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Feminist disease diagnosed

Donna Steichen, Ungodly Rage.  The Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism.  San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1991, 420 pp, $21.50 Isn’t feminism a side issue for right-to-life supporters? In this very revealing examination of Catholic feminism, Donna Steichen shows it isn’t.  In fact, the number of entries for abortion in the index is revealing.  What Steichen shows conclusively is that Catholic feminists are radical [...]

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Doctor’s Guild meets

The Toronto Catholic Doctor’s Guild hosted their Annual Mass and Dinner on Sunday, October 27, 1991. A representative from the Catholic Adoption Centre delivered a heartwarming address on the Centre’s outreach to parents willing to consider adoption as an alternative to abortion. The Centre’s focus is consistent with Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life.  The highly qualified staff are dedicated to [...]

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FCP rejects hidden agenda

The Family Coalition Party of Ontario held its fourth annual convention in London, Ontario, November 1-2, 1991. Much of the convention was taken up with the further refining and formulation of principles and policies, a necessary task handled magnificently by Executive Vice-President Giuseppe Gori. Eighty delegates heard Marcy Edward at lunch on Friday speak about Seniors and the need to honour our [...]

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Thirteen year-old has ‘right’ to abortion

On July 26, 1991, Judge James Karswick of the Ontario Provincial Court overruled the wishes of the parents of a pregnant 12-year-old girls and said that she could have an abortion – to protect her health, Toronto papers revealed at the end of October. The parents who belong to the Pentecostal Congregation believe that abortion is equivalent to murder. CARAL Canadian Abortion [...]

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The priest on the Hill: Fr. Tony Van Hee

“My presence, fasting, prayer and witness on Parliament Hill provides the whole pro-life movement in Canada with an identifiable focus at the location where legislation must take place.  It also provides them with what I consider to be the most radical counter-cultural sign and weapon to combat consumerism, materialism, self-indulgence, and a comfort and convenience-oriented society, a society badly in need of [...]

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A day in the life of a pro-life trio

Summerside, PEI – “In pro-life work, we should leave nothing to chance: we should put the spiritual first,” say Olive Moore, Eileen Lantz and Esther Steele, of East Prince (County) Right to Life, the second largest chapter in the province. And they do. The day we talked, chapter president Olive and secretary Eileen had started by attending morning Mass for the Unborn, [...]

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Saskatchewan pro-life movement alive and well

I love exciting week-ends and I certainly enjoyed one recently.  It was at the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Convention, held in North Battleford from Friday October 18, to Sunday October 20. Doctor Jim McLane, president of the Battleford Pro-Life Association had invited me to give two talks.  One was during the day and I spoke on the family.  The other was as guest speaker [...]

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The changing face of adoption

“While there is no longer the stigma to single parenting there was forty years ago, the new stigma seems to be for the woman who places her child for adoption,” says Cynthia Arnold of the Ontario Adoption Unit. Today, of the single women who decide to go to term, less than ten per cent are releasing their children for adoption.  In a [...]

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Christianity threatened with extinction, says lawyer

Humphrey Waldock is a B.C. lawyer who has defended pro-lifers who have disobeyed injunctions and broken trespassing laws out of the belief that justice should be done for the pre-born. In Toronto for a week in early July, Mr. Waldock dropped into The Interim offices long enough to discuss the gathering secular assault on Christianity. Everywoman’s Health Centre “I’ve been dealing with [...]

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Take Action

In hundreds of human rights abuse cases, Amnesty International can attest to the effectiveness of letter writing from concerned individuals.  Please take a moment to write out and mail the following letter, adding your own signature.  You can be sure that your letter will help curtail the terrible indignities suffered by the street children of Guatemala. S.E. Jorge Serrano Elias Presidente de [...]

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Guatemala police executing street children

Amnesty International (AI) has called upon its network of supporters to help bring an end to violations against children in Guatemala. The London-based human rights group is deeply concerned about the harassment, threats, attacks, disappearances and extra-judicial executions carried out against the street children of Guatemala City and other urban centers in the Latin American country. Like many other third world countries, [...]

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The day-care child and the dual income family

“Can your career hurt your kids?” asks the cover of Fortune magazine (Mary 20) in its after-the-fact look at the relationship between day-care children and their dual career parents. Writer Kenneth Labich’s series of “Yes, but…” arguments raises serious concerns about lonely children, family stress, a lack of shared time and its effect on children. Non-parental day care Perhaps the most costly [...]

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The “Gay” Nineties

Costa Mesa, CA – Militant homosexuals charged into the worship services of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California.  The Chapel is a massive church with a membership of over 15,000.  It has scores of sister churches throughout the United States.  Its pastor is Rev. Chuck Smith, whose sermons are broadcast nationally on the Word for Today radio program.  The militant demonstrators were [...]

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Cecilia Moore: The long haul for justice

In 1986, B.C., public health nurse Cecilia Moore was fired for refusing to sign an abortion referral. Since then, The Interim has followed Miss Moore’s dogged efforts to win justice for the pre-born child and for herself. She has taken her case to the British Columbia Government Employees’ Union, the British Columbia Supreme Court , the British Columbia Court of Appeal, the [...]

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The Adoption Option

The following short article was sent to The Interim as the personal story of the author which, she says, “I wish to share in the hope that perhaps it may influence a young girl to choose life.” “It is essential,” she goes on to say, “that the public remain informed of the value of life from conception and of the characteristics of [...]

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