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Bits & Pieces

Canada MPs elected pro-life Conservative Andrew Scheer, a father of four, as Speaker of the House. In a 2009 with The Interim Scheer spoke about balancing his professional and personal life and how he always tried to be home in time to tuck his children into bed and not to schedule events on Sundays … The Hill Times reports that Stephen Harper [...]

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Judges scrutinize prostitution restrictions

Three Ontario Appeal Court justices indicated they do not accept the government’s rationale for maintaining restrictions on the sex trade, and may be open to upholding a 2010 Ontario Superior Court decision that found those restrictions threaten the security of prostitutes. Last Fall, Justice Susan Himel threw out Canada’s restrictions on the sex trade – communicating for the purpose of prostitution, living [...]

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Linda Gibbons freed from jail

After 28 months of uninterrupted imprisonment for witnessing outside a Toronto abortion facility, pro-life prisoner of conscience Linda Gibbons was set free June 3. The great-grandmother had been in prison since January 2009, when she was arrested outside the downtown Toronto Scott Clinic abortuary, which is protected by a 1994 court “temporary” injunction banning pro-life activity within a specified zone. She has [...]

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Rebecca Millette Special to The Interim

A 12-year-old in Ontario cannot go on a school field trip without parental permission, or drink alcohol without a parent present. They won’t be able to drive, buy cigarettes, or vote for years. But they can get an abortion all on their own, without their parents ever knowing. Private abortion facilities across Ontario advertise with pride that they will do abortions on girls under [...]

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1000 march in Quebec in defense of Christian heritage

Quebec’s La Marche chrétienne (Christian March) on June 4th drew a crowd of around 1,000 in defense of the province’s Christian heritage against the radical secularism being imposed by the province. The marchers, led by a huge wooden cross with the words “On marche avec Jesus” (“We walk with Jesus”), left the Plains of Abraham mid-afternoon en route to the National [...]

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News Briefs

Feminist hijack education, population meetings TURTLE BAY – A June 2011 paper from the Washington-based Heritage Foundation examined the difficulties raised by the radical feminists at UN Women, the United Nation’s feminist super agency. The organization was designed to take the place of several previous UN agencies to “hold the UN system accountable for its own commitments on gender equality.” UN Women [...]

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Seven provinces hold regional marches for life

    In addition to more than 15,000 Canadians who took part in the National March for Life in Ottawa on May 12, over 3000 more participated in provincial marches for life held across the country on the same day, in solidarity with the one taking place in the nation’s capital. Local marches were held in the provincial capitals. [...]

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Human rights groups support abortion

We’re still playing catch up here at Soconvivium after getting the August issue out. On July 20, Human Rights Watch added its voice to those calling for the repeal of the so-called global gag rule, an American policy which prevents United States funding from going to agencies that perform, or advocate for, abortion. Their press release alleges "the Global Gag Rule has exacted a [...]

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The August Interim

The August issue of The Interim went to press yesterday, a labour intensive process which explains the lack of new blog posts recently. This was a content-laden issue, with a focus on the Rasouli decision (which guarantees that doctors cannot unilaterally pull the plug on patients) and gendercide (a topic sparked by Mara Hvistendahl's recent book, Unnatural Selection, which is also reviewed). Michael [...]

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Nurses for Life conference

Make sure you check out the ad for the Nurses for Life conference in British Columbia this weekend. It has a wonderful roster of speakers including Dr. Margaret Cottle, Palliative Care Physician, UBC; Sean Murphy, Administrator of the Protection of Conscience Project; Christina Lamb, RN, Bio-Ethicist; Stephanie Gray, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform; Anita Sonntag, Silent No More Awareness Campaign [...]

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Cultural infanticide

From the election-time boogeyman of the “hidden agenda” to novels like The Handmaid’s Tale, the left-wing of the Canadian imagination preoccupies itself with the production of alarmist prophecies. Self-anointed seers repeat a ritual unmasking of supposed culturally conservative conspiracies, and expose the concealed seeds of a coming Christian despotism. This nightmare scenario is like the paranoid fantasy of a patient who is [...]

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HRC silliness

It seems that the human rights commission industry has avoided making headlines lately, but that does not mean they are not up to their usual mischief, finding new vistas of wrong-doing to correct. The June 14 Globe and Mail reported that the Ontario Human Rights Commission is reading want ads for housing to determine if landlords and would-be roommates are discriminating in [...]

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Beetles, fish and monkeys do it

Growing up, I loved animals, watched television programs about nature (Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins was a favourite), and visited more than a few zoos with my family. I thought of becoming a farmer or zookeeper when I grew up. I still enjoy watching documentaries about wildlife and taking my own family to the zoo. Animals are a source [...]

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McGuinty’s assault on religious schools

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is adopting storm trooper tactics right out of the Nazi’s playbook in forcing the Toronto Catholic School Board to allow Gay Discussion Clubs in Catholic Schools even though the Church feels they will promote homosexuality. Based on Sacred Scriptures, the Catholic Faith, and Biblical injunctions, “homosexual acts” are depraved and “intrinsically evil.”  The Catholic Church by its mandate [...]

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