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“The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears that this is true.” …. James Branch Cabell It’s that time of year again; the season for evaluation, joy, stress, goodwill toward men or downright indifference. It all depends on one’s point of view, not necessarily on one’s immediate circumstances. Trevor Lautens opined in a [...]

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Murder-suicide in Hamilton

Just weeks after Robert Latimer was sentenced to life imprisonment for ending the life of his physically incapacitated child, a similar incident occurred. This time, a Hamilton, Ontario mother killed her handicapped son and took her own life. On December 5, the bodies of Cathy Wilkieson and her 16-year-old son Ryan were found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. Sadly, a few weeks [...]

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Wild accusations sting B.C. pro-lifers

There is a black cloud hanging over the Canadian pro-life movement due to a media blitz of disinformation. Incredible as it seems, the voice of active pro-lifers in the province of British Columbia has been as expeditiously silenced as those they have been struggling to protect. The shooting of Garson Romalis on November 8 undoubtedly became the catalyst aiding the pro-abortionists in [...]

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Fetal Pain British doctors have come up with further proof that the unborn experience pain. An article which appeared in the July Lancet explains that babies release “stress hormones” as well as reacting with “vigorous body and breathing movements” when doctors pushed a needle into them for prenatal blood transfusions. When the needle was placed in the abdomen for 10 minutes or [...]

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Don’t sign your future away

My mother recently gave me some papers circulating in her community – a document titled “A Power of Attorney.” She told me that “everyone in the condo” was signing it. They had heard that the rules about what happens to the financial affairs of people who become mentally incompetent had changed, and that it was smart to sign such a form. I [...]

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Bill C-41 -What is the problem?

Bill C-41, an Act to amend the Criminal Code with respect to sentencing, introduced June 13, 1994, has become a very contentious bill. This bill, according to the Department of Justice, would provide more options to the courts to distinguish between serious violent crimes and less violent crimes, and would allow greater scope for sentencing. It would also allow more severe punishments [...]

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The family –gift to society

For centuries the family has been accepted by people of all nations as the foundation of human society. “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” is one of the old adages which have defied the ravages of time and is as true today as it was when first spoken. But, unfortunately, the hand that rocks the cradle in our time [...]

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Queen’s Park, Ont.

I read a write-up in the paper recently about elderly people in Holland who are now wearing buttons saying: ‘Please don’t kill me’. I expect that we pro-lifers may soon be parading up and down in front of hospitals with signs reading: ‘Euthanasia kills old people’ and ‘Please don’t kill my granny’ and ‘Don’t drink that orange juice, mother, it ain’t what [...]

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Teen panelists spark conference Youth groups provide optimism at Real Women gathering

Charlottetown. A panel of young people from different schools spoke during the provincial Realwomen convention in late September, about their efforts to make the world a better place. Sadd Sixteen-year-old Angela Large, a Grade 11 student, represented Students Against Drinking and Driving (SADD), the largest and most active group in her school. They use positive peer pressure to counter teen use of [...]

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Study confirms abortion-cancer link

A major U.S. cancer centre has confirmed that women who obtain induced abortions are up to 50% more likely to develop breast cancer. This study confirms earlier findings which put the figure anywhere between 25-50% (Interim, April, 1994). The Journal of the National Cancer Institute conducted the study on women at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Centre in Seattle.  Though researchers claim the [...]

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Reform poised to become Canada’s official opposition Is now the time for pro-lifers to get involved in the Party?

Last year’s federal election produced plenty of surprises – none bigger than the tremendous success enjoyed by the Reform Party. Many voters, wary of a return to a Trudeau form of red Liberalism, opted for the Reform style of populism and fiscal restraint.  Reform rode this wave all the way to Ottawa where they came within one seat of the official opposition [...]

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When the killing ends Wordy book eschews history and misinterprets abortion struggle

Before the Shooting Begins: Searching for Democracy in America’s Culture War, by James Davison Hunter (Toronto: Free Press, 1994). Reviewed by John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe Associate Director, Research Policy and Development, American Life League, Stafford, VA. Alas, not enough people are studying sociology at the University of Virginia, where Professor Hunter teaches sociology.  I doubt any writer in the 20th century uses the word [...]

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Only women need apply

Every ten years, the UN sponsors a global conference on women.  In 1985 it was held in Nairobi; next year it will take place in Beijing.  Delegates from around the world report to each other on what steps their countries have taken to implement equality for women.  In Nairobi, there was a distinct clash between the goals of the radical feminists from [...]

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Expert says 16% of deaths in Holland die to euthanasia Inquiry also reveals that over 90% of the elderly worry about involuntary euthanasia

Contrary to what the Toronto Star would have its readers believe, the Netherlands’ experiment with euthanasia has been an outright failure. The situation in Holland is now so bad that the Dutch Minister of Health is proposing that doctors who refuse to euthanize their patients should lose their licences. Dr. Karl Gunning, former assistant secretary of the Royal Dutch Medical Association and [...]

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You were asking?

Were abortions performed in hospitals before the law was changed in 1969?  If so, were there many?  What were the reasons?  What effects did the law have?  A.S. Mississauga. I believe that a case study of one large teaching hospital will give a clearer picture than a general survey.  The following statistics from the twelve years, 1954-65 inclusive, are from a study [...]

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