The facts are in: life begins at conception

Over the summer we learned that by a 7-2 vote, the Supreme Court of Canada denied a severely disabled child the right to sue his mother for injuries received in a car crash before he was born. I am not in a position to discuss the rights or wrongs of the court's decision but I do strongly reject the reason given for [...]

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Finally, a solution to our shortage of elephant doctors

We have a problem in Canada and I may have the answer to it. We have a scarcity of medical personnel who are willing to work in Baffin Island and places further north. (Above the tree line.) I have nothing against Baffin Island. It may be a nice place to live if you've been pushed around on a subway all your life. [...]

2010-07-30T12:31:37-04:00October 22, 1999|Frank Kennedy|

Needed: fathers

I'm beginning to wonder if being a card-carrying lunatic facilitates getting published in journals of the American Psychological Association. A report recently published in the APA's Psychological Bulletin by Bruce Rind, Philip Tromovitch, and Robert Bauserman, asserted that the "negative potential" of child sexual abuse has "been overstated." The authors rationalized that while "child sexual abuse is harmful," supposedly consensual "child-adult sex" is [...]

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Nothing new under the sun

Been there, done that! In recording and researching the history of abortion, particularly the history of abortion in Canada, one is amazed to see that nothing really changes. The arguments used in favor of abortion rights in Canada are old and tired. Used frequently and without thought, the purveyors and supporters of child killing regurgitate their doctrines and prove, once again, that [...]

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‘Children’s rights’ vote to be held in schools

Among the theories advanced for the growing problem of youth violence is that young people are becoming increasingly independent of their parents at an ever-younger age and, therefore, less respectful of parental authority. The notion of children's rights, which has become popular in Canada over the past decade, is seen by its critics as a key source of this alienation between parents [...]

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Abortion and crime

Stephen Leacock, Canada's most honoured humourist, once proclaimed: "When I state that my lectures were followed almost immediately by the union of South Africa, the banana riots in Trinidad and the Turco-Italian war, I think the reader can form some opinion of their importance." Leacock, of course, was being facetious. But his audience could not have been receptive of his humour if [...]

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One year later: my time in jail

A year ago today, on September 9, 1998 at approximately 1 p.m., I was arrested at 157 Gerrard Street in Toronto for picketing in front of the Scott abortion clinic. Since 1994 an injunction imposed by the then NDP government of Ontario, makes picketing, counselling, even praying directly at the doors of the abortion clinic unlawful. This means saving a mother and [...]

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Ontario anti-euthanasia group in full swing

Leaders from the medical, hospice, palliative care and pro-life fields in Ontario have joined to form a coalition that will combat the potential onset and promotion of euthanasia and assisted suicide practices in the province. The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of Ontario has attracted such figures as Dr. Barry DeVeber, president emeritus of the DeVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research, and Jean [...]

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Show the Truth makes history

But maybe not the kind that makes the textbooks In early August, the quiet streets of several Nova Scotian communities were stirred into activity by the presence of modern-day heroes. At least, that's how I think of them. The men, women and children who made up the Show the Truth Tour broke out of their ordinary Canadian lives to travel days by [...]

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Activists say police show pro-abortion bias

Officials accused of ignoring attacks on pro-lifers, and going easy on pro-aborts Several recent legal cases in Ontario and Alberta could leave the impression that the capricious nature of the legal system is being used against pro-lifers. This past summer the police and courts have seemingly employed a double standard in dealing with allegations against pro-life activists. The day before police arrested [...]

2010-07-30T13:36:51-04:00October 22, 1999|Paul Tuns, Society & Culture|

Pro-lifers encouraged by Saskatchewan vote

We didn't win the prize," said Saskatchewan Party leader Elwin Hermanson, "but we sure surprised the winners." That statement pretty well sums up the mood of Saskatchewan Party members after the September 16 provincial election. While polls, pundits and the media loudly proclaimed the inevitability of another majority NDP government, the people of this province spoke even louder. Premier Roy Romanow's predicted [...]

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The Interim's Sue Careless recently visited L'Arche Stratford, one of the many communities worldwide inspired by Canadian Jean Vanier's love for those most often overlooked.What is most remarkable about Maranatha House at L'Arche Stratford is that at four on a Wednesday afternoon no one is home except two staff members. Gradually, the adults with developmental disabilities arrive, many of whom were institutionalized [...]

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Ken and Rita Wolfe of Saskatoon know first hand the pain and joy of parenting terminally ill children. Erin, age 14 years, Kathleen, age 10 years, and eight-year-old Aidan know the sorrow of losing two sisters to a disease known as Niemann-Pick-Type C (NPC). NPC is a rare autosomal recessive disease, an illness in which both parents are unsuspecting carriers of one [...]

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Toronto pro-lifers mourn the loss of Tom Brown

Ontario's pro-life community suffered a tremendous loss August 31 with the sudden passing of Tom Brown of Toronto. A long-time pro-life activist, Brown died of heart failure near his Toronto home at age 62. Brown combined a quiet compassion for the unborn and pregnant women in distress with a steely resolve to work against abortion and its consequences. Jim Hughes, national president [...]

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Hamiltonians cut Planned Parenthood down to size

Those who think the international behemoth of Planned Parenthood can't be beaten - at least at the local level - should look to the experience of Hamilton. Just three years ago, the Planned Parenthood clinic in the Steel City's downtown core was raking in $359,000 in annual funding (or 51 per cent of the area's budget for "sexual health"), allowing it to [...]

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