Chilling parallel with Morgentaler experience Morrison case fuels right to die debate By Tony Gosgnach The Canadian abortion movement had Dr. Henry Morgentaler. Now, the Canadian euthanasia movement may have Dr. Nancy Morrison. Morrison, a respirologist at Victoria General Hospital in Halifax, is facing a first-degree murder charge in connection with the death last November of 65-year-old Paul Mills. The Moncton, N.B. [...]

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Senator still pressing for euthanasia law

It's time for another Sue Rodriguez to bring euthanasia back before Parliament, says Senator Sharon Carstairs. "We need this on the table once again," the Winnipeg Liberal said from Ottawa recently. "There are citizens in this country dying in great agony." Carstairs, who sat on the Senate committee on euthanasia in 1994-95, said there are thousands of cases in Canada in which [...]

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Pro-family trustees fear union opposition

A small group of pro-family trustees up for re-election to the Metro Toronto Separate School Board (MSSB) believe they have been targeted for defeat by the teachers' union. The trustees, who describe themselves as reform-minded, favor a back to basics education and a renewed effort to show the distinction between separate and public education. They suggest that their traditional views on parental [...]

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Pro-life activist Maurice Lewis found dead in Ontario

Canada's pro-life community was shocked with news of the death of activist Maurice Lewis of British Columbia.  Lewis's body was discovered September 5 in the cab of his tractor trailer. The rig was stopped at a rest area on Highway 17 about 32 kilometers north of Wawa, Ontario. It was Lewis's arrest at a Vancouver abortion clinic that led to the NDP [...]

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Municipal elections take on new significance: Downloading means pro-life opportunity

Campaign Life Coalition's National President Jim Hughes has a simple message for pro-lifers in the run-up to Ontario-wide municipal elections November 10: "Seize the day." Hughes is hoping to stir people up, and raise awareness of the importance of municipal elections. "A lot of pro-lifers think it's only MPs or provincial legislators who can make a difference," Hughes said in an interview [...]

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Two deaths invite real comparison

The recent death of the world's two most famous women within a span of five days was an extraordinary concurrence, especially since Diana, Princess of Wales and Mother Teresa of Calcutta shared a passionate concern for the poor and a personal friendship. In most other respects, however, their lives could hardly have been more different. Diana was born into wealth and privilege; [...]

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How the new Parliament measures up

Last month we contrasted the marked difference on life issues between Reform candidates in Ontario and those from the West in last June's federal election. We'll now look at some general election statistics and especially at how Members of Canada's 36th Parliament measure up on life issues. This analysis can be helpful for all members of the pro-life community during the mandate [...]

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Exodus: escaping from the gay lifestyle

Marjorie Hopper brought the house down at the first Exodus International conference when she remarked that after God's work of grace in their lives, she and Sy Rogers could trade wardrobes. Marjorie and Sy are both recovered transsexuals. Marjorie had lived for 40 years as a man; Sy had lived 22 as a woman. Today both Marjorie and Sy believe God can [...]

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Remembering Maurice Lewis

In an issue dominated with passings, we must give some tribute to pro-life activist Maurice Lewis, who died September 5, the same day as his greatest inspiration Mother Teresa. It would probably embarrass Lewis to be mentioned in the same breath as the great champion of the poor, but circumstances, and a strong commitment to the unborn, have created such a link. [...]

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Professor used history to defend life

Monsignor Edward Synan, a retired Professor of Philosophy at the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies and the University of Toronto, died suddenly August 3. His death must be been sudden: at a lunch with colleagues at St. Michael's only a few days before, he showed no sign of illness. Born in Fall River, Mass., he received an undergraduate degree from Seton Hall [...]

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Faith fosters pro-life stand

Martin Sheen, the former Hollywood hellraiser tells Charles Laurence that watching his son lead a similarly decadent life fills him with remorse . . . Sheen's real name is Estevez; he is the product of a Hispanic father and an Irish mother. They were a big family, poor but loyal, and piously Roman Catholic. It is no accident that, for all his [...]

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Sterilization scandal rocks Sweden

STOCKHOLM - Sweden's most influential opposition leader demanded August 26 that the government investigate a four-decade policy under which 60,000 people deemed genetically inferior were sterilized. Swedes, long proud of there social welfare system, have been forced to acknowledge an unflattering chapter in their past since a newspaper series recently looked at the 1935-76 involuntary sterilization program. Some have said robbing fellow [...]

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New monument upholds reverence for life

Over 200 observers were on hand for the solemn unveiling of a pro-life monument just outside Toronto's Canadian Martyrs Church on July 26th in the city's east end. On hand for this occasion was Bishop N. D'Angelo who gave his blessing to the plaque commemorating millions of pre-born children slaughtered by abortion. Father Richard A. Love, pastor of Canadian Martyrs, was congratulated [...]

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Psychiatrists rejecting assisted suicide

By Interim specialIn the debate on legalizing physician-assisted suicide, the pro-life movement may have found an ally in psychiatrists. That psychiatrists almost universally oppose physician-assisted suicide is amply discussed in an article published last fall in an American psychiatric journal. Authors Thomas Zaubler and Mark Sullivan, both doctors, note that psychiatrists oppose physician-assisted suicide because of their view that suicide is an [...]

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California proposal ominous

STAFFORD, Va. - The California legislature is considering a measure that marks a concession to the population control movement by encouraging only "wanted" pregnancies. The U.S. Pro-life group American Life League finds the concept "extremely disturbing," said president Judie Brown. She is calling on lawmakers yo reject the proposal. A California assembly committee was scheduled to hold hearings on SB 522 in [...]

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