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Top 10 stories of 2017

10. Expansion of abortion pill Mifegymiso One year after being made available in Canada,  Health Canada regulations restricting prescribing the abortion drug Mifegymiso, including requirements that they be distributed by doctors not pharmacists, that prescribing doctors take a ten-hour training course, and that physicians witness patients take the drug in person, were all lifted. Furthermore, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada Senator Tobias Enverga (Conservative), passed away while attending the ParlAmericas Annual Plenary Assembly in Colombia at the age of 61. Enverga, a former Toronto Catholic School Board trustee and the first Filipino-Canadian to sit in the Senate, was a regular speaker at the National March for Life, along with his wife and three daughters, including Rocel who had Down syndrome. MP [...]

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Canon Robert Greene, RIP

Cannon Robert Greene, who fought in World War II said those who perished in the war did not die so Canadians could lose their democratic freedom Banker, soldier, clergyman, politician, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and friend.  Canon Robert Greene of Calgary wore all these hats over the course of his lifetime, all with the same degree of fervor, all with [...]

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Christ, our hope

Spring, in December, is unthinkable. Nature is a husk of faded flowers and fallen fruit: its breezes have become blizzards, its streams have all stopped. And yet we know that there is a term to the world’s cold fury, a limit past which its tempests may not pass. The endless cycle of seasons is a permanent lesson in transience, a lesson so [...]

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Christmas with Murdoch Mysteries

Tanick Bisson (center) stars in the CBC's Murdoch Mysteries, including their Christmas specials. Ah, Christmas! That wonderful time of year when we trim trees, put up wreaths and lights, sing carols, and eat plenty of delicious turkey, ham, stuffing and plum pudding. My wife, son, and I might even get a gift or two or (ahem) three from Santa Claus. [...]

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CLC hosts Uju Ekeocha in Ottawa, Toronto

Campaign Life Coalition brought London-based African pro-life leader Obianuju (Uju) Ekeocha to Canada from Nov. 4-10 to address various meetings in Ottawa and Toronto. Uju Ekeocha with Conservative MPs Harold Albrecht and David Anderson at a parliamentary prayer breakfast in Ottawa. On Nov. 7, she attended a parliamentary prayer breakfast hosted by Conservative MP David Anderson (Cypress Hills-Grasslands). The event [...]

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Was Network prescient?

When it was released in 1976, the movie Network was publicized as an “outrageous” comedy, a satire that imagined a worst case dystopia of the near future, based on the dismal precedents being set in the horrid ‘70s. It’s a sign of how far past mere movie satire we’ve gone that it’s been turned into a musical on the London stage, starring [...]

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I’m an animal, too

Light is Right Joe Campbell As I am not a frequent flyer, I learned only recently that Canadian and other airlines let emotional support animals travel free. Isn’t that generous of them? I can’t wait for my next flight. Oh, I don’t plan to fly with an emotional support animal. I plan to fly as an emotional support animal. Not [...]

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Justice McLachlin’s subversion of freedom, democracy

W Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin hen Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin announced her impending retirement in June, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lauded her as “a judicial leader and trailblazer for almost four decades” who ranks as “one of Canada’s very finest jurists” A host of other politicians, lawyers and law professors have praised McLachlin in similar terms. In one respect, they [...]

Ben Levin defends child porn

Ben Levin The Nov. 16 Toronto Sun reports that former deputy minister of education Ben Levin, released earlier this year from prison after serving half of his three-year sentence for creating and possessing child pornography, is accessing academic studies on child pornography and defending such research into “harmless fantasies.” Levin, an architect of Kathleen Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum, pled guilty in [...]

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Canada loosens Mifegymiso restrictions

The Canadian government is expanding access to the abortion pill, including allowing the drug for abortions of children in utero of up to nine weeks gestation, and allowing pharmacists to dispense it directly, rather than requiring doctors to do so. Health Canada made its decision based on evidence submitted by the drug’s sponsor, Linepharma, according to an information update the department released [...]

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A word to the pragmatists

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke There are many reasons why the content of Bill 163, the so-called “Safe Access to Abortion Services Act” and its passage through the Ontario legislature are lamentable. I could go on and on, as many have about the restriction of free speech, the absolute and intentional mischaracterization of pro-lifers, the harms that will result to both [...]

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Public pressure forces government retreat on protection for religious services

After backlash from the public, faith leaders and pro-family groups, a Liberal-dominated committee voted to keep Canada’s only law explicitly protecting religious services and clergy on the books. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government attempted to nix the section from the Criminal Code in Bill C-51, legislation intended to clear allegedly redundant, unconstitutional, or outdated sections from the Criminal Code. But in [...]

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Ontario midwives lobby to do abortions

While midwives “do not currently provide abortion services in Ontario, we are working to change that,” Berinstein told the government affairs committee. She said midwives could help prop up a “fragile system” of abortion in the province.Midwives photo A few days later, the CBC reported that the AOM was lobbying the Liberal government to change provincial laws so midwives can [...]

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People of the year Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux

Unlike Time magazine which awards a Man of the Year annually to the individual (usually) who has the most influence in world affairs, The Interim honours an individual only occasionally. Appearing on Time’s cover is not necessarily a badge of honour; they have (in)famously named tyrants and dictators their Man of the Year, because even murderers can be the most important figures [...]

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