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Baby Boomers caused great harm

Just at the zenith of their political, cultural and social influence, it has become fashionable to turn a corrosive eye on the Baby Boomers, that huge generational cohort born somewhere between the final years of the Second World War and the beginning of Beatlemania outside of Britain. Keep in mind that very little of this is self-critical; the generation preceding the Boomers [...]

The disorder of Canada

Light is Right Joe Campbell I’ve been wondering, of late, why congregants mark July 1 by singing “O Canada” at the end of Mass. I haven’t noticed legislators mark Dec. 25 by singing “O Little Town of Bethlehem” at the end of their proceedings. I realize the dates are not strictly comparable. Although Canada Day celebrates the birth of the [...]

Bits & Pieces

Canada On May 17, Conservative Senator Tobias Enverga Jr. questioned the federal government’s $650 million foreign aid program for sexual and reproductive health. He said, the government’s announcement in March to “support the right to choose safe and legal abortion” in foreign countries, including where it is not legal,  “raises a lot of questions and concerns.” Enverga asked “are we seeing increasing [...]

2017-06-21T11:22:42-06:00June 25, 2017|Bits n' Pieces|

Denying reality

Law Matters John Carpay Rachel Dolezal made headlines in 2015 after she was exposed as a white woman who had been representing herself as black for many years. Dolezal was removed as head of the Spokane chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and kicked off a police ombudsman commission. She also lost her job teaching [...]

2017-06-21T12:10:01-06:00June 21, 2017|John Carpay, Marriage and Family, Society & Culture|

21-year-old politician encourages youth involvement

West Virginia House of Delegate Saira Blair Saira Blair, elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2014 at the age of 18, addressed the National March for Life and the Youth conference the day afterward about being an outspoken pro-life and youth advocate in the political arena. Her interest in politics began with the Youth in Government organization [...]

2017-06-21T11:41:10-06:00June 21, 2017|Politics, Pro-Life|

Review of Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s Great Betrayal

Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s Great Betrayal by Gwendolyn Landolt and Patrick Redmond (The Interim Publishing Company, 217 pages, $20). This retelling of the abortion story in Gwen Landolt and Patrick Redmond’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s Great Betrayal brings out both the frustration of pro-lifers and a concern over a missed opportunity to have made a difference in the history of our country. The study [...]

2017-06-21T11:35:08-06:00June 21, 2017|Abortion Law, Book Review, Marriage and Family, Politics|

Bill Nye, the science betrayal guy

Television personality Bill Nye chooses politics over science. A generation grew up on the Emmy-winning TV show Bill Nye the Science Guy. The series spanned 100 episodes and covered everything from dinosaurs to computers. Kids came home from school to watch Bill Nye on PBS in their living rooms. They cheered when their teacher would pop a Bill Nye video [...]

2017-06-21T12:04:10-06:00June 20, 2017|Bioethics, Politics|

Demands for Canada’s fertility laws to be re-examined

In a position statement released on May 11 concerning sections six and seven of the 2004 Assisted Human Reproduction Act, the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society called on the federal government to legalize the payment of surrogates and egg and sperm donors, though board member Sherry Levitan suggests placing a cap on how much money surrogates or donors can receive. The position [...]

2017-06-21T12:03:06-06:00June 19, 2017|Bioethics, Society & Culture|

Time to salute fatherhood

It’s probably no coincidence that the status of fathers has declined in proportion to the overall depreciation in family life, morality and culture during the last few decades. Much has been written in recent years about the negative portrayal of fathers in the news media and in the entertainment world. Indeed, the incompetent father has become something of an icon in North [...]

2017-06-19T08:29:02-06:00June 16, 2017|Editorials, Marriage and Family|

Ontario government set to ban pro-life speech

Yasir Naqvi Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi announced on May 29 that the Liberal government plans to table a bill in the fall in order to legislate “bubble zones” that would ban pro-life demonstrations and sidewalk counseling near any abortion facility. Most abortion facilities have a legal injunction preventing pro-life activity within 30 feet of their facilities, but the so-called [...]

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2017 National March for Life

On May 11, more than 15,000 Canadian pro-lifers participated in the National March for Life in Ottawa, and thousands more took part in regional marches in various provincial capitals including Victoria, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, and Halifax. Fredericton was the site of a pro-life march a week later. The theme of the 2017 March was “Life, We stand on guard for Thee,” tying [...]

Pro-lifers show up

Former MP Tom Wappel often warns pro-lifers that if they don’t show up to candidate nominations, delegate selection meetings, and to vote their principles on election day, we are surrendering our political decision-making to those who do show up; it is effectively unilateral disarmament. Numerous pro-life and pro-family groups urged their members and supporters to purchase a Conservative Party membership because there [...]

2017-06-19T08:26:06-06:00June 13, 2017|Editorials, Politics, Pro-Life|

Brad Wall to invoke notwithstanding clause to restore democracy

Thanks to judicial distortion of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms over the past 30 years, freedom of religion in Canada has come under such severe restriction that an otherwise law-abiding, and conscientious citizen could now lose his livelihood or even end up in jail simply for steadfastly upholding the traditional principles of Judeo-Christian morality. Faithful bakers, florists, printers and Christian [...]

Senate holds hearings on C-16

Bill C-16 seeks to amend “the Canadian Human Rights Act to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination” and to amend the Criminal Code so that gender identity and gender expression are listed under the definition of “identifiable group” for protection against hate propaganda and are listed as aggravating circumstances for hate crimes. It passed [...]

Permanent adolescence

I do not typically like books written by current politicians. They are dull, self-serving, and full of platitudes and clichés. Senator Ben Sasse’s new book The Vanishing American Adult: Our Coming-of-Age Crisis – and How to Rebuild a Culture of Self-Reliance (St. Martin’s, $38.99, 306 pages) is none of those things. The Nebraska Republican lawmaker and former university president has identified a [...]

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