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Canada The Toronto District School Board and Greater Essex School Board are admitting that the Ontario sex-ed curriculum may be contributing to lower student enrolment as parents look for educational alternatives for their children. The Toronto Star reported that the TDSB discovered that its November tally of students found 2,600 fewer children enrolled in its elementary schools than had been projected, with [...]

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Pro-life community celebrates Fr. de Valk’s 50 years in the priesthood

Fr. Louis Di Rocco (left) and Fr. Alphonse de Valk concelebrate Mass during a ceremony at Campaign Life Coalition's Toronto office marking Fr. de Valk's 50 years as a priest. On Dec. 11 at Campaign Life Coalition office, CLC volunteers, supporters, and friends attended a Mass in celebration and thanksgiving of Fr. Alphonse de Valk’s 50th year of his priesthood. [...]

2016-01-25T08:38:49-06:00January 25, 2016|Pro-Life, Religion, Society & Culture|

Ryerson Students For Life goes to court to get club status

Members of the executive of Ryerson's Students for Life. Calgary-based lawyer Carol Crosson argued before Ontario Superior Court Justice Elizabeth Stewart that RSU’s rejection of the Students for Life at Ryerson (SFLR) request for club status violated the university’s policy to protect freedom of speech on campus. She further asserted that the RSU’s decision denying the pro-life group official recognition [...]

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Americans United for Life unveils legislation to protect infants

Americans United for Life president Charmaine Yoest is promoting the Infants' Protection Project. Americans United for Life has unveiled a package of pro-life model legislation aimed at protecting infants from the aggression or indifference of the abortion industry. The eight pieces of legislation would prohibit the sale of aborted children’s body parts, protect children born alive during botched abortions, and [...]

2016-01-25T08:34:00-06:00January 25, 2016|Activism, Pro-Life, Society & Culture|

States enacted 47 pro-life bills in 2015

Nearly 400 pro-life bills were introduced in state legislatures nationwide in the last year, and 47 passed, according to the pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR). Over the last year, “extremist state lawmakers continued their assault on reproductive freedom, introducing almost 400 bills and enacting 47 new restrictions on access to reproductive health care,” the CRR noted in its “2015 State of [...]

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On the Pill

Light is Right Joe Campbell The pill – you know the one – may be better at preventing conception in fish than in people. What’s more, the fish don’t need a prescription. They get the pill’s synthetic estrogen from sewage that municipalities discharge into rivers and lakes. By feminizing males, the synthetic hormone can limit fish reproduction to the point [...]

2016-01-20T14:13:44-06:00January 20, 2016|Joe Campbell|

Electoral reform

During the 2015 campaign, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau vowed it would be the last election under the first-past-the-post system in which the candidate with the most votes wins the riding and the party that wins the most ridings (usually) forms the government. Saying that many people consider the system unfair, he said he would ask a commission to look at electoral reform [...]

2016-01-18T06:50:33-06:00January 18, 2016|Editorials|

Republican field features numerous pro-lifers

Donald Trump once supported abortion, now claims to be pro-life. A record number of major candidates entered the race to seek the Republican presidential nomination, many of whom hold pro-life views. The winner, who will face a gauntlet of caucus and primary elections from February through June and be named the party’s standard-bearer at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, [...]

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deVeber memoir delights, inspires

Few Canadians have been more widely revered for a lifetime of benevolent accomplishments than Dr. L.L. (Barrie) deVeber, professor emeritus in Paediatrics and Oncology at Western University. So who, exactly, is this exemplary intellectual and physician -- some kind of saint? Well, not quite. Just ask his younger brother George. In Barrie: The Memoirs of Dr. L.L. deVeber as told to S. [...]

McGuinty’s disingenuous memoirs

Review Paul Tuns I have reviewed a good number of political memoirs over the years, and my observation is always the same: they are unsatisfying in what is left unsaid or merely hinted at. Dalton McGuinty’s Making a Difference (Dunburn, 240 pages, $35) is no different. It is no easy task writing a memoir of a 25-year political career, from [...]

2016-01-18T07:18:21-06:00January 13, 2016|Announcements, Book Review, Features, Politics|

Mary Wagner refuses bail

Pro-life prisoner of conscience Mary Wagner arrested on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patroness of the unborn. Mary Wagner was arrested on Dec. 12 and charged with two counts of failing to comply with a probation order and one of causing mischief under $5,000 after allegedly entering the Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic abortion facility to counsel [...]

2016-01-09T13:40:24-06:00January 9, 2016|Activism, Marriage and Family, Pro-Life|

Trinity Western wins religious freedom case

On Dec. 10, the B.C. Supreme Court ruled that the B.C. Law Society violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms when they rejected in advance graduates of Trinity Western University law school. Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson ruled, “The evidence in this case and the relevant precedents conclusively establish that the decision does infringe the petitioners’ Charter right to freedom of religion.” Last [...]

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Abortion facility attack déjà vu

The shooting at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility was déjà vu all over again. There was the obligatory condemnation of the murder by an allegedly anti-abortion activist and the usual scapegoating of the entire pro-life movement by pro-abortion activists and politicians and their allies in the media. We join the chorus of pro-lifers condemning the violence at the abortion facility. It [...]

2016-01-05T20:12:22-06:00January 5, 2016|Editorials, Planned Parenthood|

Shooting at Colorado Planned Parenthood kills three

Robert Lewis Dear, facing a total 179 charges in relation to Planned Parenthood shooting, is reported to have mental health issues. On Nov. 27, Robert Lewis Dear, opened fire at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs. During a five-hour standoff, he killed one police officer and two civilians: Garrett Swasey, Ke’Arre Stewart, and Jennifer Markovsky. Nine others, including four [...]

2016-01-05T20:10:43-06:00January 5, 2016|Abortion, Planned Parenthood|

Trudeau government seeks extension to mull euthanasia law

The Liberal government has asked the Supreme Court of Canada for an extension beyond the Feb. 6 deadline to come up with a new federal law on euthanasia and assisted-suicide.When the Court threw out the Criminal Code prohibitions on aiding and abetting a suicide, it stayed the decision for one year so the government could create a new law regulating assisted-suicide. With [...]

2016-01-05T20:01:28-06:00January 5, 2016|Announcements, Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia, Features, Politics|
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