Wappel eager to initiate legislation

The man many people look to as one of the great pro-life hopes in the new Liberal government admits he has his work cut out for him. Tom Wappel, MP for Scarborough West, carries with him to Ottawa new pro-life legislation which he hopes to introduce after the government is sworn in and the new parliament assembles. It hasn’t been easy for [...]

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The month in review

Public debate A recent Supreme Court of Canada decision may have ramifications for the 18 Ontario pro-life activists who have been named in an injunction to ban pickets in front of hospitals, abortuaries and abortionists’ homes.  Canada’s top court has ruled that the city of Peterborough could not stop Kenneth Ramsden from putting up posters in prohibited areas.  The city had argued [...]

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Bias masquerades as study

Recent media coverage of a book, Sex, Abortion and Unmarried Women by Paul Sachdev, which claims guilt over abortion is rare, is misleading in the extreme.  This work is being presented as an “academic study.”  It is not.  If works based on personal experiences (as in studies by David Reardon “Aborted Women – Silent No More” or W.E.B.A. [women Exploited Bt Abortion]) [...]

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Small parties, small wonder

The smaller federal parties claim to be different.  They say they are not afraid to adopt risky policies and stand apart from the big three.  But, most of them have identical policies to the mainline parties on life issues. The National Party of Canada, headed by Mel Hurtig, professes to stand for “equity for all Canadians.” Yet the fledgling Canada-first party has [...]

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No, I am not a conservative

“They’re concerned about pro-life and other conservative causes.”  A simple statement which many of us might pass over in reading an article.  It is an idea which I’ve seen in the secular media and in some pro-life publications.  But, it is a phrase which is well worth pausing over.  As long as we do not see the fundamental fallacy in that statement, [...]

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Seen it. Done it. Tried it. Can’t explain it.

A frank look at the election process It is time to look back at a more joyful period in the history of Canada when all the political parties were pro-life and a candidate unwise enough to run on a pro-abortion platform would be just making a donation to the printer.  This was the time when your humble columnist attempted to climb the [...]

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Ad lands priest in hot water

Father David Trosch, who made international headlines with his public statements that killing abortionists is morally justifiable, has been removed from his priestly duties. The Archbishop of Mobile Alabama, Oscar Lipscomb, announced recently that he is providing Father Trosch “with a period of prayerful reflection away from the pastoral requirements of St. John’s Parish, Magnolia Springs.” This means the priest will not [...]

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Pro-lifers give Chrétien fits

Liberal leader Jean Chrétien’s campaign trail through Ontario has not been a particularly happy one.  In Toronto, Kingston and London, pro-lifers have dogged Chrétien on his stance on abortion and his reluctance to allow pro-lifers to run as Liberal candidates. In Stratford, over 35 pro-lifers appeared at the Liberal Party headquarters holding signs which read “Abortion Kills Children” and “Stop Abortion Now,” [...]

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Pro-life MPs will make a difference

As the federal election draws closer it has become clear that Canada will not be governed by a pro-life political party with a pro-life leader come October 26.  The major parties, of which one will certainly form the government, have indicated their reluctance to address the issues of abortion and euthanasia.  In the absence of a pro-life leader and pro-life policy, what [...]

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This Bloc is building barriers

“Well, it’s official,” reported our local anchorperson when the election was announced.  “But the real question remains, “Does anybody care?” That certainly said it all for me, but seeing as I had just agreed to write about the election from a Quebecer’s viewpoint, I felt I ought to look a little deeper.  I discovered that my long-standing cynicism with regard to politics [...]

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Canadian physicians grapple with the issue of euthanasia

An increasing number of Canadian doctors are receiving requests to with-hold life-support systems or provide active euthanasia, the Canadian Medical Association reports. However, most doctors, according to the CMA survey, agree that better palliative care would reduce the requests for euthanasia or assisted suicide. In a survey released at a meeting of Canadian doctors in Calgary recently, 34 per cent reported receiving [...]

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Planned Parenthood under fire

U of T students fight to oust racist organization Planned Parenthood’s own history came back to haunt it as the organization narrowly survived a student-led attempt to ban it from participating in activities at the University of Toronto. The Student Administration Council voted 13-9 to continue ties with the organization which promotes birth control and is closely tied with the abortion industry. [...]

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You were asking?

The coming election has, once again, raised many questions in the minds of pro-lifers.  It is no secret that many people have lost trust in politicians, the type of Parliamentary system which has developed in Canada over the last thirty years, and in our Courts.  How can we best use our votes?  J.H., Victoria, B.C. Voting is a right and a privilege, [...]

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Put Caesar in his place

With the election in full swing, I decided to pass on some information which may be of help to Catholics, and perhaps others, who do not want to compromise their consciences when they drop that little slip of paper in the ballot box. The Church and Politics Many people, including Catholics, feel that the Church should keep its nose out of politics.  [...]

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Easterners seek unity on family matters

Voters in Atlantic Canada are generally disillusioned with government and politicians.  :They are grumbling that nothing will change regardless of who wins on October 25, and many don’t seem terribly interested,” reports the Charlottetown Guardian. George Gilmore, president of New Brunswick Right to Life says, “People are especially discouraged that government and politicians don’t listen to them.” This attitude, plus the economic [...]

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