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European Union promotes continent-wide abortion

Members of the European Parliament have passed the controversial Van Lancker report, by 280 votes to 240, with 28 abstentions. The report, drawn up by the European Parliament's women's rights committee, calls for the legalization of abortion and easy access to the "morning-after" pill in all European Union member states and applicant countries. The report states that "in order to safeguard women's [...]

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Clark resigns – maybe

Joe Clark announced he will step down as leader of the Progressive Conservative party. Clark, who is pro-abortion, was under pressure to resign as Tory leader due to the widespread belief that he had taken the party as far as he could, dwindling polling numbers and growing party infighting. Clark said he will step down and called for a leadership convention for [...]

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Study shows link between homosexuality and pedophilia

A new study by Dr. Timothy J. Dailey and the Washington D.C.-based Family Research Council recently confirmed what police and psychiatrists have known for decades: a definitive link exists between male homosexuality and pedophilia. The report entitled Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse, shows that while homosexual men make up less than three per cent of the adult male population, they commit a disproportionate [...]

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Clark to speak at Red Mass

Becomes latest abortion supporter to address Catholic event In recent years, it has become almost common-place for Catholic institutions to honour abortion advocates by inviting them to be guest speakers at their fundraisers and other events. The latest outrageous invitation scandalizing faithful Catholics and pro-lifers is the announcement that the pro-abortion leader of the Progressive Conservative party, Joe Clark, will be the [...]

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Redoubling efforts to expose ‘ABC’ link

You'd think by now there would be widespread knowledge of the link between abortion and breast cancer. There are at least 28 independent studies, going as far back as 1957, that have linked breast cancer to abortion . Yet, few seem to know about it. Denise Mountenay, a speaker and author, had three abortions in her younger years. Long after she had [...]

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Dissidents event promotes abortion

During the excitement of World Youth Day, Holy Trinity (Anglican) Church in downtown Toronto was holding workshops, panel discussions and other events But these were not your typical World Youth Day events. The church attracted mostly homosexuals and feminists fighting to have their political positions validated in the Catholic Church. They had one thing on their minds: "Challenge the Church." They challenged, [...]

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Media and World Youth Day

Promotional advertisements leading up to it noted that, "For some experiences, there are no words." Nonetheless, it was the challenge of almost 4,000 journalists from all over the world to put words, sounds and images to their coverage of what proved to be one of the largest events ever held in Canada. Many have remarked that media treatment of World Youth Day [...]

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Flawed history of Catholicism

A History of Canadian Catholicism by Terence J. Fay (McGill University Press, $27.95, 400 pages) Terence J. Fay is a Jesuit priest and author of A History of Canadian Catholicism. The latter fact you would know from looking at the cover of the book. The former is impossible to find anywhere in the book, so great are the efforts to hide Fay's [...]

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Peter Kreeft on three approaches to abortion

Peter Kreeft, Three Approaches to Abortion San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2002 135 pages, $9.95 (U.S.) Peter Kreeft is a prolific and successful writer on philosophical and religious subjects; the back cover of this book informs us that he has published over 25 books and that a number of these are bestsellers. The preface reveals how well-organized and methodical he is. He has [...]

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World Briefs

Canada's fertility rate falling OTTAWA - According to Statistics Canada, the country's fertility rate is falling way below replacement level. The fertility rate - the average number of children born per woman - fell to 1.52, compared to the American rate of 2.08. Experts attribute the decline at least in part to young women deciding to postpone marriage while getting established in [...]

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Importance of marriage

Few conflicts are as bitter, and few subjects as contentious, as homosexual unions. Included in this debate are the familiar questions that our morally squeamish society avoids answering: what is marriage? What is the state's role in it? And how far, as a society, should we allow this sacred institution to be compromised? Marriage has existed from time immemorial as a religious [...]

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