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Dark shadows and bright hopes on a new year

The turning of the calendar page at the end of the year is often a time for reflection on things past, and hopes for what is to come. It's a hopeful time for many. Despite whatever setbacks and failings might have occurred over the last 12 months, we have a clean slate of sorts, a tabula rasa on which to set about [...]

2010-06-30T14:22:06-06:00January 30, 1998|Editorials|

Abortion and child abuse: the mentality is the same

Violence begets violence. It's a self-evident truth known to man. And after almost 30 years of legalized abortion on demand in North America, should anyone really be surprised to see that life, which has been entrusted to mankind as a gift, is under attack, not only in the womb, but also throughout the entire human race? For decades, abortionist and secular humanist [...]

2010-07-13T13:20:36-06:00January 13, 1998|Abortion|

Joan Andrews-Bell back in prison

U.S. pro-lifers fear noted activist Joan Andrews Bell could face a life sentence following her latest court appearance Jan. 16 in Pittsburgh. Bell was sentenced to three to 23 months in county jail stemming from a 1985 trespassing conviction at a Pittsburgh abortuary. However, her refusal to promise to stay away from abortion mills could keep her behind bars indefinitely. "Go ahead, [...]

2010-07-06T07:50:52-06:00January 6, 1998|Activism|

Population control runs amok in Peru

A Milwaukee-based pro-life activist has just returned from Peru with disturbing reports of a population-control program nearly out of control. Dan Zeidler, an official with Milwaukee's Family Life Council, returned from a visit to the South American country Jan. 28. Zeidler has long monitored population-control and sterilization programs through his association with the Latin American Alliance for the Family. He told The [...]

2010-07-06T07:17:40-06:00January 6, 1998|Population|

Call to end years of abortion lawlessness

Canada's pro-life groups have renewed calls for Parliament to pass legislation protecting the unborn child as the country marks the 10th anniversary of the Supreme Court's striking down of the former abortion law. The Supreme Court ruled January 28, 1988 that the former abortion law conflicted with what it saw as security of person guarantees in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. [...]

2010-07-05T14:37:26-06:00January 5, 1998|Abortion Law|

Anniversaries bring a fresh perspective

Two anniversaries that occurred in late January provided ample cause for pro-lifers to reflect on where we sit in the battle to protect unborn children. The 25th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision in the United States, and the 10th anniversary of the Canadian Supreme Court's overturning of the former abortion law, have produced a tremendous amount of commentary in the [...]

2010-07-05T14:03:46-06:00January 5, 1998|Editorials, Pro-Life|

A father can never give up on a child’s life

The other night our kids started discussing the Robert Latimer case at the dinner table. I know where I stand on euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide generally, and I want none of either. But absolutism in such matters can seem such a heartless and cruel stance when you're confronted with a uniquely difficult and agonizing case. Agonizing choice And Robert latimer's murder of [...]

2010-07-05T14:02:02-06:00January 5, 1998|Euthanasia|

McPhee’s talents served community

Donald Fraser McPhee, a man whose musical ability, spirit and dedication were welcome additions to the Canadian pro-life community, died November 24 at age 48. Don was executive director of Coalition for Life from 1980 to 1982. He was introduced to several of today's Campaign Life Coalition activists through Ruth Hoy, a well known pro-life worker in Ottawa. Ruth, who is also [...]

2010-07-15T07:44:41-06:00January 5, 1998|Profiles|

Kevorkian showing new disdain for the law

Current and former state senators said December 28 that they wre appalled Jack Kevorkian apparently has continued to assist in suicides only weeks after a bill was approved making the practice a felony. It's insulting to our Legislature," said former senator John Kelly, D-Detroit, an Oakland University poltical science professor. Kevorkian has no respect for the law. He feels he is outside [...]

2010-07-05T13:22:45-06:00January 5, 1998|Euthanasia|

Art shows academe’s pro-life lethargy

In the Baker Library at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, hangs a fresco mural by the revolutionary Mexican painter, Jose Clement Orozco, that is, ironically, a mordant social comment on the ineptitude of the bookish world of modern academe. Gods of the Modern World portrays an array of cadaverous and immobile university professors standing off to the side as an academic [...]

2010-07-05T13:18:21-06:00January 5, 1998|Pro-Life|

Treats galore on CLC bus tours

You can meet many new and interesting people on one of the Campaign Life Coalition's bus trips. The recent Festival of Lights tour to Our Lady of Fatima Shrine was no exception. With two buses full of people, off we went to the Fatima Shrine in Lewiston, New York. November 29 was a clear, sunny day with great blue skies, and only [...]

2010-07-05T13:15:33-06:00January 5, 1998|Activism|

Cardinal claims 40 babies saved by pro-life donors

Cardinal Thomas Winning, leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, revealed in December that the church has "saved" the lives of 40 children since introducing its controversial scheme offering financial help to women considering abortions. The cardinal, who has in the past attacked Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair for his stance on abortion, said in a speech: "This Christmas about 40 babies [...]

2010-07-05T12:15:56-06:00January 5, 1998|Pro-Life|

Time to recognize motherhood as career

The hand that rocks the cradle rocks or bulls the world. Up until now that hand was mom's hand. In a way, mom is the keystone to our society and civilization - the good, the bad and the in-between. So why isn't mom recognized as a societal and economic power? Why did the early feminists of some 40 years ago look down [...]

2010-07-05T12:11:25-06:00January 5, 1998|Motherhood|

Nothing Sacred reconsidered

As a conservative Christian, I've felt an obligation to dislike ABC's controversial new television drama Nothing Sacred. Since before the first episode aired, the show has been vigorously condemned by groups and individuals in the Christian community whose views I usually share. The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights denounced Nothing Sacred as an "outrage," and called for its 350,000 members [...]

2010-07-05T12:04:23-06:00January 5, 1998|Religion|

Life’s sanctity part of judge’s worldview

The sudden death of Supreme Court Justice John Sopinka is a blow to the pro-life cause. While not a pro-life advocate, Sopinka, 64, wrote some judgments that were clearly sympathetic to the pro-life and pro-family movement. In October, Sopinka declared that given modern medical advances, the "born alive" rule to determine legal personhood was outdated. In a 7-2 ruling the Supreme Court [...]

2010-07-15T07:45:10-06:00January 5, 1998|Profiles|
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