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Nine-year-olds should not be gynecologist

Jennifer Derwey of ProWomanProLife posted a link this morning to an ad for HelloFlo, a “care package” service for girls and women to help them discreetly handle ... the monthly perk of being female. While I appreciate the idea, the explicit nature of the commercial held my attention longer than the description of the service itself. A girl, who appears to be about [...]

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Marsden’s predictable, narrow-minded take on feminism

Canadian Women & the Struggle for Equality by Lorna Marsden (Oxford, 272 pages, $27.95) Canadian Women & the Struggle for Equality is a tedious look at the historical changes in the status of women in Canada through a “progressive” worldview. The author, Lorna Marsden, formerly a Canadian senator and the president of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, is [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne has called end-of-life decisions, including euthanasia, “the great health care issue of our time” in an interview with the Toronto Sun. The baby boomer generation is nearing retirement and will require more health resources as they age. By 2036, approximately one out of four Ontarians will be aged 65 or older. “I don’t think it’s something [...]

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Pro-life protester Linda Gibbons arrested

Linda Gibbons Linda Gibbons, who has spent years in jail for peacefully protesting Toronto abortion clinic “bubble zone” laws, was arrested outside the “Morgentaler Clinic” abortion site in Toronto around 11:30 a.m. June 11. The arrest took place some two and a half hours after she appeared there to begin pacing back and forth on a sidewalk with her usual [...]

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First American human clone created

Wesley Smith questions the claim that cloning technology will not be used for reproduction. For the first time, American scientists successfully cloned humans. Four embryo clones were permitted to develop into blastocysts before being harvested for their stem cells. The findings of the scientists led by Shoukhrat Mitalipov, a reproductive biology specialist at the Oregon Health and Science University in [...]

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Saving babies and women through prayer

There are many ways to contribute to the pro-life movement – political action, education, fundraising – but these would not be possible without prayer. In his book I’m Still A Radical, the late Father Ted Colleton wrote: “Prayer and sacrifice ... must be the foundation which underpins all other activity.” Enza Rattenni, executive director of Aid to Women, a Toronto-based organization that [...]

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Across America, abortion facilities are closing

Thirty abortion facilities have either close or are in the process of closing in the United States thus far in 2013, more than twice the number of facilities that closed in all of 2012. The latest closure is Nova Women’s Healthcare in Fairfax, Virginia, a facility with a history of botched abortions which shut its doors in June. On May 14, pro-life [...]

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25 women walk Back to Life

The Back to Life walk from Montreal to Ottawa sought to raise awareness about abortion. More than two dozen women walked from Montreal to Ottawa in time for the National March for Life to raise awareness about the state of abortion in Canada. The 25 women, who are a part of Back to Life Canada, a campaign organized by Faytene [...]

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Supreme Court hears prostitution challenge

The Supreme Court of Canada asked government lawyers tough questions as they heard arguments for and against the law on prostitution. The federal Criminal Code provisions criminalizing brothels, pimping or “living off the avails” of prostitution, and communication to buy sex was struck down in 2010 by the Ontario Superior Court. In 2012, a 3-2 ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal [...]

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God, gifts and a girl named Gianna

Many people in the pro-life and disability rights movements have heard of Gianna Jessen.  Thirty-six years ago, Jessen came into the outside world, two months premature and weighing two pounds. The 18 hours before Jessen's birth were spent in a saline abortion solution as medical personnel attempted to end her life. Jessen has – please don't use the words “suffers from” or [...]

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Reaction to Down syndrome understandable but horrifying

A few weeks ago, my editor, Paul Tuns, told me about an article he read in Chatelaine magazine. A woman named Chloe Ashton recounted her experiences after learning her second child – this one unplanned – would have Down syndrome. Having refused genetic screening while pregnant with her then four-year-old daughter, Ashton was convinced at first that she wouldn’t have “done anything [...]

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Heavy turbulence

Light is Right Joe Campbell “I suppose you’ve heard,” Molder said, “that the airlines are buying lighter planes.” “Lighter than what?” Bimsom asked, as dangling comparatives irritate him. “Lighter than they used to be,” Molder said. “What’s wrong with darker planes?” Bimsom asked. “It’s not about hue,” Molder said. “It’s about weight. For every pound they reduce the weight of [...]

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Rediscovering Percy’s Love in the Ruins

Last summer, I wrote a column reviewing a trio of films about the apocalypse – two very serious dramas and a low-key comedy that all ended with the extinction of life as we know it. You know – classic summer movie fare. Karl Marx didn’t get much right, but his observation that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce, has [...]

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Introducing our children to the abortion issue

I have gotten to know many prominent members of the pro-life community in the last few years, and I keep in touch with many through social media. Last month, one of them told a story about a young relative who is enamoured with her pro-life work. Little Jenny* dreams of one day working to keep preborn children “safe” just like her role [...]

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The importance of accessing abortion stats

 This morning we posted a press release from a blogger who is challenging in court the government's suppression of abortion information. Faye Sonier of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has written an article about this and notes: In January 2012, the Ontario government quietly passed an amendment to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. As a result of the [...]

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