Inquest on Erin Shannon’s death – Jury recommendations

The recommendations of the jury were as follows: In view of the fact that Amniotic Fluid Embolism “is a rare occurrence and        has been described as the most dangerous and untreatable condition in obstetrics,” it is the opinion of this Jury that responsible Government, Medical, and Private Associations be encouraged to undertake meaningful and continuing research into the problem, and the results [...]

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Planned Parenthood and Father Paul Marx

Father Paul Marx, Catholic Priest and founder of Human Life International, reports the following item in a report printed as an advertisement in the American weekly The Wanderer (April 10, 1986): Early in 1985, in Ottawa, Canada, a radio talk show host, Lowell Green, had me on his popular three-hour program on station CFRA.  I was out to expose the evils of [...]

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Catching up – International

London – Nurses should notify police, said a British Catholic Bishops’ committee on bio-ethical issues, when they find handicapped newborn babies being sedated or starved to death.  The Bishops referred specifically to babies born with spina bifida who were being refused surgery.  If the hospital authorities refuse to rectify such a state of affairs, then a nurse has no alternative but to [...]

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No ethics in “Choices”

On February 17, ABC aired a made-for-television movie called “Choices,” which treaded the issue of abortion.  “Choices” is packed full of 80’s values, or lack thereof, and preaches a modern day message of selfishness. George C. Scott plays a wealthy, 62 year-old retired judge who is divorced from his first wife (due to lack of “passion” in the relationship) and is remarried [...]

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Segregating newborn babies

In the early morning hours of July 17, 1984, when John Carroll was told that his newborn daughter had Spina Bifida, he asked “What’s that?” Spina Bifida, one of the most common birth defects, involves the improper development of the spinal cord.  This damage is done between 12 and 28 days after conception.  A section of the back fails to close and [...]

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Embryo experimentation and the Indian rope trick

Despite overwhelming support from MPs in the House of Commons, and from people across the United Kingdom, Enoch Powell’s Unborn Children (Protection) Bill failed to reach the Statute Book. In introducing his Bill Mr. Powell stated that he had felt “s deep and instinctive sense of repugnance” when he read the Warnock Report’s recommendation that Parliament should legalize experiments on human embryos [...]

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Alberta: Controversy surrounds ethics symposium

In October, the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine hosted a major symposium on “Human Embryo Experimentation and Childhood Cancer: The Right to Die.”  The two panels of experts included medical doctors, lawyers, ethical philosophers and representatives from the media. All the distinguished experts on the panels were in favour of the right to die and human embryo experimentation. Their comments and [...]

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New Brunswick: Moncton Clinic sidesteps parents’ rights in issuing the pill to teenagers

The Moncton Hospital’s Reproductive Clinic is prescribing the birth control pill and, in some cases, a “morning after” pill to under-age teens – without parental knowledge or consent. At least one 15-year-old girl was given the “morning after” pill when she went to the clinic by herself after having intercourse without using contraception.  She was also offered a prescription for the regular [...]

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Birth Control Victims Association

It has been 10 years since I first decided the IUD was the best possible form of birth control.  The Pill, in my mind, was just another medication and all medications have side-effects.  Hence, for me, the Pill was out. When I made my decision, I was assured by statistics and the medical profession that the IUD would work.  When I asked [...]

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Value judgements and kidney dialysis

It seems that the “quality of life” ethic now encompasses more groups of people than the “unwanted” unborn, handicapped and elderly.  In Britain, the Oxfordshire District Health Authority decided that a 44-year-old would no longer receive life-saving kidney dialysis treatment because “he would have died within weeks or months from his hypertension.” Both the British Kidney Patients Association and Labour MP Lewis [...]

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Council of Europe debates ethics in fetal experiments

        Rumours have circulated for some time that human embryos from abortions are being sold to industrial firms to be used for cosmetic products.  The first time that I was confronted with such rumours was some months ago.  A journalist told me that after a road accident in the north of France, a lorry had turned over and lost [...]

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Cancer and fetal x-ray

    Exposing an unborn child to x-rays more than doubles the chance that the child will contract cancer before reaching adulthood, according to a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine on February 27.   An unborn child “may be especially sensitive to the carcinogenic effects of ionizing radiation,” say the authors, who compared sets of twins who did [...]

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Inaccurate spina bifida test

    John Jenkinson, whose British parents were advised to abort him when a prenatal blood test showed he had spina bifida, is today a healthy two-year-old.  His parents, a Rotherham, Yorkshire, couple are so dissatisfied with medical and Health Authority answers to their questions that they have now written to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, asking her to find out why a [...]

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A funny thing happened on the way to the Toronto School Board

        Three years ago, in 1982, a large number of parents and parent groups approached the Toronto School Board about its sex education programme.  Some of the materials recommended in the Board’s guidelines, these parents felt, do not reflect community standards of sexual morality.  The message that seems to come across is that sexual morality is purely a matter [...]

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Alternate Medicine List

    The following is a list of alternate brands.   UPJOHN BRAND                          ALTERNATE MEDICINE                       Kaopectate…...                                               Pepto Bismol                       Cheracol…                                          Robitussin, Triaminic                                                              Cleocin….                       Lincocin…                                         Other antibiotics     Trobicin…                                                                               Cortef…                                             Decadron, Aristocort Medrol…..                                                                            Halcion…                                            Dalmane/Restoril                                     Xanax……                                          Tranxene/Valium                       Neo-cortef...                                        Cortisporin                       Tolinase…                                           [...]

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