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Atheist fundamentalism a chilling prospect

In an article printed in the magazine Humanist in Canada, Randy Wicker, a gay atheist, writes that “militant atheists are unfortunately often like the religious harpies they hate.” His statement points to a wider truth: that individuals and groups at opposite ends of the ideological spectrum tend to have more in common with each other than with anyone in between. As an [...]

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Membership lists part of police investigation?

Police may be putting all Canadian pro-life organizations under the microscope as part of their investigation into the shooting of three abortionists. A March 4 visit by a police officer to the offices of the North Bay (Ontario) Right to Life organization has left its director wondering if other pro-life groups are in line for investigation. Julie Duggan of North Bay Right [...]

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Open letter to the international trade minister

Dear Mister Marchi, I am writing on behalf of a broad coalition of organizations representing millions of Canadians to invite you to participate in a public debate on the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI). As you know, in the last few weeks there has been increasing demand from all sides of this critical issue for a full public hearing on the MAI. [...]

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Opposition to trade agreement is mounting Part II of II

In  last month’s Interim, we reported on concerns about the Multi-Lateral Agreement on Investment, which many in the pro-life community fear is a step towards the emergence of one-world government and a reduction in national sovereignty. Part two of this series expands on those concerns. An assortment of groups around the world is taking up the fight against the Multi-Lateral Agreement on [...]

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Jim Demers given suspended sentence in bubble-zone case

British Columbia activist Jim Demers’s long-standing battle with the provincial government’s Access to Abortion Services Act may be coming to a close. Demers, of Nelson, B.C., received a two-year suspended sentence in February for a series of protests outside Vancouver-area abortion clinics. Provincial Court Judge Jack McGivern ruled that Demers would be arrested and fined up to $500 if he appears outside [...]

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Appeal to Dignity Key to Converting Today’s Abortionist

Congratulations to The Interim on your excellent paper which is always improving. I would like to share with The Interim some ideas presented by Father Frank Pavone during a talk to the seminarians of the Beda College in Rome in early March. The title of Father Pavone’s address was Converting Abortion Providers: Methods That Work Father Pavone is international director of the [...]

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Gay rights push stirs P.E.I. Family forces

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - For the second time in a decade, the province of P.E.I. is being pressured to protect sexual orientation. A legislative committee considering amendments to the Human Rights Act held hearings from Jan. 21 to March 12. Midway through the hearings, many Islanders were shocked to learn of the existence of a one-year-old letter from Premier Pat Binns that promised [...]

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Planned Parenthood Resurfaces in SW Ontario

It was good while it lasted. After a three-year gap, the municipal council in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont. has decided to fund the local Planned Parenthood chapter to the tune of $25,000 in the coming year. The move comes after municipal elections that saw a few more pro-Planned Parenthood councillors (including the mayor) added to the roster. Three years ago, the municipal council cut [...]

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Mainse to bring ‘spiritual angle’ to summer conference

Crossroads Christian Communications president and founder David Mainse will be among the speakers when the 1998 National Pro-life Conference takes place July 2-4 in the Hamilton suburb of Ancaster. Mainse, who will speak on opening night, is being brought in to provide “a spiritual angle” to the pro-life battle, said Jim Arsenault, a co-ordinating committee member. “While he’s not recognized as a [...]

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Lamer opens Pandora’s Box of public opinion

The notion of a completely impartial judiciary took another body blow with Supreme Court Chief Justice Antonio Lamer’s recent admission that public opinion plays a role in important legal decisions. Speaking at the Faculty of Law of the University of Toronto Feb. 6, Justice Lamer said popular opinion was a factor in his decision 10 years ago to overturn Canada’s former abortion [...]

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Acquittal underscores need for guidelines

The country’s euthanasia debate grew even murkier Feb. 27 with a judge’s decision to drop first-degree murder charges against Halifax respirologist Dr. Nancy Morrison. Morrison was charged with first-degree murder last spring after it was alleged she administered potassium chloride to Paul Mills, 66, a Moncton, N.B. man being treated for cancer of the esophagus. Acting on information from a colleague who [...]

2010-07-08T07:17:39-04:00April 8, 1998|Euthanasia|

A sense of deja vu surrounds Morrison case

If there’s one thing that history has taught the pro-life and pro-family movements over the three decades or so, it’s that the subtlety of evil must never be underestimated. This principle once again came back to the fore during the recent imbroglio in Halifax concerning Dr. Nancy Morrison, the murder charge laid against her, and - almost predictably - the dropping of [...]

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