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One pro-life hero recalls another

Editor’s Note: This is a letter dated May 7 from Linda Gibbons to Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes after Fr. Ted Colleton died and while Gibbons was still in jail. It is reprinted with permission. Greetings in the God of All. Comfort. I pray this finds each of you well and blessed in your labours for life.   [...]

2011-07-25T08:25:05-04:00July 25, 2011|Pro-Life|

Political magic

Politics is indeed a blood sport. Look what happened to the Liberals and Bloc Quebecois in the recent federal election. The leaders were unseated and the parties beheaded. But the amputation didn’t end there. Some snouts were cut off from the public trough, and if it were not for gold plated pensions, many more would have suffered a similar fate. Oh, I [...]

2011-07-25T08:01:18-04:00July 25, 2011|Columnist, Joe Campbell|

Dark and worrying agenda

Our schools are being drowned in gratuitous and agenda-driven social programs. As I write this column, the Roman Catholic schools in particular are facing a concerted attempt to promote the homosexual lifestyle, all in the guise of anti-bullying. But this is nothing new. More than 10 years ago I faced on my television show an example of political nastiness that [...]

2011-07-25T08:01:43-04:00July 25, 2011|Columnist, Michael Coren|

A time-traveler’s review of feminism

“The Time Travel Society will hold its annual meeting three years ago.” This chronological bit of humor may be viewed as a tribute to H. G. Wells’ fabled time machine.  Nevertheless, we do possess a technology that has much in common with time travel. It is the modern television set, partnered, as it is, with the handheld remote that can carry us, at [...]

2011-07-25T07:57:01-04:00July 25, 2011|Donald DeMarco|

Mamet’s political journey

The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture by David Mamet (Sentinel, $32.50, 256 pages) Even during an apparent renaissance of conservative book publishing, one book has been anticipated more than almost any other this season. Anyone who considers themselves religious will recognize The Secret Knowledge by David Mamet as a conversion story, albeit one told in brief, scattershot chapters, written [...]

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Polls show way on pro-life strategy

Oz Clark, a frequent contributor to this blog, wrote a short column in the July issue about how the seeming contradictory evidence of the public's view on abortion (per polling data) shows the way forward for pro-lifers: educate the open-minded and play on the mixed feelings many have (don't like abortion but don't want to ban it, either). Clark concludes: The challenge [...]

2011-07-21T10:12:56-04:00July 21, 2011|Soconvivium|

Poll points to opportunity for pro-lifers Oswald Clark

In May, Abacus Data, a new Canadian polling firm that conducts surveys for Sun News (broadcast and print), surveyed 1,007 Canadians about their attitudes on abortion. Pro-lifers should be overjoyed at the results even if they seem to lead to an unjustifiable policy conclusion. Abacus polled on four questions, but two are worth highlighting. In one question Abacus asked which of two [...]

2011-07-18T08:41:13-04:00July 20, 2011|Announcements, Features|

Abortion’s many harms to society

Our July cover story examining the costs associated with abortion -- from dysfunctional relationships to health problems -- is now online. Some pro-lifers are uneasy about removing the focus of abortion from the unborn child, but aside from strategic issues that may promote the cause of life, society has a right to know -- and obligation to understand -- the myriad ways [...]

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Hudak plays possum

The news about Hudak’s signing a petition more than a decade ago saying he is pro-life is apparently big news today, and the media is in a full fledged frenzy, with reports from the Toronto Sun, National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Star, and CTV. We agree with the Citizen that Hudak's position is gutless, but there is plenty of outrage to go around. The origin [...]

2011-07-19T12:58:40-04:00July 19, 2011|Soconvivium|

Abortion causes harm beyond the killing of the unborn

While pro-lifers are rightly concerned primarily about abortion because it takes the life of an innocent human being in its earliest and most vulnerable stages, it has also long been clear that abortion harms women and society, too. The victims of abortion, those that pay a price for the easy destruction of the unborn through abortion-on-demand, go far beyond the womb. Multiple [...]

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Vancouver euthanasia symposium attracts international speakers

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition’s third annual International Symposium on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide was held in Vancouver, June 3-4 and organizer Alex Schadenberg called it an “incredible success” that “exceeded expectations.”   The conference was entitled “Celebrating our successes; preparing for new challenges,” and to that end Schadenberg, executive director of the EPC, brought together speakers from Australia, Canada, Netherlands, [...]

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The Sexting generation

Everything that Laura Ingraham says about teens and young people with no apparent sense of shame or boundaries is worrying and disturbing, but I wonder if in some ways we exaggeratehow much things change. For example, Ingraham says, "There was a time when people got dressed up and had conversations to see if they were compatible — now they examine tan lines." I [...]

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Gendercide number of the day

Via Slate's Rachael Larimore: China and India has aborted more girls (160 million) than America has women. Larimore's article does the same dance that Mara Hvistendahl does in  her Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men: note that gender imbalances are caused by abortion without blaming abortion. Of course, there are other issues at play [...]

2011-07-11T08:31:47-04:00July 11, 2011|Soconvivium|

Kevorkian obit

From the June issue, our obituary of confessed serial killer Jack Kevorkian. It is important to note that he earned the moniker Dr. Death long before he started killing people: The Detroit News and Washington Post compared him to civil rights heroes, fighting for what the News euphemistically referred to as “death rights.” Broadcaster Barbara Walters complained about the moniker Dr. Death, but [...]

2011-07-08T14:18:01-04:00July 8, 2011|Soconvivium|

Is math homophobic?

Maclean's does, you know, actual journalism and debunks the million attendance figure for Toronto's annual Pride Parade: One million, eh? Really? That’s about one-fifth of the population of the Greater Toronto Area crammed into a 2-km parade route through downtown city streets. The letter writer, Steven Murray of Victoria, BC, whose math is undoubtedly better than mine, points out that this is [...]

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