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Latimer gets leave to appeal Abortuary won't give figures Company clones goats Morgentaler to use new method Union threatens its negotiator ‘Pro-choicers' shun debate Key inquest figure dies MDs want ‘morning-after'pill Genereux loses appeal Demers cites constitution Abortion security gets cash Latimer gets leave to appeal REGINA - The Supreme Court of Canada has decided that it will her the appeal of [...]

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U.S. Digest

A compendium of life- and family-related news from south of the border Forbes pushes abortion ban Operation Save America a quiet success Guard says pro-lifers well-behaved Teen birth rates falling Barbara Willke retires Pro-abortionists fear losing ‘choice' Aborted baby lived for three hours Dr. Laura slams abortion Forbes pushes abortion ban Republican presidential hopeful Steve Forbes is continuing to court the pro-life [...]

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International Round-up

MDs overstepping euthanasia guidelines in The Netherlands Liberal abortion law rejected in Namibia Euthanasia clinic to open in Melbourne Doctor admits to killing hundreds in London Sterilization scheme opposed in Caracas PM ‘horrified' by woman's expulsion from Australia's detention centre Abortionist gets life sentence in Riyadh Indian couples avoid girls Genetic screening poses dangers, European scientists warn Lesbians suing for recognition MDs [...]

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The dangers of oligarchy in global food supply

In his critique of the modern agri-business, Miguel Altieri of the University of California at Berkeley points out that as transgenic crops are patented plants, indigenous farmers can lose rights to their own regional germplasm and not be allowed, under World Trade Organization regulations, to reproduce, share, or store the seeds of their harvest."Protected by the WTO, multinational companies freely practice ‘biopiracy,' [...]

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A model political leader

An "outspoken pro-life politician" sounds a bit like "A white blackbird." But they do exist even if few and far between. We have one in Mr. Paul Steckle, Liberal MP for Huron-Bruce (Ont.) to which he was elected in the 1993 federal election.The Wingham paper gives an account of Mr. Steckle's speech to a dinner to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the [...]

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On Littleton

This is a cultural virus," Governor Bill Owens of Colorado observed regarding the Columbine High School massacre. "We have to ask ourselves what kind of children we are raising."Governor Owens said volumes. The demented young killers weren't products of material poverty. Their parents, all four employed outside the home, are successful professionals. One boy lived in a $400,000 home. But deprived they [...]

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Abortion supporters are afraid to defend their beliefs

How do you spell chicken? I'm an eternal optimist - that is, when I keep my eyes fixed on eternal things. But there are indeed times when the sun breaks forth through the clouds and reveals the victory before us. This is such a time. A group of British Columbia University students who just happen to be pro-life, carefully planned a "pro-life" [...]

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FCP: The only real pro-life option

This article appeared originally as the editorial in the April issue of Catholic Insight, and is reprinted with permission. Ontario will soon be heading for that pesky duty of citizenship: the ballot box. It's enough to make one grumpy. Old party loyalties are dissolving. The Liberals won with a landslide in 1987. Leader David Peterson then called an election for no reason [...]

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LIFE and…

Inside the Toronto hotel where HLI had its 1999 World Conference on Life, Love, and the Family, delegates heard a message of courage and hope... (see part 2 about protesters below) In what may have been a blueprint for action by not only Catholics, but also Christians and others concerned about the social and moral decay of North America, the president of [...]

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HUMAN RIGHTS CASE ENDS IN SETTLEMENT After a difficult five- year struggle, seven Ontario health care professionals win the right to choose life They did it! After a five-year battle, eight Ontario nurses won the right to refuse to assist in abortions at the Markham-Stouffville Hospital, just outside Toronto. The nurses had taken their fight to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, and [...]

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Infanticides at Alberta hospitals to be probed

Recently, nurses at Calgary Foothills Hospital broke rank to reveal that they are being forced to participate in - and sometimes actually perform - abortions. Joanne Hatton, the president of Alberta Pro-Life, said in an April 12 press release, "We have internal memos from the hospital which say that nurses must administer the drugs which induce labour, and deliver the baby. Nurses [...]

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Gag order stands as a ‘snarling menace’ to freedom of the press

On April 30, Foothills Hospital and the Calgary Regional Health Authority obtained a court order forbidding Alberta Report from repeating information contained in the story the magazine broke about reports of aborted babies born alive and then left to die. They also attempted to force the magazine to reveal its sources. What follows is editor and publisher Link Byfield's response. There's a strange [...]

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Ontario heads to the polls

While little progress has been made on life issues since the last election, a few MPPs have stood out Just one day after presenting a good news budget May 4, Ontario Premier Mike Harris called an election for June 3. The timing of the call is symbolically important. It indicates that economic issues, taxation and spending will be the focus during the [...]

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Bishops’ paper on voting gets mixed reviews

Some pro-lifers fear it fails to give due prominence to abortion as a defining issue Social justice issues took centre stage when a presentation in followup to the Ontario Catholic Bishops Conference 1998 document Choosing a Government was held in Hamilton March 24. A large, convention centre room packed to standing room with an audience of hundreds heard from London, Ont. Bishop [...]

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Sniper suspect named

Kopp now wanted for five abortionist shootings More questions than answers have been raised by the second-degree murder charge laid against James Kopp on May 7 in connection with the shooting death of Buffalo-area abortionist Barnett Slepian. Up until the charge was laid, police had been saying that Kopp, who has not been seen since last Nov. 3, was not a suspect [...]

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