Sex Education in Nova Scotia

“Any parent or teacher who does not set boundaries of acceptable behaviour, who does not instill a sense of ethics, who in other words, does not censor the activities of his or her children is doing them and society a considerable disservice, for censorship is an act of love for those who do not have the life skills to make competent choices [...]

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Why can’t we choose our schools?

Vancouver may have its Polar Bear club’s ocean swim; Toronto its Santa Clause Parade. But in Montreal there is an annual ritual which is probably unknown to people outside its environs. In the coldest of weather, parents (or their paid surrogates) camp outside Royal Vale School over a January weekend in order to secure a place for their children in kindergarten. Royal [...]

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Activist jailed

Toronto – Pro-life activist Linda Groce was sentenced to six months in jail on Wednesday, November 18 (See November Interim, page 19). Linda remained silent throughout the trial, refusing to speak or offer any defense on her behalf. Because of her refusal to speak with or to cooperate with the court and prison system in any was – including performing prison work [...]

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A Liberal for Life sweep

In a major victory for pro-life Liberals a full slate of candidates won Etobicoke Center, gaining a foothold in the federal riding association. For Liberals For Life organizers it was a clinic on how to influence an association at the grass roots level. Strategists are saying that the key to the Liberals For Life win was the careful planning combined with the [...]

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“You were asking”

Is it true that the Supreme Court ruled that a woman was not a ‘person’ in the late 1920’s? E.M. Toronto Yes, indeed. There is a famous court case, Henrietta Muir Edwards v. Attorney General of Canada which turned the tide. The case involved Section 24 of the British North America Act (The Constitution Act of 1867). Section 24 said: “The Governor [...]

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Irish pro-lifers regroup

After a lull of over three months, since the Maastricht referendum in June, the pro-life movement is again getting ready for battle. The Maastricht referendum was a disaster, the pro-life movement lost by a two-to-one majority, because the public was afraid to risk the economic doom threatened by the Government in the event of a “No” vote. (I have been told by [...]

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Military forced to accept gays

Citing the now famous section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Federal Court of Canada ruled in late October that male and female homosexuals can no longer be barred from Canada’s Armed Forces. The court had been asked to rule on the case of Michele Douglas, a woman who was dismissed from the Royal Canadian Air Force in [...]

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Focused issue politics as opposed to single issue politics

In the coming months Canadians will be faced with a federal election. This coming election will be incredibly important for the pro-life movement. We as a movement have got to stop playing “business as usual” with politicians. Perhaps the most frustrating element in these elections is uniting pro-lifers in targeting a particular candidate. Granted, we have seen daring work by Liberals for [...]

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Clinton’s victory a setback for pro-life

On November 3, 1992, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinto achieved what he set out to do many years ago: become president of the United States. As is customary in the United States, oceans of ink have been spilled analyzing every facet of the campaign and the candidates, the policies and the politics. As pro-lifers we believe that the ongoing mass murder of the [...]

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U.S. Election Update

The following are the result of the November 3, 1992 U.S. ballot initiatives on abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality rights. (Source: Nov. 7, 1992, Globe and Mail) Abortion Maryland – Initiative 6: to ease restriction on abortion: Yes 62%; No 38% Arizona – Initiative 110: To eliminate public financing of abortion, except when woman’s life is threatened. Yes 31%; No 69% Euthanasia California [...]

Clinton Victorious

On November 3, 1992 Bill Clinton, Governor of Arkansas was elected president of the United States. With the help of fly-by-night contender Ross Perot of Dallas, Texas, he took 363 votes of the Electoral College, well over the 270 he needed to win. President George Bush trailed with 118. Editor’s Announcement Father Alphonse de Valk – Editor Beginning with the January 1993 [...]

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Youth rally a smash

Charlottetown – Five hundred youths from all across Canada gathered here in mid-October for the national conference of the Canadian Pro-Life Youth Organization (CYPLO). They described the experience as awesome. MLA Leone Bagnall, House Leader of the provincial Opposition, showed her support by making time to drop in. However, the local media didn’t find the province’s first national youth conference important enough [...]

Campbell won’t appeal

Kim Campbell has once again confirmed her standing as the reddest of Brain Mulroney’s “Red Tories”. As expected, on November 1, Canada’s Justice Minister promised that the Federal Government will not appeal two controversial pro-homosexual decisions made by the Ontario Court of Appeal. The first ruled that the Ontario government must pay survivor benefits to long-term partners of homosexual public servants. In [...]

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William Kurelek’s Christmas

A favourite theme of William Kurelek’s paintings was the celebration of life. His simple, heart-warming Nativity scenes done in different settings were collected into a lovely 1976 book, A Northern Nativity, which is still popular. The joy of life awed him. That’s probably why he was so appalled by abortion and why he decided to depict the graphic horror of abortion in [...]

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Edmonton’s private police force

One evening in late September, staff and supporters of Henry Morgentaler’s Edmonton abortuary gathered to celebrate the building first anniversary. Well-known pro-life activist Jim Demers showed up to observe the proceedings as a photographer and reporter for the Alberta Report. Photographers from the other Edmonton papers were also present. However, the clinic staffers identified Mr. Demers not only as a pro-lifer, but [...]

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