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Canada The National Post’s Christie Blatchford reported that an unidentified 44-year-old teacher was fired from the Fraser Academy private school in the Vancouver area after a student complained that he was pro-life. Explaining that there can be a “difference between people’s private morality and law” the teacher offered as an example that he is personally opposed to abortion although it is allowed [...]

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Ontario government backs physician’s college assault conscience rights

Ontario’s Liberal government is backing the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario in its attack on doctors’ religious and conscience rights. The Liberal government has intervened on behalf of the CPSO in a lawsuit launched by five Christian doctors, who argue that the College’s Professional Obligation and Human Rights Policy violates their Charter rights of religious freedom and conscience. The CPSO [...]

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Wagner’s 2012 arrest appealed

Mary Wagner Mary Wagner was denied a fair hearing at her 2014 trial after 22 months in jail when trial judge Fergus O’Donnell issued an “ambush opinion” that ignored the grounds of her defence, Wagner’s lawyer has argued. During a four-day appeal hearing beginning Nov. 28, lawyer Charles Lugosi accused O’Donnell of several errors in law. Ontario Superior Court Justice [...]

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Woman risks arrest to pray in abortion mill

A pro-life woman who entered a Toronto abortion facility Dec. 14 intending to hand out pro-life cards and pray, was able to stay for a considerable time praying, avoiding arrest only after a man in the waiting room begged staff not to call the police. Making the event even more unusual is that the abortion facility is the exact same one that [...]

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Ontario PCs ripped for nomination controversies

McNaughton reminds party it is a broad coalition Monte McNaughton When Patrick Brown ran for the Progressive Conservative leadership in 2015, he vowed to have open nominations. Recently, that commitment has been called into question. The Toronto Star reported in December that numerous candidates have been disqualified from seeking the PC nomination for the 2018 general election. Brown spins the [...]

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University of Alberta sees law students as fragile snowflakes

Law Matters John Carpay Society never becomes more tolerant, but merely shifts the target of its intolerance. At various times in history, and in various places, the authorities have sought to crush anti-slavery speech, anti-Communist speech, and a multitude of religious doctrines deemed to be heretical. Censorship always stems from the same impulse: the authorities are firmly convinced they have [...]

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Can judicial activism be reversed?

National Affairs Rory Leishman Who would have thought that it might take a crass narcissist like United States President-elect Donald Trump to curb the greatest moral catastrophe in the history of the United States: namely, the deliberate, mass slaughter in the womb of more than 50 million babies over the past 40 years. Trump has got off to a promising [...]

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How wrong can they be?

Light is Right Joe Campbell Pity the poor legislators. Increasingly, Big Brother watches their every move. Well, not just Big Brother, Big Sister, too. Being constantly watched is intimidating. Having what you painstakingly put together repeatedly taken apart is demeaning. But that’s the fate of legislators under a judicial dictatorship. From time to time, I’ve called Big Brother/Sister, also known [...]

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What Trump means for us

Donald Trump On Jan. 20, over the chants of protesters and the lamentations of elites, Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States. His unlikely path to victory overturned so much so-called “conventional wisdom” that, if pollsters and pundits depended on accuracy for their livelihoods, they would, like so many recently unseated incumbents, now be looking for [...]

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Close encounters with first-contact movies

I have always been a sucker for the “first-contact” subgenre of sci-fi movies – films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Contact, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien, District 9 and, at the very genesis of the genre, The Day The Earth Stood Still. Distinct from the usual sort of sci-fi that re-imagines westerns or war movies with ray guns and space [...]

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RU-486 delayed in Canada

Health Canada approved the abortion drug Mifegymiso in 2015 for use in 2016, but thus far its Canadian distributor, Celopharma Inc., has yet to make the so-called “gold standard” in medical abortion available in Canada. In early December, the Canadian Press reported on the status of Mifegymiso, which used to go by the name RU-486, saying “the drug’s Canadian distributor, Celopharma Inc., [...]

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CPC leadership candidates raise social issues

On Nov. 29, former MP Pierre Lemieux entered the Conservative Party leadership race, and less than two weeks later he released a video calling for a “respectful debate” on sex-selective abortion. The former Glengarry–Prescott–Russell MP said that “in a democracy such as ours, there should be no debate that is closed.” He said that sex-selective abortion was an issue that should be [...]

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Patrick Brown to social conservatives: not welcome in PC Party

In a year-end interview with Andrew Lawton of London’s AM980, Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown was unambiguous about where social conservatives stand in the party: he “will not tolerate” pro-life or pro-family views within the party. Brown told Lawton, “I have encouraged more free votes ... but what I will not tolerate, is, is, we are going to have a very [...]

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Right-to-die but no right-to-try

Terminally ill patients seek access to unapproved drugs A group of Canadians with terminal illness is asking for the right to try unapproved drugs or treatments for their conditions. “We have the law that allows us to kill ourselves. We just don’t have the law to do something else,” said Jeff Pereault, one of the founders of the Right to Try campaign, [...]

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Court hears graphic testimony in Rev. Hawkes sex assault trial

Lawyer Clayton Ruby questions victim’s memory Editor’s Note: The story below contains colloquial and graphic details of an alleged sexual assault. Also, the decision in the historic sexual assault trial of Rev. Brent Hawkes, originally scheduled for Jan. 18, was postponed till after The Interim went to press. Because Associate Chief Judge Alan T. Tufts needed more time, the matter was adjourned until [...]

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