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Freedom to preach

In early October, the long-time pro-life and pro-family activist Bill Whatcott got his proverbial day in court. Whatcott, who had been brought before the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal in 2006 over his practice of distributing flyers about the dangers of abortion and homosexuality, was ordered to pay a $17,500 fine and to cease publicly spreading his beliefs about homosexuality. Whatcott’s case has [...]

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Media reaction to Whatcott case

Many in the media rallied around the right for Bill Whatcott to speak freely even if they disagreed vehemently with his message, part of what the National Post’s Chris Selley called “the pleasantly broad consensus that the law shouldn’t be limiting Canadians’ right to free speech, however abhorrent.” With friends and allies like Selley … But Selley was not unique. Just as [...]

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Reaching for the top

When I was growing up, my teachers insisted that I strive for excellence. So did my parents. Both neglected to instruct me about the superiority of equality. If I failed a math test, there was no amnesty in pleading that everyone else failed it, too. That’s why I gasped on learning about the travails of a retired provincial premier with a [...]

2011-12-19T07:26:38-05:00December 19, 2011|Columnist, Joe Campbell|

Here we go again

Another story from the most important community in the history of the world, and one that should teach us a great deal about how truth is manipulated by the consensus media. The story is about – yes, you guessed it – gay people of course. In October, in a small town in Ontario, a lesbian couple were allegedly asked to leave [...]

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Mothers who put their children before themselves

There have been several inspirational cases of women who have chosen to put their children’s lives ahead of their own by continuing with their pregnancy. The Toronto Star recently reported Thunder Bay, Ont., resident Sadie Stout, who had a rare tumour in her heart from a condition known as cardiac myxoma. The risk was that the tumour could break off at any [...]

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McLuhan: unknown but famous

Marshall McLuhan is back in the spotlight in a worldwide celebration of 100 years of McLuhan. He wasn’t really gone. What McLuhan – as a cult figure – predicted years ago of an emerging global village, a sort of a Promised Land would arrive. McLuhan, who didn’t think it would necessarily be agreeable or tolerable, was uncannily correct with the ruthless phone-hacking [...]

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From The Interim archives

From October 2010: “Borlaug proved Malthus wrong” In 1968, Paul Ehrlich said in his best-selling apocalyptic book The Population Bomb that the world was headed toward a Malthusian hell in which mass starvation would wipe out large swaths of people, most notably in Africa and Asia, making specific note that Pakistan and India would suffer collapse within the decade. Indeed, he called [...]

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More inspirational tales from Golden Books

Inspirational Tales:  A Little Golden Book Collection by various authors (Golden Books, 212 pages, $15.95). Review Michael Taube Editor’s Note: Part I, “Little Golden Books provide a big amount of inspiration,” Michael Taube’s review of six short books for children appeared in November. A popular trend in children’s literature has been the release of inexpensive collections of classic stories, fairy tales, poems, [...]

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What others are saying

Population and poverty are not inextricably linked According to demographers Joyce Burnette and Joel Mokyr, as humanity’s numbers have grown, our average standard of living has grown as well. These scientists wrote a paper entitled “The Standard of Living Through the Ages,” found in the book The State of Humanity. In it, they point out that every single statistic that we have [...]

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20 MPs affixed their name to second C-304. House rules limit a bill to 20 seconders.

Pierre Lemieux (Glengarry–Prescott–Russell) Kevin Sorenson (Crowfoot) Lawrence Toet (Elmwood–Transcona), Bev Shipley (Lambton–Kent–Middlesex) Rob Clarke (Desnethé–Missinippi–Churchill River) Larry Miller (Bruce–Grey–Owen Sound) Blake Richards (Wild Rose) Brad Trost (Saskatoon–Humboldt), Rod Bruinooge (Winnipeg South), James Lunney (Nanaimo–Alberni) Blaine Calkins (Wetaskiwin) Corneliu Chisu (Pickering–Scarborough East) Joy Smith (Kildonan–St. Paul) James Bezan (Selkirk–Interlake) LaVar Payne (Medicine Hat) Russ Hiebert (South Surrey–White Rock–Cloverdale) Daryl Kramp (Prince Edward–Hastings) Garry Breitkreuz (Yorkton–Melville) Merv [...]

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Christopher Hitchens, RIP

Christopher Hitchens has died. He will probably be remembered for two things: as a Man of the Left, he broke with other liberals and supported (to use the euphemism) the War on Terror and he was an annoyingly preachy, intolerant, and adolescent atheist. Yet, he was so much more than that, including an exceptional literary critic and principled liberal who stood with the victims of [...]

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Pro-aborts using Tebow to raise money for abortion reports that Sophia at the Abortion Gang blog suggested readers donate $5 or $10 to a local pro-abortion group every time Tim Tebow scores a touchdown. Considering Tebow's public Christian and pro-life witness, I applaud their sense of humour and ingenuity, but what is it about Tim Tebow that elicits the reaction he does. His team is doing well and depending on the [...]

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Maple Leaf tickets pro-life fundraiser

Campaign Life Coalition is auctioning pairs of tickets for four Toronto Maple Leaf games against the Winnipeg Jets (January 5), Montreal Canadiens (January 21), Edmonton Oilers (February 6), and Canadiens (February 11). During the Feb. 11 Leafs-Canadiens game, former Leaf great Matt Sundin's jersey will be raised to the rafters as his number is officially retired by the team. These would make [...]

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Pro-lifers resist drive to bring back abortion to Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island calls itself a Life Sanctuary.  No hospitals or other facility in the province offer any abortion services. With the support of all political parties and members of all religious denominations, P.E.I. became officially abortion-free in 1986. However, off-island, in-hospital abortion costs are covered if the procedure is recommended by two doctors. Abortions at the private Morgentaler facility in [...]

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