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2018 CIHI abortion figures present unclear picture

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) released data tables on Jan. 23 indicating there were 85,195 reported abortions in 2018 – down from a reported 94,030 abortions in 2017. In response, Global News ran an article by Cassandra Szklarski with the headline: “Canadian clinics and hospitals performing fewer abortions, data suggests.” The same article was also published on various other websites [...]

2020-03-26T09:05:23-06:00March 26, 2020|Abortion, Abortion statistics, Josie Luetke|

And then there was this …

Canada Did you know, dear pro-life reader, that the Canadian government categorizes you as a “terror threat” to the peace, justice and good order of our country. We don’t threaten anyone, we don’t hold the country hostage to our demands, we don’t jeopardize the economy of our country, and we don’t hate. Yet, the Canadian conservative medium, Rebel News, has revealed that [...]

2020-03-23T13:08:13-06:00March 23, 2020|And then there was this...|

Unplanned: the value of human life

Fr. Ted Colleton Scholarship third place winner Nikole Wassenaar Nikole Wassenaar Editor’s Note:  Nikole Wassenaar who attends Smithville Christian High School in Smithville, Ont., finished third in the 2019-2020 Fr. Ted Essay Scholarship. This is her essay. Slaughter or solution? This question has been an ongoing controversy for decades. ln recent years there has been a growing divide on this topic [...]

A moral dilemma

Light is Right Joe Campbell I guess my first misstep was trying to play and sing like Louis Armstrong. Hearing him perform was love at first sound and no matter how often I heard him I wanted to hear more. I suspect my second misstep was organizing a Dixieland band and appearing in public. This enabled listeners to record my [...]

2020-03-20T13:43:40-06:00March 20, 2020|Joe Campbell|

‘Choice is a person’

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke I’ve previously heard that one of the disadvantages the pro-life movement has to contend with that other human rights campaigns haven’t had to is that unlike other historically oppressed groups like women and African Americans, the preborn cannot advocate for themselves. They can’t march. They can’t hold sit-in protests. There’s no civil disobedience in which they [...]

2020-03-15T06:31:50-06:00March 15, 2020|Fetal Rights, Josie Luetke, Society & Culture|

New poll suggests hard work ahead for pro-lifers

A DART & Maru/Blue Voice Canada Poll released February 1, 2020 reveals the ignorance of the Canadian populace on the abortion issue. 1,515 randomly selected members of Maru/Blue’s Voice Canada Online panel were surveyed from December 5 to 8 in 2019 and the results were weighted by education, age, gender, and region to match the Canadian population, though PEI and the territories [...]

Canada Summer Jobs: ideology trumps the rule of law

Law Matters John Carpay Justin Trudeau loves preaching about “diversity,” “tolerance,” and “inclusion.” Sadly, these concepts have no application to Christian summer camps which help underprivileged children to enjoy hiking, swimming, canoeing and campfires. In 2018, the Trudeau government tried to force Canada Summer Jobs applicants to sign an attestation supporting the prime minister’s views on abortion. Trudeau backed down [...]

2020-03-12T08:24:43-06:00March 12, 2020|John Carpay, Politics, Summer Jobs|

Papal fiction

Amusements Three years ago I was asked to write about HBO’s The Young Pope, which was expected to be a sucker punch attack on the Catholic Church and the papacy. It turned out to be a startling but surreal story that sympathized with a youthful and charismatic new pontiff who planned to reverse the Church back past the liberalizations of [...]

2020-03-11T07:08:02-06:00March 11, 2020|Religion, Rick McGinnis|

Trudeau’s hypocrisy

Laying Down the Lawton That self-righteous moral superiority that has become so synonymous with Justin Trudeau’s brand appears to end at the Canadian border. On a swing through Africa in February, Trudeau won the support of Senegal in Canada’s bid for a United Nations Security Council seat. The west African nation’s vote came at the expense of the image that [...]

2020-03-10T07:34:03-06:00March 10, 2020|Andrew Lawton, Human rights, Politics, Society & Culture|

Catholic education: a divided morality

  Rory Leishman National Affairs For a striking illustration of the moral and spiritual degradation that afflicts so many ostensibly Christian universities in North America, consider the contrasting reactions to the screening of the excellent pro-life movie Unplannedat Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, and King’s University College at Western University in London, Ontario. Given that both Benedictine College and King’s [...]

2020-03-09T08:48:05-06:00March 9, 2020|Religion, Religious Education, Rory Leishman|

Pro-life leadership contenders need our support

We have been stressing the need for every pro-lifer to take out a membership in the Conservative Party of Canada in order to vote for the pro-life and pro-family candidates running for its leadership. As we went to press, at least three Campaign Life Coalition-endorsed candidates were accepted by the party as approved candidates – Derek Sloan, Leslyn Lewis, and Jim Karahalios. [...]

Wagantall tables sex-selective abortion bill

Cathay Wagantall On Feb. 26, Conservative MP Cathay Wagantall (Yorkton-Melville) introduced Bill C-233, the Sex Selective Abortion Act, a private member’s bill that, if passed, will create a new penalty for medical practitioners who commit an abortion when the only reason is the genetic sex of the pre-born child. In a statement, Wagantall said, “Sex selective abortion is antithetical to our [...]

2020-03-06T07:53:23-06:00March 6, 2020|Abortion, Abortion Law, Politics|

Statement from Cardinal Collins on Bill C-7

Editor’s Note:On Feb. 25, Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, released a statement on the introduction of Bill C-7:An Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying). The Interim reprints the statement in full. The federal government has introduced new legislation expanding the eligibility criteria for euthanasia. The inaccurate term, medical assistance in dying (MAiD), is currently used to describe [...]

2020-03-05T07:53:55-06:00March 6, 2020|Editorials, Euthanasia, Religion, Society & Culture|

Trudeau Liberals table expansive euthanasia bill

Federal government bill guts euthanasia safeguards. On Feb. 24, the Trudeau government tabled legislation that would make Canada’s euthanasia law the most permissive in the world according to anti-euthanasia groups. Bill C-7 was introduced by Justice Minister David Lametti and, if passed without amendment, the Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying) will liberalize the three-year-old euthanasia [...]

2020-03-05T05:44:29-06:00March 6, 2020|Announcements, Euthanasia, Features, Politics|
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