opposing the plans of the huge pharmaceutical company, Roussel-Uclaf, to market the “abortion pill” RU-486 in France and China.  Thousands of women in 16 other countries have already been ‘guinea pigs’ for the deadly abortifacients. [...]

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Ottawa Fast for Life

Three members of Campaign Life Coalition completed their Ottawa fast for life June 17, having attained their goal of informing parliamentarians and thousands of other Canadians of the violence of abortion. Kurt Gayle, 44, Gerard Liston, 28 and supply manager and co-coordinator Vladimir Hirko, 45, went home satisfied. The fasters released a balloon while striking a gong every 4 minutes to symbolize [...]

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Stellarton, N.S. “Sleazebags”

Over 250 people participated in a pro-life walk and rally in Stellarton, Nova Scotia.  The most moving speech came from Candace Robichaud who related her personal experience with abortion.  The Sunday June 26th pro-life rally was moving along uneventfully until politics was mentioned. Two Nova Scotia MLAs in the audience, Jack McIsaac and Donald Cameron, both PCs, also addressed the audience, indicating [...]

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