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Canada The British Columbia Catholic Civil Rights League condemned the Burnaby School Board’s equity policy with director Sean Murphy declaring, “It is now time to recognize that parents are the first line of defense against the abuse of state power in education, and the first protectors, not just of children, but of civil liberties.” The CCRL’s B.C. wing released its “Declaration on [...]

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Judge rejects one euthanasia case, expedites another

In August, British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Lynn Smith made two important decisions in cases challenging Canada’s laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide. On August 4, Smith fast-tracked the Carter/Taylor case and on August 17 she rejected a lawsuit filed by the Farewell Foundation for the Right to Die challenging Canadian laws against assisted suicide. The Carter/Taylor case will be heard Nov. [...]

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Insite gets Supreme Court reprieve

The Supreme Court of Canada has ordered the federal government to keepVancouver drug rehab center Insite open. (See Ottawa Citizen and Globe and Mail for coverage.) The controversy is that Insite provides so-called "safe injection" services as part of a harm reduction scheme. Giving drugs to addicts seems absolute folly, but that is only one issue. The larger constitutional issue is whether the federal government has the authority to make [...]

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Crossroads Walkers

Our September article on the Crossroads Walkers, a number of pro-life students who walked 5,600 kilometers to promote the pro-life message, in now online. The article is by a first-person account by Mark Pinto. Click on the link if for no other reason than to see the beautiful photo of one of them welcoming the morning with the the Rocky Mountains in the background.

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“Who to kill next?”

Dr. Will Johnston is president of Physicians for Life and in a short essay he concludes: "And still our world asks who to kill next." This reminds me of two important observations about abortion and why, really, Pope John Paul II talked not about the abortion culture but the Culture of Death. As we note in the October issue, American columnist George Will repeatedly noted in the [...]

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U.K. releases eugenic numbers

The United Kingdom’s Department of Health (DoH) released detailed statistics about eugenic abortions several years after a pro-life group demanded the information. The UK-based ProLife Alliance filed a Freedom of Information request in February 2005 for more information about abortions due to fetal health. “Previously, this information had been readily available and the DoH was increasingly providing even greater detail in its [...]

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Ontario’s educational reforms interfere with children’s moral and spiritual development

Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (EIE) is meant to shape the entire educational system. Last month we showed how EIE disregards children’s social and emotional needs. This month’s critique continues with the some of the strategy’s implications for moral and spiritual development. Jesus told us how carefully we are to guard the purity of growing children. “He said to His disciples, [...]

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Politics needs more people like Peter Naglik

Five years ago today Peter Naglik passed away. He was a great conservative activist who didn't need to hyphenate his conservatism. His friends have set up a Facebook memorial page; if you knew Peter, share a memory or picture of him there. Here is The Interim's obituary from 2006. As Russ Kuykendall wrote at the time, "while he didn’t wear it on his [...]

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CLC to host two Ontario conferences

Two regional pro-life conferences will be held in Ontario in late October and early November. The first one will be in Kingston on Oct. 29. The eastern Ontario conference will feature speakers such as Jim Hughes, national president of the Campaign Life Coalition; Steve Jalsevac, managing director of LifeSiteNews; John-Henry Westen, editor of LifeSiteNews; Paul Tuns, editor of The Interim; Alissa Golob, [...]

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Double exposure

Bimsom was so splendidly attired that at first glance Molder failed to recognize him. The designer duds, gold chain, silver tiepin and diamond studded ring looked as out of place on Bimsom as a diaper on a dog. “You’re going to a masquerade party,” Molder said, when he realized that the apparition was indeed his old friend. “I’m going to a [...]

2011-09-29T10:27:34-06:00September 29, 2011|Columnist, Joe Campbell|

Pro-Life T-shirts bar Crossroads walkers from Montreal basilica

A Montreal priest has turned away young pro-life pilgrims from entering the city’s basilica because their message in defense of the unborn was too political. Wearing stylish jeans and a white button-down shirt, Fr. Robert Gagne, insisted that the young people walking across Canada to promote the pro-life message could not enter the famous Basilica to pray because of the ‘pro-life’ [...]

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Walking 5,600 kilometers, braving the bears, for life

After more than 5,600 kilometers, and less than three months after setting out from Vancouver on May 23, 12 pro-life students have ended their walk across the country to draw attention to abortion. Crossroads sponsored the Canadian leg, plus four walks in the United States and, the first walk in Ireland. Crossroads was started in 1995 in response to Pope John [...]

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Trost responds to government’s funding of IPPF

  The federal Conservative government has admitted to re-funding the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Conservative MP Brad Trost issued this in response:    Response to the Federal Government's Decision to Fund IPPF September 28th, 2011 Brad Trost   Late in the afternoon of Thursday, September 22nd, I received a phone call from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) about a news story on the [...]

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Truth slaughtered in Norway coverage

It seems a long time ago now, but the day that Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik committed his horrible crime was one that few of us will forget. Nor will we forget the aftermath, and how as soon as it became apparent that the man was not a Muslim and not motivated by Islam – a rare event in recent terrorist [...]

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Many Lutherans still support traditional marriage

Editor’s Note: This press release was sent by the Lutheran Church-Canada July 18 following the (liberal) Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada meeting which authorized pastors to conduct same-sex ‘marriages.” Responding to a vote by delegates at the convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) meeting in Saskatoon, July 15 and 16, which authorized its pastors to conduct same-gender marriages and [...]

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