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The Holy Spectre haunting the movement

By Josie Luetke Shortly after I became involved in the pro-life movement, I became cognizant of the push by mostly younger members to secularize its branding, even though we were all Christian. Green as I was and enamored with the clarity of the science of when life begins and the simplicity of the philosophical arguments against abortion, I was sympathetic. Pro-life could [...]

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Coronavirus-related pro-life stories

Canadian abortionists respond to covid-19 On March 18, Global Newsreported on how various work environments were impacted by the coronavirus; one was a Toronto abortuary. Jane Gerster reported on the “seemingly never-ending list of cancellations and closures,” noting that “The situation changes almost hourly.” She sought out human interest stories on how the widespread closure “is already changing people’s lives nationwide,” including [...]

Man who assaulted pro-lifer given probation

Jordan Hunt was given a conditional sentence after roundhouse kicking Marie-Claire Bissonnette at LifeChain last October. The Toronto hairstylist, Jordan Hunt, who was filmed roundhouse kicking a pro-life protester in what became a viral video in October of last year, was given a conditional discharge and eight months probation on June 13. The video that went viral of Hunt assaulting [...]

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Unfit to print

On Sunday, Sept. 30, a peaceful pro-life protest was the occasion of an unprovoked assault. After defacing both the signs and the clothing of participants at a LifeChain intersection in Toronto, a man, later identified as Jordan Hunt, was confronted about his acts of outright vandalism and assault by pro-life activist and Campaign Life Coalition Youth Coordinator, Marie-Claire Bissonnette. The brief conversation [...]

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CLC Youth coordinator assaulted at LifeChain

Jordan Hunt was arrested and charged for assaulting Marie-Claire Bissonnette; while she participated in a peaceful LifeChain demonstration. A man in his 20s roundhouse kicked a woman in her 20s while discussing abortion during a LifeChain demonstration in Toronto. On LifeChain Sunday, Sept. 30, CLC Youth Coordinator was assaulted by a self-described male feminist for holding a sign against abortion and engaging [...]

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LifeChain provides powerful pro-life witness

On Sunday, Sept. 30th, tens of thousands of people across Canada will participate in or witness the Canadian pro-life movement’s LifeChain event at approximately 200 locations. Some Life Chains will be held Oct. 7 or 13; double-check with your local pro-life group for details. LifeChain is a North American pro-life event that takes place annually, with a primary focus on praying for [...]

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LifeChain and 40 Days for Life offer opportunities to witness, touch lives

2016 LifeChain life-chain locations   2016 -  40 Days for Life Locations across Canada   This fall, LifeChain and 40 Days for Life will provide two opportunities for pro-lifers to defend unborn children through prayerful witness. LifeChain will be held Oct. 2 in more than 200 locations across Canada, including nearly 50 in the Greater Toronto Area. The 40 Days for Life vigil [...]

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Annual LifeChain demonstration bears fruit

Lifechain locations Across Canada HERE   Every year, when the beginning of October arrives, pro-life advocates of all ages look forward to LifeChain. The demonstration is typically held on the first Sunday of the month. Participants stand along sidewalks at designated public intersections, holding signs bearing messages such as “Abortion Kills Children,” “Abortion Hurts Women,” or “Adoption – the Loving Option.” LifeChain [...]

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Assailant found guilty in Toronto LifeChain attack

The knife-wielding man who attacked a woman during a pro-life witness in Toronto last October was found guilty of two counts of assault and of possessing a dangerous weapon. Michael Panagapko of Toronto, 45, pled guilty to three of the five charges brought against him, court documents obtained by LifeSiteNews reveal. On Feb. 27 he was handed a suspended sentence with two [...]

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LifeChain gets pro-life message to Canadians

Dorothy Carston, 94, has never missed a LifeChain and took part in the event in Kirkland Lake despite eight-degree temperatures, wind and rain. She said you are never too old to come out to LifeChain. According to LifeChain founder Royce Dunn, 1,890 chains took place in 1,552 cities across the United States and Canada on Oct. 6. Campaign Life Coalition [...]

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