May 14 Canada’s Day of Infamy – Canada’s Day of Hope

A contingent of pro-life parliamentarians proved that life issues are far from dead at the federal level, when they appeared at a press conference to mark the opening of the two-day March for Life event in Ottawa. More than a dozen MPs went before cameras, tape recorders and notebooks in the media room of the Congress Centre to make it clear that [...]

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Thousands gather in Ottawa May 14 to mark 30 years of legalized abortion Organizers say they're pleased with the results of the second annual March for Life, which took place in Ottawa May 13-14. The event saw almost 3,000 Canadians from coast to coast take part in a number of activities aimed at drawing attention both to the two million unborn Canadians [...]

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What was said on Parliament Hill this May 14

Gilles Grondin (president of Campagne Quebec Vie): The Omnibus Bill ... (threw) wide open the dikes of a furious outburst of unbridled passions, which overthrew everything in its path, including the well-tried values of our Christian culture and civilization. Some two million unborn children torn to pieces and thrown into the garbage cans since 1969 and, from there, thrown into the incinerators [...]

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Nude beaches: What comes naturally isn’t always a good thing

Toronto is getting more progressive these days. The city council voted overwhelmingly in favor of a "clothing optional" beach at Hanlon's Point on Toronto Island. The voices of opposition were few. When the vote was finished, 41 councillors voted in favour. Only nine voted against the proposal. One lone voice speaking out against this insane idea was George Mammoliti from North York. [...]

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FCP: Solid principles, solid candidates

Party offers pro-lifers a precious opportunity The Family Coalition Party of Ontario has been causing pro-lifers to sit up and take notice. Several things have contributed to this positive trend: the Tories have disappointed pro-family voters deeply, and all other parties support the court-injunction against pro-life counselling at abortion clinics. An FCP ad asks the question, "Did your vote put this grandmother [...]

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Liberal MP says family breakup key to poverty

Government should respect traditional units A Liberal MP's recently released book is exposing the connection between family breakdown and poverty, and argues that it is not an economic response that is needed but a moral one. Paul Szabo (Mississauga South, Ont.) notes in his book The Child Poverty Solution that various reports on homelessness and child poverty entirely ignore the root cause of [...]

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Professor attacked for exposing myths of ‘homophobia’ program

A University of Manitoba anthropologist is suffering resentment on campus after the recent release of a self-produced pamphlet condemning homosexual behaviour. Dr. Hymie Rubenstein's pamphlet, "What Gay/Lesbian Activists Won't Tell You or Your Children: Homosexual Myths and Realities," was distributed in late April at a public school trustee debate in Winnipeg regarding the benefits of sexuality and "homophobia" awareness programs. Rubenstein distributed [...]

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Fundraiser for pro-life TV ads a huge success

About 1,600 women, men and youth committed to the sanctity of life attended a Focus on Life dinner in Vancouver on May 10. The dinner launched Phase 1 of a three-week television campaign to let women know they have options if faced with a crisis pregnancy. The crowd was treated to a preview of three 30-second ads that began running last Friday [...]

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How humanist fundamentalism can undermine the family Commentary

In an article in the April 1998 issue of The Interim, entitled "Atheist Fundamentalism," I wrote about the book Deadly Doctrine by Canadian psychiatrist and humanist Wendell Watters, in which he argues that religion - especially Christianity - hurts children's psychological development and thereby leads to mental health problems in society. He suggests in the book that perhaps the government should take [...]

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Criminal probe into Alberta infanticides announced

Provincial medical authorities will also investigate ‘genetic termination' abortions at hospitals A police investigation may shed new light on late-term abortions of genetically-flawed babies at two Alberta hospitals. As reported in last month's Interim, nurses at Calgary Foothills Hospital revealed that they had been forced to participate in abortions on babies medical staff had determined to be genetically handicapped. In some cases, [...]

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Pharmacists warn RU-486 abortion method is complicated and risky

Raises questions about the government's letter encouraging the pill's manufacturer to apply for permission to market the drug in Canada In the April 1999 issue of The Interim, Sue Careless reported on a letter from Health Canada to Exelgyn, assuring the abortion pill manufacturer that any application to market RU-486 in this country will be given a "fair" hearing by the federal [...]

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Yes, I do believe that

As Western society's cultural ethos drifts farther and farther from its Christian roots, it becomes progressively more difficult for those of us who still affirm orthodox Christian teachings and principles to have our convictions taken seriously. The issue of non-marital sex provides a prima facie example of the problem. In a recent Halifax Daily News column, Lawrence Martin waxed near-incredulous that Reform Party [...]

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Choosing a Government: Bad advice from on high

Choosing a Government (CAG) was produced by the Social Affairs Commission of the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops. It came out in June 1998 and has been widely distributed and is now being studied in various parishes. This 12-page booklet addresses politically-correct concerns that are almost all endorsed by major and some minor political parties. The booklet forgets that there are concerns [...]

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Religion and politics

For those of us living in Ontario and New Brunswick, the most important political concern at this time should be the upcoming provincial elections and a desire to gain the knowledge we need to prudently exercise our civic responsibility. We should also be trying to influence the way other people vote.Yeah, I know that the two topics you don't discuss in polite [...]

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Ontario needs real leadership

May 14 marked the 30th anniversary of the legalization of abortion in Canada. Did Ontario Premier Mike Harris say anything to deplore this national calamity? No. In fact, he has displayed scant concern about how legalized abortion hurts women and has resulted in the deliberate killing so far of more than two million pre-born Canadian children. Ontario Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty and [...]

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