The month in review

The federal Liberals have reinstated the controversial court-challenges program. Originally established to help minority groups fight for language rights, the program soon became a slush fund for radical feminists to dip into whenever fighting a case. **** A federal judge in Chicago has ordered the state of Illinois to resume paying for abortions for victims of rape and incest. In November, a [...]

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Christmas past, present and future

Some parents deplore it, but I must admit that I enjoy the little greedfest which heralds the start of the Christmas season in our house. For weeks before the big day, the kids call from in front of the TV to show me Barbie this or Power Rangers that. Of course, Mom and Dad pooh-pooh that sort of stuff, but Santa is [...]

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Can He be less than God?

Few men in history have been considered more proud and arrogant than Napoleon Bonaparte. When he declared himself emperor, he brought the pope all the way from Rome to crown him in Paris. According to tradition, as Pius VII was about to lay the crown on his head, Napoleon snapped it from his hands and crowned himself. Whether or not that episode [...]

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Arguing the truth with ‘medical nonsense’ Globe and Mail article filled with inaccuracies and pseudo-science

“Wanted: accuracy in the abortion debate” was the title of Margaret Wente’s November 19 column in the Globe and Mail. The article was written in answer to an earlier one by Michael Coren (Globe and Mail, November 9) which Ms. Wente said “was riddled with errors.” In an attempt to discredit his argument, she made a number of claims: it is “medical [...]

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U.S. family groups cheer election results

Sonny Bono’s election to the House of Congress was only one of the many surprises of the wild November 8 U.S. mid-term elections. Another was the landslide victory by the pro-life candidates who dominated Congressional Senate and Gubernatorial votes which all but wiped out any gains the Democrats had previously made. Just two years ago it looked like Americans had given President [...]

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Euthanasia: death with no dignity

“Are euthanasia and assisted suicide appropriate faith responses to suffering?” That was the question posed at a Clinical Ethics Symposium at the University of Toronto, Nov. 17. Marilynne Seguin, executive director of Dying with Dignity, and United Church theologian, Ruth Evans, argued they were; Dr. Abbyann Lynch, former director of the Bioethics Department of the Hospital for Sick Children, and Dr. Frank [...]

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“Shirley” farce

Last month I had the dubious distinction of being the token Canadian pro-lifer on the “Shirley” show: the topic was shooting abortionists. Anyone who retains any illusions that these day-time talk shows have any interest in presenting an honest discussion, should turn the page immediately. Campaign Life Coalition has experienced Shirley’s methods in creating shows more than once. A producer calls, and [...]

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A cloud over Christmas ‘94

Jim Hughes When Jim Hughes called his 84-year-old mother last April to tell her he was being sued for $500,000 and was named in an injunction sought by the NDP government to stop all picketing within 500 feet of abortion clinics (later joined by abortion groups), her calm reply was, “I’ll support you-but what did you do?” That’s what he’s still wondering [...]

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Rae’s gambling out of control

Bob Rae has been listening to the gambling fraternity and the mob for too long now, may be in over his head. Rae couldn’t even control a little flea-bit of a Toronto charity casino that went belly-up a few months ago. How is he going to look after the big boys when they yawn in his face about complaints that they’re dealing [...]

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Latimer sentence must be upheld, say disabled groups “It’s a tragedy…that her disability has influenced people’s ability to be objective.”

On November 16, a Saskatchewan jury took less than four hours to find Robert Latimer guilty of second degree murder in killing his disabled 12-year-old daughter, Tracy. The verdict, and Justice Ross Wimmer’s imposition of a life sentence with no parole for 10 years, quickly became hotly debated in the media as supporters of legalized euthanasia protested that the sentence was too [...]

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Give us your best and brightest

Canada has a birth rate well below the replacement level. This fundamental defect has implications for various areas of national life including our immigration policy. Canadians have prided themselves for many years on being a land that welcomes immigrants. We have regarded our immigration policy as a humanitarian one and seen ourselves as being generous and open-minded. Whether this sweet picture of [...]

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GUEST COLUMN – Reform is not the answer

When we close the book starting from the beginning, it is certain that the pro-life movement will have its place as one of the most noble responses in the history of mankind. It will be seen as a true grassroots movement of men and women who continued to make one simple statement – “Abortion kills babies.” We all know what abortion does [...]

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Notable Quotes

Good riddance “There are probably no more than about 200 doctors across the country who are (abortion) providers at this point.” Abortionist Nikki Colodny bemoaning the success of pro-life activism across the country. (CBC Radio’s Talk Back, Nov. 13, 1994) Double standard “It is incredible to us how politicians and the press continually uphold a mother’s ‘right’ to kill her child in [...]

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Rose & Thorn

Rose: Andrew Coyne. Columnist who wrote an article in November 21 Globe and Mail called “The slippery slope that leads to death.” Never before has Canada’s national newspaper allowed such a pro-life statement to appear on its editorial pages. In doing so, the Globe has acknowledged that there is legitimate opposition to the status quo in this country. Now other media must [...]

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THE EDITORIAL Who needs Kevorkian?

Saskatchewan farmer Robert Latimer killed Tracy, his 12-year-old daughter, because her cerebral palsy and mental abilities distressed him. His trial and conviction on murder in late November attracted great media attention. Some people suggest he is a folk hero who does not deserve a jail sentence. Others fear this public sentiment will further feed prejudice, making it open season on the disabled. [...]

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