Pro-family rally spurs Ontarians into action

If the recent In Defence of Marriage and Family rally in Hamilton is any indication, Christians and social conservatives in Ontario are mad as heck and they aren't going to take it any more. Stunned by recent court rulings driving toward the decriminalization of the possession of child pornography and the alteration of the traditional definition of the family, about 300 people [...]

2010-07-30T13:40:04-04:00October 22, 1999|Pro-Life|

National Post providing real diversity in media

Despite an inauspicious beginning, the National Post, which began publishing one year ago this month, has been a boon for pro-life and pro-family Canadians desperate for principled journalism from the mainstream media. The Post published its inaugural issue in the days following the murder of abortionist Bernard Slepian. It ran a cartoon which implied the pro-life movement was behind his death and depicted pro-lifers [...]

2010-07-30T13:40:22-04:00October 22, 1999|Paul Tuns|

Fostering healthy sexuality in kids

An Ounce of Prevention: Preventing the Homosexual Condition in Today's Youth, by Don Schmierer (Nashville: Word, 1998) To some people in our culture, the title of this book is absurd and offensive. How dare anyone suggest that homosexuality is something that should be prevented! From the developmental perspective which its author Don Schmierer takes, however, it makes good sense to help young [...]

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Let’s give a big warm welcome to number six billion

The impending doom that underlied the news stories when the world's population reached six billion earlier this year is unfounded, and worse, a sign of the devaluation of human life. There is little reason to believe that the earth becomes a worse place to live with each new person. However, Princeton University "ethicist" Peter Singer seems to believe so. He stated in [...]

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Morgentaler appears as celebrity guest at U of T ‘debate’ Pro-life demonstrators get ‘very favorable response’ from audience

A hardy group of pro-life demonstrators didn't let the potentially hostile environment of the University of Toronto intimidate them when Canada's abortion king Henry Morgentaler appeared there on Sept. 15. Morgentaler brought his travelling propaganda show to U of T's Hart House, speaking after what had been billed as a "debate" on abortion, but which actually turned out to be a vehicle [...]

2010-07-22T10:02:55-04:00October 22, 1999|Abortion|

Local right-to-life group fosters flourishing school program

For the past two years, Brant (Ontario) Right to Life has been making a few more presentations to Grade 7 and 8 students than usual. We have also teamed up with the pro-life group at the local high school. With the help of high school students, elementary students are on us like white on rice. Together with some fetal models and a [...]

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Reform caucus promises power to the people

MP Eric Lowther encourages social conservatives to get involved in the political process Canadian pro-life and pro-family advocates, discouraged by how politicians at the federal level are for the most part ignoring their input, could take some heart following the Reform party's caucus meeting in Toronto on Sept. 17. Apart from a commitment from leader Preston Manning to make the strengthening of [...]

2010-07-30T13:41:09-04:00October 22, 1999|Politics|

Singleness is not a state of limbo

A young Catholic advises: ‘Let's not waste this precious time pining after what we don't have.' A place or state of temporary suffering or misery" - this is actually a definition of Purgatory, not of singleness, though more than a few singles may beg to differ. Why is it that many of us spend our late teens and early 20s completely pre-occupied [...]

2010-07-22T10:03:45-04:00October 22, 1999|Religion|

The family of my dreams

The anguish of infertility doesn't go away, but acceptance can lead to new hopes I was talking to a lady in the waiting room at the doctor's office. She told me how she was unable to have children, and I remember feeling very sad for her. I couldn't imagine what it would be like not to have kids. My husband and I [...]

2010-07-22T10:04:00-04:00October 22, 1999|Marriage and Family|

Axworthy and Cairo+5: stacking the deck

Most of you, I am sure, remember this summer's United Nations pro-abort jamboree, affectionately billed as Cairo+5. I thought some of you may be interested in some of the correspondence that took place between the Reform Party's family critic, Eric Lowther, and Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lloyd Axworthy. Mr. Lowther's office recently released copies of the letters that went back and [...]

2010-07-30T13:41:28-04:00October 22, 1999|Issues|

Soylent Green: the future is now

The 1973 science-fiction film, Soylent Green, horrified audiences when they realized just what went into the manufacture of the food product from which the film gets its name. In the story, food has become so scarce in the year 2022 that the government decided to feed its citizenry re-processed human corpses. The protagonist, played by Charlton Heston, discovered what this curious food was [...]

2010-07-30T13:41:39-04:00October 22, 1999|Bioethics, Donald DeMarco|

The welcome mat for RU-486

The recent Dobson case signalled abortion pill makers that they won't be held accountable for ‘complications' in Canada The recent decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in the case of five-year-old Ryan Dobson is applicable to the thousands of pregnant women who drive their born children to school, to music lessons, to sporting events etc., or even if they share the [...]

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