Abortion-breast cancer link: myth or medicine?

In October of 2003, and for the first time in the United States, the abortion industry settled a malpractice lawsuit based on the link between abortion and breast cancer. The Cherry Hill Women's Centre in New Jersey failed to inform a woman of both the breast-cancer, as well as the mental, risks of induced abortion. The plaintiff, identified only as "Sarah" to [...]

Communication within the family is vital

There should be communication in the family. In spite of the different opinions which always occur in families, the family should be characterized by peace, love and joy. American author Dolores Curran's book, Traits of a Healthy Family, tells how she wrote a letter and sent it to 500 "experts" on the question of family living. In the letter, she gave 56 [...]

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The real Pro-Life 101

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in our movement knows how hard it can be to keep the batteries charged. I am, of course, talking about the many defeats we seem to experience - even though our cause is a righteous cause. After all, are we not trying to be a voice for the voiceless? None of us garner anything [...]

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Sanger’s children

Once, in a washroom at Halifax Airport, I discovered that the paper towel dispenser was empty. The condom machine was full, but towels are better for drying hands. In Toronto last year, the condom dispensers in the lady's room were equally well stocked, but it was impossible to get cough drops in any of the terminal's many kiosks. On CBC radio last [...]

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Judging the judges

The Supreme Court of Canada judges have been described as tin-pot dictators who want to rewrite Canadian laws to align them with their own biased opinions. "Sexual orientation" is a fairly recent homosexual buzzword thought up by the homosexual public relations department and makes no more sense than "heterosexual orientation" would. Yet the judicial activist Supreme Court of Canada overruled Parliament and [...]

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It’s time for Christians to find their voices

I have often wondered on what hill Canadian Christians would finally take a stand as our culture becomes increasingly dark. It appears to me that we have largely caved on abortion, we are in process of caving on the sinfulness of homosexuality, and the so-called mercy killing of the sick and aged is fast approaching as a new threat. I wish I [...]

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Media’s corporate irresponsibility

Media affairs dominate this edition of Corporate Watch. In the wake of the Janet Jackson breast-baring episode during the Super Bowl half-time show, the spotlight is shining on the MTV television channel, which is owned by Viacom. The new website BoycottMTV.net has attracted more than 120,000 people, who say they will eschew a media outlet that, according to one British observer, has [...]

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Abortion at New Brunswick hospital

Oromocto is a vibrant, progressive New Brunswick town of 9,000, 20 kilometres from Fredericton and the home of Canadian Forces Base Gagetown. "Canada's model town," the chamber of commerce calls it.The chamber can list a new "service": abortions at Oromocto Public Hospital. Abortion activities formerly carried out in Fredericton's Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital are to move to OPH. It will become the [...]

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Midge makes a comeback

Many little toddlers love Barbie dolls. For years, Barbie and Mattel have been exploring new ways of enhancing and broadening the young minds to which they cater. In 2002, the Midge doll - part of Matell's Barbie doll line - became embroiled in controversy when she showed up in the toy aisle pregnant. She wore a wedding ring and her packaging told [...]

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What a queer world

By Paul Tuns It was e. e. cummings who said that the world is not only queerer than we suppose, it is queerer than we can suppose. (He said it before the term queer was hijacked by homosexual activists.) Editing a pro-life newspaper I have come to expect the worst news and yet I am still surprised by what comes across my [...]

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Modernity: a consistent culture of death

There can be seen today, in late modern society, a furtive obsession with sex in all its forms and manifestations. This is likely to be, among many people, an attempt to psychologically counteract the fact that, almost everywhere in late-modern society, death (abortion), sterility (the collapse of large and stable families), violence (burgeoning crime rates), and horror (in the media) reign. Late-modern [...]

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Yes, Virginia, there are pro-life libertarians

Catholic journalist and apologist Mark Shea is a good acquaintance, really, but when he gets a bug in his bonnet, the results are rarely pleasant. Lately, on his immensely popular website, he's taken to railing against the "blasphemous individualism" of libertarianism - an ideology for "selfish people with no kids." When readers of a laissez faire bent protested the generalization by pointing [...]

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Cautious optimism expressed over proposals for judicial scrutiny

Paul Martin's Liberal government will give committees of MPs the chance to scrutinize judges nominated to the Supreme Court of Canada. That promise was made in January by Liberal MP Roger Gallaway, the man given responsibility for democratic reform by Martin. "What is obvious is the courts, but particularly the Supreme Court, have assumed a position of power which challenges the doctrine [...]

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Get ready for the knock on the door: B.C. situation suggests hate crimes law will chill free speech

Marriage commissioners in British Columbia have been ordered to perform and register so-called "marriages" between persons of the same sex, or resign. MP Vic Toews has complained that the demand is inconsistent with an employer's obligation to accommodate the religious and moral beliefs of employees. He reminds us of the general rule that an employee must not be forced to do something [...]

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The media’s bias on homosexuality: Papers assume acceptance of the gay agenda is part of Canada’s character

The national news media are biased. No news here. The media have never made a pretense of objectivity. They don't claim to be unbiased, or particularly factual for that matter (although it may appear that way). Not that the monolithic liberal media machine has said it in such unambiguous terms, but anyone who is paying attention knows that "neutrality" is a "great [...]

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