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For the love of a child

I am the Child. You hold in your hand my destiny. You determine, largely, whether I shall succeed or fail. Give me, I pray you, those things that make for happiness. Train me, I beg you, that I may be a blessing to the world. Excerpted from The Child’s Appeal, by Mamie Gene Cole Sister Margaret Laffey Special to The Interim Every [...]

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No girls allowed

The Toronto Sun’s Sunday Magazine of March 26 carried an article entitled ‘No Girls Allowed.” We have all heard of the custom in China and other Eastern countries of killing baby girls—even after birth—as boys are a financial asset to the family, while girls are the opposite.  According to statistics given in the article there are some 38 million more men then [...]

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Youth Helping Youth to Help Youth

Today’s youth are exposed to so many issues. They get involved in things which sometimes lead to unbearable and uncontrollable problems.  Constantly required to make decisions, their choices are not often the best. How do we help teens with the problems they face? If we ignore them, we make the problem worse. One of the biggest issues that teens face is pregnancy. [...]

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Brightening up the grey halls of the institution

Providence center’s Dr. Ian Ferguson ensures that depression does not affect an elderly patient’s treatment Looking more like a funky film animator then a psychiatrist, Dr Ian Ferguson appears too boyish, even at 45, to be specializing in geriatrics.  With his own lively mind, he treats patient suffering from dementia.  Even though many of his clients display some behaviors that are ‘disinhibited,’ [...]

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FCP leader speaks on his party’s potential

Don Pennell answers the critics on the feasibility of running pro-life candidates in the upcoming Ontario elections Don Pennel Leader of the Family Coalition Party of Ontario is gearing his party up for the upcoming provincial election.  (No definite date has been announced by press time.) In this candid and forthright interview, Mr. Pennel gives an overview of the pending Ontario election.  [...]

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What Ever Happened to Bob Rae?

It was August of this year when I finally got around to visiting the Windsor Casino in Windsor, Ontario, in order to bring the readers of The Interim the reason why 14,000 gamblers (called casino customers) blow $419,000 per day to beat actuarially impossible odds. I think they are going to make a film about it called Blind Optimism. Passing the strict [...]

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Closure of Disabled Clinic Linked to CTA

Ontario’s new Consent to Treatment Act could create havoc with the treatment doctors and healthcare workers are able to provide. Already, one doctor has shut down her clinic saying that the legislation has makes it impossible for her to care for her patients. “I’m not going to open my clinic until somebody sorts this around,” said Dr. Lynne Margesson in an April [...]

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A Dangerous Precedent

Mr. Justice George Adams’ decision not to order the Ontario government to pay the legal costs of the pro-life picketers is nothing less than a stroke against democracy. The case is the one in which the Ontario government is seeking an injunction to ban all pro-life activity at 23 locations across the province. Last August, Judge Adams granted an injunction that was [...]

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Maximum Mileage from Murder and Mayhem

Several dozen demonstrators lined the walkway of the church where hundreds of pro-lifers were gathered to pray for an end to abortion. As I walked the gauntlet, their unison chant, “bring back the lions” hit me and bounced off. Safely inside, the full significance of their refrain sunk in. A little later, I spoke candidly on the radio, admitting that when I [...]

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Refusal to face facts hurts women

Mother Jones Magazine is not usually on my must read list but a colleague gave me the March/April issue which contains a surprisingly fair article on abortion and breast cancer. Writer Michael Castleman concludes that there is enough evidence in studies to date to show a connection. He does not demand an end to abortion, but he does ask for some informed [...]

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Women’s group to shut doors

Demise of federally funded group means NACSOW now firmly in control of feminist agenda The reign of the tax-payer-supported special interest group in Ottawa is over and feminist organizations are beginning to feel the repercussions. That is how the majority of Canadians viewed the Federal Liberal government’s decision to shut the doors of the Trudeau-inspired Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of [...]

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Disabled boy to get transplant

Calgary case typical of the sort of medical discrimination which the disabled face in Canada A Calgary boy who suffers from Down Syndrome will finally get a chance to have a lung transplant. However, the number of hurdles and the amount of animosity that he and his family had to overcome to get on this list provides vivid insight of how Canadian [...]

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B.C. doc pushes ‘home’ method

A physician at the University of British Columbia has come up with a chemical concoction which she feels will give women another choice in how to end the life of their unborn baby. Unable to convince the federal government to allow the testing of RU-486, the French-made abortion pill, Dr. Ellen Wiebe is convinced that she will be able to sneak her [...]

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IPPF to lose $8 million in federal grants

Due to recent federal cutbacks, an organization dedicated to bringing abortion to all corners of the earth will have to operate on a much smaller budget. On April 4, pro-family Canadians happily woke up to the news that the International Planned Parenthood Federation had lost its annual $8 million federal grant which it had used to promote abortion and contraception in Third [...]

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Radicals again fail to take over UN Conference

Pro-family delegates effectively block contentious language rendering Beijing conference virtually impotent. At the conclusion of the New York Preparatory Committee meeting held March 15- April 7 in preparation for the UN Fourth World Conference on Women, the Draft Platform for Action is heavily bracketed. Square brackets around words in the text mean that there is no agreement of consensus; the bracketed sections [...]

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