U.S. Briefs

Six per cent of abortions are by RU-486 Choose Life licence plates stymied Lawmakers want abortuary regulation Bishop requests move of inaugural services No state right to abortion funding Six per cent of abortions are by RU-486 NEW YORK - According to a study by the pro-abortion Alan Guttmacher Institute, usage of the abortion pill RU-486 accounts for six per cent of [...]

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Across Canada

FCP prepares for Ontario election Hospital delays abortion decision Crown proceeds summarily against woman in pepper spray attack Feds considering daycare program Uniqueness of family upheld Judge urges protection of unborn Klein indicates support for school choice Alberta a haven for pornography Pro-lifers confront hospital union FCP prepares for Ontario election BURLINGTON, Ont. - In an end-of-year appeal for assistance, Family Coaliton [...]

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World Briefs

Mental suffering no reason for euthanasia Germany considers tougher cloning ban Liberalization of abortion in Poland opposed UNFPA caught in coercive family planning Modest Taiwanese abortion limit proposed Malaysian Muslims approve research cloning 400,000 Filipino abortions Mental suffering no reason for euthanasia AMSTERDAM - The Dutch Supreme Court has ruled that a doctor, Philip Sutorius, who helped an elderly man "tired of [...]

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Stupidity all around

I'm going to ask our readers to vote for the stupidest thing done by either a living member of Parliament, senator, politician, bureaucrat, lawyer or judge in 2002. I calculate that we should have some 3,000 submissions, so it is not going to be easy picking the stupidest thing - but it should be a lot of fun. To aid readers, I [...]

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Raelians flock to Quebec

With the recent announcement by Clonaid of the first (alleged) cloning of a child, media from all around the world have turned their attention toward an obscure cult founder, Rael. The story goes something like this. This ex-journalist and ex-singer founded the Raelian movement in 1973 after an encounter with the Elohim, or aliens, who he claims revealed his mission to him, [...]

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Epiphanies all through the year

We often hear the expression, "Well, Christmas is over." But, Christmas is never over. The celebration of Christmas is over, but Christ is still with us, just as we are still with our families even after we have celebrated our birthday. We are reminded of this in a special way by the feast of the Epiphany, which is celebrated an Jan. 6 [...]

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Stop cloning now

It is quite often said that those scientists, doctors and others who are most interested in producing a human clone are part of the slums of medicine, the scientific underworld. The likes of Raelian research corporation Clonaid, American cloning advocate Panos Zavos, and Italian gynecologist Severino Antinori are the Jack Kevorkians of reproductive medicine. But as Kelly Torrance notes on page 15 [...]

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Month In Review

The Associated Press reported that in 2002, 19 states considered more than 60 bills regarding birth control pills and devices. Most of the laws require health insurance policies that cover prescription drugs to also cover prescription contraceptives … Robert Knight inWorldNetDaily.com: "Most socialist revolutionaries are also sexual revolutionaries, because the strength of families presents an obstacle to the growth of the state. Sexual [...]

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The dating dilemma for Christians

Picture this: a young single person on the look-out for a significant other. Now imagine this: a young Christian person on the look-out for a significant other. Two very different realities. Rob Eagar, author of the Power of Passion: Applying the Love of Christ to Dating Relationships (Grace Press Publishing, $12.95 U.S.), and Joshua Harris, author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye (to [...]

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Bennett reasserts moral clarity in post 9-11 world

Review by Paul Tuns Why We Fight: Moral Clarity and the War on Terrorism William J. Bennett (Doubleday, $29.95, 170 pages)William Bennett, who was once described as the "guardian angel of the honour code through his books on virtue," released last year a book on the need to confront - militarily if necessary - the threat of terrorism. Although written from a [...]

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Banning extra-billing reduces abortions

Much ink is being spilled in the provincial and national press about fewer abortions in Alberta. Headline seekers such as Henry Morgentaler have come to town (Calgary), officiously offering "help" to resolve the problem. Actually, there is no problem. Alberta Health Minister Marv Moore is merely enforcing the prohibition against extra-billing, refusing to allow exceptions for abortionists. He is doing what his [...]

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Abortuary grapples with staffing snafus

Henry Morgentaler's Halifax abortuary usually does abortions every two weeks. But when the new year arrived, it was closed because of staffing problems. CBC reported that the nurse administrator had left. No reason was given, other than a suggestion that it was hard to keep nurses in a non-profit environment. Tom Jardim, who pickets regularly at the clinic, said, "I was hoping [...]

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Acne medication-birth control pill presents hazards

Diane-35, a drug permitted in Canada to treat severe acne, is also being widely prescribed as a birth control pill. Slick ads with sexual innuendo have been shown on television and in movie theatres, but the ads leave the medication's exact purpose up to the imagination. Following the airing of ads, the makers of the drug saw Canadian sales shoot up 45 [...]

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Court rules against rights of pro-lifer, unborn

For a man that has lost three straight rounds in his fight with the British Columbia government, Nelson, B.C. carpenter Jim Demers, puts up a brave face when he says he's not yet defeated. On Jan. 17, the B.C. Court of Appeal turned away Demers' effort to abort the provinces anti-protest "bubble-zone" law which has resulted in dozens of people being arrested [...]

2010-07-27T11:15:04-04:00February 27, 2003|Abortion|

Controversy swirls over politician’s death-by-abortion numbers

Just after last year's UN child summit, David Hansen, a political advisor in Norway's Department of International Aid, admitted that the term "reproductive rights" in UN documents includes "safe" abortions. He added that it is important for Norway to emphasize nations who allow abortion are responsible to do it in a proper way. Later, Valgerd Svarstad Haugland, minister of culture and church [...]

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