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BC tribunal rules beauticians need not wax genitals of man who claims he’s female

The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal ruled Oct. 22 against transgender activist Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv who had made formal “discrimination” complaints against a number of female beauty technicians for refusing to wax his genitals on the premise that as a “woman” he was entitled to be serviced by them. The court ruled that aestheticians who work from home have a right to [...]

2019-11-21T15:01:27-06:00November 22, 2019|Human rights, Politics|

Alberta NDP pro-abortion motion defeated

Alberta pro-lifers claimed a victory Oct., 21 when Premier Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party roundly defeated an NDP private member’s motion that called for increased access to abortion. Kenney joined other UCP MLAs to vote down Motion 506 by a 43-11 margin. Proposed by St. Albert MLA Marie Renaud, Motion 506 stated, “Be it resolved that the Legislative Assembly urge the Government [...]

2019-11-21T14:58:35-06:00November 22, 2019|Abortion Law|

And then there was this …

Canada In the article “Confessions of a social constructionist” (Quillette, Sept. 17), Canadian historian Christopher Dummitt admits that he made up certain parts of his doctoral thesis (sometime after 2002), and published a book and articles on his “findings” that “identity was a social construction. And that identity was all about power.” That is, gender is based solely in culture. He says [...]

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No simple solutions to social media challenges

Amusements Ten years ago, when I started writing this column, nobody was really frightened of the internet. My first column for The Interim was about the fear of communications technology, opting out and cutting the cable  – but the villain was television. “Every year it seems like a new study is published linking TV viewing with obesity, poor marks, diminishing attention spans [...]

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A new wave of pro-life feminism

Feminism in the 21st century has become synonymous with abortion, contraception and obscene hats and is a far cry from the first wave of feminists. First-wave feminism occurred in the late 19th and early 20th century as a push for women to have the same rights as men, such as the right to vote, own property, control their own money, and the [...]

2019-11-15T19:51:46-06:00November 15, 2019|Pro-Life|

Abortion and the Constitution in Canada and the U.S

National Affairs Rory Leishman In a televised debate on October 15th among Democrat candidates for President of the United States in next year’s election, former vice-president Joe Biden maintained: ”Reproductive rights are a constitutional right.” Furthermore, he promised to nominate people for the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) who can be relied upon to “support the right of [...]

2019-11-14T20:43:04-06:00November 14, 2019|Abortion, Abortion Law, Issues, Rory Leishman|

A church-sized hole

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke At a recent Mass I attended, the deacon indicated in his homily that we are most like Jesus when we fight against social injustices. The examples he gave? That of students participating in the climate strike, those calling for proper preparations for natural disasters, etc. I nearly keeled over the pew right then, because I’m so [...]

2019-11-14T20:32:03-06:00November 13, 2019|Josie Luetke, Religion|

Big government tramples religious freedom

Law Matters John Carpay Question: What happens when intolerant secular fundamentalists take charge of government programs? Answer: Fewer underprivileged kids get to enjoy summer camps. The question-and-answer above summarizes two court actions against the federal government, which have exposed anti-Christian bigotry in the awarding of Canada Summer Jobs grants. Mill Stream Bible Camp, a 90-minute drive north-east of Toronto, welcomes [...]

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Making sense of it all

Light is Right Joe Campbell My vision began changing in 2009. Not my mental vision. I can still see what’s wrong with the world. My physical vision. I can no longer see what’s wrong with my wardrobe. Which is a bit of a blessing. What’s not a blessing is that, thanks to macular degeneration, my central vision deteriorated rather abruptly. [...]

2019-11-14T20:36:11-06:00November 13, 2019|Joe Campbell|

Social conservatism and the federal election

Laying Down the Lawton Andrew Lawton It’s hard to recall an election in which social issues were brought to the surface as often as they were in this year’s federal election. Of course, this didn’t come from social conservatives, but rather from scads of progressive politicians trying to embarrass and humiliate Conservative candidates for holding the apparently unconscionable belief that, [...]

2019-11-04T13:47:33-06:00November 2, 2019|Andrew Lawton, Election|

Pro-life gains despite ‘disappointing’ Trudeau re-election Analysis

The Liberals will return as government, albeit with a reduced large minority of 157 seats, down from 184 in 2015. The Conservatives gained roughly a half million votes and won the popular vote 34.4 per cent to 33.1 for the Liberals, yet won just 121 seats, up from 99 four years ago. The Bloc more than tripled their seat total, winning 32 [...]

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Andrew Scheer must go

Andrew Scheer Many in the pro-life, pro-family community are disappointed, but not surprised with the results of the Oct. 21 federal election. While there were well over 140 pro-life candidates, most were Christian Heritage Party and People’s Party of Canada candidates with little chance of winning. But even if every pro-life candidate won, there would not be a pro-life majority [...]

Election notebook

Green Party candidate repudiates pro-life position October 1 Mark Vercouteren, Green Party candidate in Chatham-Kent-Leamington, stated he supported abortion after it was reported he had previously indicated he was pro-life in Campaign Life Coalition questionnaires from previous elections, including the 2018 provincial election. He said he “doesn’t remember” signing the questionnaire. Vercouteren issued a statement, “you have my word I would never [...]

2019-11-01T12:47:22-06:00November 1, 2019|Election, Politics, Religion|
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