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Woman dies at hands of abortionist

A 29-year-old woman has died as a result of a 33-week abortion conducted by late-term abortion specialist Dr. LeRoy Carhart. Jennifer Morbelli, a kindergarten teacher from White Plains, New York, travelled to Carhart’s abortion facility, the Germantown Reproductive Health Center (GRHC), in Germantown, Maryland to begin the four-day procedure on Sunday, Feb. 3. The reason for the abortion was a fetal abnormality. [...]

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Youthful witness in the public square

Darren Pereira Despite how technologically advanced it is, modern-day society is still plagued by a variety of social problems. Within their cities, people witness poverty, homelessness, hunger, and other issues. However, the biggest social injustice is swept under the rug. Abortion, the cause of more than 100,000 murders annually in Canada, is unrestrained by national law and even supported by [...]

2013-05-01T09:25:12-04:00April 30, 2013|Pro-Life|

The key to winning the fight

Alexandra Jezierski Everywhere we turn, hundreds upon hundreds of social justice issues clamour for our attention. The activists behind each compete relentlessly for the support of young people. Where there is the vigour and fiery determination of the young generation, the injustices against life will undoubtedly be abolished. How can the pro-life movement rally youth to view life issues as [...]

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Life: the most basic and important right of all

Katrina Fackelmann The image of a man with sunken cheeks and torn clothing, aged by hunger, flashes across the television screen. Another depiction is shown, this one is of a lone female figure surrounded by a throng throwing insults because of her skin colour. Then the screen flashes to the scene of a child with a gun held between his [...]

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National March for Life — 10 days and counting

The National March for Life in Ottawa and many of the regional marches for life take place on May 9. Start a tweet countdown if you are on Twitter. And as the National Campus Life Network says on Facebook, on Thursday May 9, whether you are at the National March for Life  in the nation's capital, one of the marches in the [...]

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Pro-life or anti-abortion: what’s in a name?

Planned Parenthood recently decided to abandon the term “pro-choice,” saying abortion as too complex to be split into two opposing sides. The switch has led some pro-lifers to debate the best way to describe the pro-life movement. Labels matter for both accuracy and public relations. The way the media frames the issue can influence how people view the two sides of the [...]

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Status of Women Minister urged to ‘stand up for the girl-child in the womb’

Pro-life women have urged Rona Ambrose, Minister for the Status of Women, to support M-408, a private member’s motion that condemns sex-selective abortion. Last Fall, Ambrose shocked some political observers when she joined ten of her cabinet colleagues and a majority of her caucus to support Stephen Woodworth’s private member’s motion calling for a scientific inquiry about the child in the womb. [...]

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Tolerance for me, but not for thee

Arün Smith favours diversity, just not diversity of opinion. So in early February he removed the free-speech wall at Carleton University – stole the paper and destroyed the frame – then, on Facebook, rationalized his violent direct action. In his incoherent philosophy, “liberty requires liberation, and this liberation is prevented by providing space for either more platitudes, or for the expression of [...]

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Not our right to protect one life and snuff out another

“We’re stepped out upon the world’s stage now – the fate of human dignity is in our hands.” With the words above, Steven Spielberg’s Abraham Lincoln faces his cabinet down and reminds them of the challenge facing his bleeding nation. He insists that they take a stand before the world, and fight on to abolish and criminalize slavery once and for all. [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, an intervener in the Carter assisted suicide case which was heard in the B.C. Court of Appeal from March 18 to March 22, is requesting that the 2012 B.C. Supreme Court ruling permitting assisted suicide be reversed ... The Council of Canadians with Disabilities and the Canadian Association for Community Living argued in favour of banning assisted [...]

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Rights and wrongs

Light is Right Joe Campbell I try to practice human rights. I don’t mean that I try to practice what governments and their rights agencies preach. On the contrary, I try to practice what they breach. That is, I try to practice human rights. I also preach them. Chiefly, I preach, and the others breach, the right to proclaim and [...]

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Using social media to inform and activate

When then 12-year-old Lia Mills posted her speech about abortion on YouTube, she got millions of news. The pro-life movement has taken advantage of the rising popularity of social media to spread its message and gain supporters. During the U.S. March for Life in January 2013, pro-lifers used these platforms to spread information and report on the event attended by [...]

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M-408 deemed non-votable

MP Mark Warawa’s motion to condemn sex-selection abortion was declared non-votable March 21 in the ongoing joint effort by Canada’s Conservative government and opposition parties to keep the abortion debate out of Parliament. The question was brought up unexpectedly at the Sub-Committee on Private Members’ Business on the day the government released its budget for 2013, meaning parliamentary reporters are “locked up” [...]

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If abortion was like any other product, it should be recalled: author

Recall Abortion: Ending the Abortion Industry’s Exploitation of Women by Janet Morana (Saint Benedict Press, $22.37, 211 pages) A new book, by a co-founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, argues that abortion is a terrible product which should have been recalled long ago. “Abortion is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated against women, and those who profit from abortion are the [...]

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C-279 passes

In a 149-137 vote, C-279, a private member’s bill that would add amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and hate crimes law by adding gender identity and gender expression to the specially protected classes of people, passed Parliament on March 20 and will now move to the Senate. In 2011, a previous version of the bill passed the House but died in [...]

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