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Lessons of history

On Nov. 11, as we honour our war dead, I look about our bleak moral landscape. "Did they sacrifice lives, limbs, careers and relationships for this?" I ask. "Did they die that we might have legalized drug use, access to pornography, euthanasia, needle-exchange programs, free condoms in prison, abortion, sex as recreation, bio-tech reproduction, same-sex everything?" The long-dead vets who used to [...]

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Life in perspective

To anyone who has spent any amount of time in pro-life work, you can attest to the constant struggle for life. It can be draining. I admire pro-life heroes such as Jim Hughes and John Hof for their ability to maintain a positive outlook, while at the same time, dealing with death every day of their lives. Everyone learns to cope in [...]

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Who’s on first?

My cousin, Bertram, hails from Massachusetts and recently joined me in Ottawa for a sightseeing trip through our Parliament buildings, to compare how we run our country with how the Americans run theirs. Bertram is a political junky who lives, breathes and talks politics. But his knowledge of politics ends at the Canadian border. My job was to enlighten him about the [...]

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Two demonstrations

Life Chain There are so many subjects on which one might write for the pro-life cause that it is not always easy to decide. But, I thought a brief description of the Life Chain in at least one area would be suitable for this month's column. I took part in the Danforth Avenue, Toronto area and found it very encouraging. Those present [...]

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Speak while you are able, silent shepherds, for freedom is waning

"Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good" (Rom. 12:9). Just recently, I heard of a politician in Canada who was working very hard at rousing public opinion to take a stand for traditional marriage. In the course of his labours, he noticed that the leadership of many churches in his riding were saying nothing. He thought [...]

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An open letter to a blind journalist

"The greatest kindness one can render to any man," wrote Thomas Aquinas, "consists in leading him to truth." For Aquinas, unlike the contemporary world of politically correct journalism, it is neither necessarily presumptuous to speak of the truth, nor uncharitable to nudge another in its direction. Would not the world be a better place if we were so neighbourly that we kindly [...]

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The Right and the right to life

The deal announced on Oct. 16, wherein the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties would work to merge and present a united right alternative - the Conservative Party of Canada - to the governing Liberals is both a concern and an opportunity. It is a concern, in part, because listed among their 19 core principles is no mention of protection for innocent [...]

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The crime of conscience

Bill C-250 was passed in the House of Commons 145 to 110 on Sept. 17. This so-called "hate crimes" bill is dangerous, debilitating, and disingenuous; it offends the basic principles of liberal democracy. And yet, our fight against this bill is not over, and our stuggle not in vain. It must first be noted that not only is the bill badly premised [...]

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News Briefs

Man attempted to cause miscarriage Focus demands assessment Abortion leader to step down State's abortion numbers halved Finkel begins defense Women pressured to abort Euthanasia in Korea Man attempted to cause miscarriage MONTREAL - Gary Bourgeois, 46, pleaded guilty to assault and administering a toxic substance after drugging his pregnant girlfriend to get her to miscarry. The woman had refused to get [...]

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Bits ‘n’ Pieces

Canada Prince Edward Island Premier Pat Binns##' Progressive Conservatives wins re-election. Binns is pro-life. About four out of five Islanders vote, proving that being pro-life is not an impediment to political success ... Ernie Eves, the defeated premier of Ontario, says he will stay on as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party "for a period of time." Early speculation has it that [...]

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The judicial assault law and liberty

Judicial Activism: A Threat to Democracy and Religion. Edited by Fr. Alphonse de Valk (Life Ethics Information Centre, $19.95 165 pages) Reviewed by Paul Tuns The Interim It has become increasingly apparent in recent years, and impossible to ignore in recent months, that Canada is not a democracy. We are ruled by nine robed dictators on the Supreme Court and numerous miniature [...]

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The ABC’s of virtue

Virtue's Alphabet From Amiability to Zeal By Donald DeMarco (Central Bureau, Central Verein of America, $10, 112 pages) Donald DeMarco is a very prolific writer. In addition to all the columns and articles he writes for newspapers and journals, he has written 20 books. There are 26 letters in the alphabet, and so this book contains 26 sections - though DeMarco cannot [...]

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Rebecca Ducusin writer and pro-life supporter

Rebecca Ducusin, a writer for religious publications and ardent pro-life supporter, died Aug. 24, three and a half years after she had a massive stroke. She was 54. Born in Manila, Philippines, Rebecca graduated valedictorian of her class at V. Mapa High School in Manila. She completed her bachelor's degree in journalism at the University of the Philippines where she also finished [...]

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A musical ‘hell on earth’

Almost since the first day the word "musician" became a job description, and certainly since the early days of mass media, there have been musical acts that have combined spectacle with their music in an attempt to gain an audience. On Oct. 4, one band planned on taking spectacle to a new low. Hell On Earth, a St. Petersburg, Fl. heavy metal [...]

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Archbishop of Vancouver harassed by gay activists

The Archdiocese of Vancouver is being harassed by homosexual activists for breaking its ties to a credit union with a history of supporting pro-gay and pro-abortion causes. On an evening in late September, a small crowd of angry protesters shouted threats and obscenities outside the window of Archbishop Adam Exner. The archdiocese has also received over 100 telephone calls, faxes and e-mails, [...]

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