Euthanasia deaths in Ontario increasing

Alex Schadenberg The Ontario office of the chief coroner released the updated data for MAiD (euthanasia and assisted-suicide) deaths in Ontario. Its report indicates that between legalization on June 17, 2016 and June 30, 2019, there have been 3,303 euthanasia and assisted-suicide deaths. According to the Ontario data, the number of assisted-deaths have increased each year since legalization. There were [...]

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Actress brags about two abortions

Actress Alyssa Milano, 46, who earlier this year urged women go on a “sex strike” to protest state-level abortion restrictions, revealed that she had two abortions in 1993 when she was 20 years old. On her podcast Sorry Not Sorry, Milano said she was “in love for the first time” and “it was an exciting time in my life.” Milano said she [...]

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Hollywood abortion depictions more ‘unapologetic:’ report

As major entertainers and Hollywood studios ramp up their pro-abortion advocacy, a new study by left-wing researchers from the University of California has found a significant uptick in positive depictions of the “choice” to abort a child in film and television. The University of California-San Francisco’s Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) is a think tank known for pro-abortion research touted [...]

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And then there was this …

Canada The Canadian magazine Toronto Lifecelebrates the lives of Torontonians and showcases all the good things that Toronto has to offer—from the cultural mosaic that makes up the city to music, art, cuisine and so much more. So a certain July 29 article didn’t seem to fit the magazine’s thrust: “I threw my grandmother an assisted suicide party.” On the other hand, [...]

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Scheer’s Tories accused of nixing social conservative candidates

Ann Gillies Christian psychotherapist Ann Gillies was six weeks into campaigning for the Conservative Party of Canada nomination in her Ontario riding when she received a curt email from party executive director Dustin Van Vugt telling her she’d been disallowed. A longstanding party member whose campaign in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound had been building “really, really good momentum,” Gillies was “shocked” -- [...]

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Ford government’s sex-ed just like Wynne’s sex-ed

(From left) Caroline Mulroney, Premier Doug Ford, Christine Elliott and Stephen Lecce who would be named Education Minister shortly after this photo was taken, march in the York Region pride parade in June. Pro-family groups blasted Ontario premier Doug Ford’s government August 21 over a sex ed curriculum they say is a betrayal of parents and no better than the [...]

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Justin Trudeau promotes the LGBQT+ agenda

The Trudeau Record In November 2016, just over a year into his mandate, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau named Edmonton Centre Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault the first Special Advisor on LGBTQ2 issues to any prime minister. Boissonnault, a press statement said, would “advise the Prime Minister on the development and co-ordination of the Government of Canada’s LGBTQ2 agenda,” including “working with LGBTQ2 organizations [...]

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Ontario’s revised 2019 elementary sex-curriculum continues to present dangers to children

The Doug Ford government has finally released a revised 2019 Health and Physical Education program for Ontario elementary schools. It should be implemented for the school year 2019-2020. The changes to the 2015 Wynne Liberal radical sex-curriculum continues to pose dangers to children. However, one positive change is that parents now have been given the option to withdraw their children from any [...]

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CLC global affairs rep protested for church talk in Alberta hometown

Emily Price When Emily Price returned to her hometown of Athabasca, Alberta, to give a pro-life talk at her local church, she did not expect to make the local newspaper as the subject of protest spurred on by national and provincial abortion “rights” groups. Price, a co-coordinator of Campaign Life Coalition Youth and CLC’s global policy and research coordinator, spoke [...]

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Talk Turkey Josie Luetke Like most writers, I aim to stand by everything I say, but, alas, that’s near impossible. Still, it’s bothersome to have to amend something so shortly after writing it. In the July/August edition of The Interim, I stated in my article, “How to talk about abortion,” that it’s important to acknowledge that “pregnancy is very difficult.” [...]

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The voters they deserve

Light is Right Joe Campbell "The Prime Minister dropped the writ,” Molder said. “He did what?” said Bimson. “I’m afraid we’re in for an election.” “I should think so. A Prime Minister who’s that careless is no longer fit to serve.” “The Governor General issued the writ today.” “I’ll bet she was angry when the Prime Minister dropped it.” “She [...]

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Love our enemies

Rory Leishman Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt, is a timely new book by Arthur C. Brooks that presents a compelling argument about how all people – left and right, pro-life and “pro-choice” – can best communicate their ideas to friends and fellow citizens about subjects on which they fundamentally disagree. As [...]

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Campaign Life goes to Steubenville Toronto

Nikola Vanderheyden mans the Campaign Life Coalition Youth booth at the Steubenville Toronto Conference. Each year the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto hosts its Steubenville Youth Conference. Originating in Steubenville, Ohio, the conference has branched out to numerous North American cities, including Toronto. With the goal of “glorifying God and bring souls to Him”, Steubenville Toronto gives Catholic youth an encounter [...]

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The coming nightmare of abstract humanism

There are many definitions of the cynic. The one I choose for this article describes the person who is hostile toward the past that he knows and hospitable toward the future that he does not know. The clearest example of this form of cynicism about which I am aware belongs to a former colleague of mine who shall remain anonymous: “Marriage is [...]

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