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Edmonton Pregnancy Crisis Centre very successful The Edmonton Pregnancy Crisis Centre, run by Co-Workers to Human Life has had a very successful first year of operation.  The centre which opened in November of 1984, has had over 500 clients and believes to be responsible for changing the minds of 80 per cent of the people who came requesting help to obtain an [...]

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God’s workshop: on test tube babies and cloning

The Catholic Church and Christian tradition teach that sexual intercourse belongs only within the bond of marriage. Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman with God. Only within marriage do ideal conditions exist for raising children. Christians respect sexual intercourse and recognize it to contain both a gift of love (union) and a gift of life (procreation). Through sexual [...]

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No “incrementalist” approach to attainable ends

(Ed. note: the following is excerpted from an address by Paul Formby to members of the Surrey-Delta (British Columbia) Pro-Life Society. Mr. Formby is one of the founders of Campaign Life Coalition). In surveying key pro-life fronts - the educational, the political, and the legal - it is difficult not to think at times that abortion and the culture of death are [...]

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Chemical abortions in B.C.

The Pro-Life Society of British Columbia has obtained transcripts of a meeting of the National Abortion Federation in which the province’s leading abortionist Dr. Ellen Wiebe indicated that chemical abortions are being performed in communities outside the Vancouver area. “I know of several other practitioners who are using methotrexate in small communities,” Dr. Wiebe is quoted as saying. “We now have a [...]

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New newspaper aimed at pro-life students

A U.S. pro-life organization is set to launch a newspaper promoting right to life and chastity issues among high school and college students throughout North America. Pro-Life America, a California-based organization plans to publish a 24-page, full-color tabloid newspaper which organizers hope will reach millions of students and young people. To date the newspaper is unnamed. The publication will be distributed through [...]

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Remembering the Morgentaler decision

Why doesn’t this nation mourn? Until the Morgentaler decision of Jan. 28, 1988, abortion was a generic term to me, a word that brought little response. The day the Supreme Court of Canada decided to strike down what little law was left, I became aware, for the first time, of the emotions surrounding this incredible debate. As I watched the news, I [...]

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Hope in Haiti

Recovery on this island nation depends on use of local resources Haiti is an enigma. Once the richest colony in the Caribbean, Haiti today is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Unemployment runs at 70 per cent. Haiti is the world’s first black republic, yet it still tolerates a form of child slavery. Impoverished parents place their children in the homes [...]

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Linda’s letter from prison

The pro-life community addresses itself to a myriad of issues, strategies and projects, but its unifying factor is each member's selfless commitment to life, to love and to one another in the movement. In consideration of the unity issue, I was reminded of the chap who jumped to his feet in church shouting out, "Praise the Lord." From across the aisle the [...]

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Pro-lifers make ready for the year 2000

Recently I was visiting my pastor’s house and he was watching a rather apocalyptic video proclaiming that in the year 2000, the world’s computer and information systems would crash. Massive upheaval would follow and the foundations of Western society would be severely shaken. Having heard numerous declarations of impending disaster, I took the video with a grain of salt. However the following [...]

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View from the Hill

Finding the time to influence your MP I want to update you on the progress of Senator Haidasz’s conscience clause bill and draw your attention to several private members’ bills introduced recently that are a threat to the family. But first, a brief note on political “lobbying.” March 5 was an important day for me; I finally made sure that the big [...]

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Promise Keepers looking to new strength in 1998

Promise Keepers Canada is looking forward to a better year after what its national co-ordinator describes as having been a financially “rough” 1997 for the national ministry to men. “This is going to be a great year for us. We have the faith to believe that,” says Ken McGeorge. “Nineteen ninety-seven was a challenging year for Promise Keepers throughout North America.” Promise [...]

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Pro-life senator calls it a day

Pro-lifers across Canada are paying tribute to Senator Stanley Haidasz, who retired March 4 at the age of 75 after a long career marked by strong and consistent pro-life leadership. Haidasz was a refreshing departure from the norm in Canadian politics, the ranks of which have been filled with politicians either of anti-life persuasion, a “personally opposed but ...” moral stance or [...]

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International news

Australian parliament to debate abortionPERTH, Australia - Australia's parliament is set to debate the amendment of current laws that prohibit abortion except for the preservation of a mother's life. A number of bills have been put forth, including one that would allow abortion on demand. The ruling party has proposed a bill that would allow abortions in cases of serious genetic defects. [...]

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Scare doesn’t faze BC pro-lifers

The morning of Monday March 3, 1998 was just like any other. Employees of Vernon Jubilee Hospital arrived and departed to and from work as they had on numerous other occasions. But this day was different. Discovered in the parking lot was a small briefcase - laying next to it was a sign with the slogan: “Abortion is wrong; our mission is [...]

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We can do better

In the 1980s, we were introduced to the phrase “safe sex.” The phrase was later amended to “safer sex” since no condom is 100 per cent effective. While the phrase changed, the message to children did not: “Engage in sexual relations if you feel you are ready. And if you feel you are ready, be responsible and use protection - rely on [...]

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