Edmonton’s private police force

One evening in late September, staff and supporters of Henry Morgentaler’s Edmonton abortuary gathered to celebrate the building first anniversary. Well-known pro-life activist Jim Demers showed up to observe the proceedings as a photographer and reporter for the Alberta Report. Photographers from the other Edmonton papers were also present. However, the clinic staffers identified Mr. Demers not only as a pro-lifer, but [...]

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The month in review

September 16 – Ottawa – By a vote of 99-62, the House of Commons passes legislation ending baby bonuses and bringing in a new child benefit system aimed at helping the working poor. The baby bonus was established by Mackenzie King in 1945, to ensure that children would have their basic needs met. The monthly payments were made directly to the mothers, [...]

Toronto activist in jail

Toronto pro-life activist “Jane Doe” was released on Wednesday October 2, without signing any bail conditions. On Thursday October 3, she returned to the Scott abortuary to counsel distressed, pregnant women and was promptly re-arrested. On Monday, October 5, Jane Doe was arraigned in Court. The Court date was set for Tuesday, October 13 at College Park Courthouse at 10:00 a.m. An [...]

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Why picket?

In the campaign to make abortion illegal, activists agree that they have not been greeted by many legislative victories. Perhaps most disheartening was last year’s Sullivan v. LeMay case, which saw the Supreme Court of Canada declare that the child in the birth canal was not a person. Moreover, Henry Morgentaler continues to go from one provincial Supreme Court to another, collecting [...]

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Taxpayers fund Morgentaler’s new Toronto mill

Toronto – On Oct. 20, Ross McKerron, a Toronto investor, confirmed that he has leased the second floor of a building to Henry Morgentaler, to replace his bombed-out Harbord St. death mill. Apparently, the Ontario government will cover the costs of the new mill. Both Premier Ray and Health Minister Frances Lankin are anxious to open as many abortuaries across Ontario as [...]

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Morgentaler seeks Ottawa abortuary

Ottawa hospitals performed over 4,370 abortions in 1991 and there is a freestanding abortuary in nearby Hull, Quebec. Yet the Ottawa Pro-Choice Network claims that approximately 40 women per month must seek abortions outside the area. To rectify this “problem,” Henry Morgentaler is demanding public money to establish an abortuary in the nation’s capital. When Morgentaler applied for a publicly funded facility [...]

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A physian for life

Dr. Walter Kazun, a retired Vancouver family physician, long-time pro-life activist and co-founder of B.C. Physicians for Life, voted No in last month’s referendum. He says he’s always been politically alert, probably because at the age of four he immigrated to Canada with his hard-working Polish parents, an event that forged his deep love of Canada and concern about its future. “The [...]

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The Power of Pain

If you missed the funeral, don’t worry. There wasn’t one! I was simply removed from circulation in order to have a hip replaced. Some people thought that a face-lift would be a better idea, but the doctor did not suggest it so I kept quiet. I am not going to give you a blow-by-blow description of my operation, except to say that [...]

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Protestants fare badly in deaf and blind schools

Ridiculous! Protestant parents are not allowed to have a religious program during school hours for their children in the three deaf and the one blind school in Ontario. At the same time Catholics, because of their historical right to have their own schools in Ontario are allowed to have a religious program during school hours in the very same schools. A directive [...]

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Feminist activism in action

Charlottetown: “For once I have to part company with some of my friends in the women’s movement. Designating half the elected Senate seats for women is not the way to achieve gender parity in the political arena.” So said MP Sheila Copps here in mid September. Copps gave the opening address at the “Winning Women Forum,” a conference on political skills for [...]

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Workers oppose euthanasia

According to a recent study, a large majority of doctors and other health workers who care for the terminally ill oppose all active forms of euthanasia. In a timely survey, The Human Life Research Institute (H.L.R.I.) determined that 74 per cent of those health care professionals who responded to their questionnaire felt that any direct action undertaken to terminate a patient’s life [...]

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B.C. man takes abortion industry to court

Vancouver pro-lifer Gordon Watson is fed up. He has tried everything in his power to put a halt to the Vancouver’s sprawling abortion business. Nothing has succeeded so, in an unorthodox move, the 42-year-old screen printer has decided to take the industry to court. Under the rather obscure B.C. Trade Practices Act, any citizen may sue an institution on behalf of another [...]

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“Same-sex” spouses

On September 1, 1992, the Ontario Human Rights Commission made public its decision to grant gays and lesbians partners equal status with legal marriage, including all financial benefits such as health coverage, and survivor benefits. This announcement sent a shockwave of anger across the province, with people venting their frustrations on public radio talk shows and by phoning their members of the [...]

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Family values: Where some MP’s stand

Recently I obtained the results of a survey of MPs done by homosexual rights lobbyists and collected by NDP MP Svend Robinson. Robinson, parliament’s self-proclaimed homosexual, asked his lobbyists to find out whether MPs  would support an amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. I also learned something about the so-called “family caucus” [...]

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