Those who follow the workings of the various anti-population organizations have long feared the possibility of an anti-human vaccination.

These fears may now have been realized with the discovery of an anti-tetanus vaccine, administered by the World Health Organization, which may have destroyed the fertility of millions in the Third World.

Several pro-life agencies, including Human Life International and International Right to Life, have discovered that a tetanus vaccine administered to women in the Philippines and Mexico and Nicaragua also contains an anti-fertility hormone, human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, hCG.

When administered. The hCG present in the tetanus vaccine results in the formation of anti-hCG antibodies which attack subsequent pregnancies, possibly rendering the woman sterile.

First discovered in anti-tetanus vaccines in Mexico in 1994, hCG has lately turned up in tetanus vaccinations in the Philippines, where over 3 million women have been inoculated.

The World Health Organization, which has been the driving force behind these anti-tetanus vaccination campaigns, has also reportedly been involved in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine, similar to the hCG.

Fr. Matthew Habiger, president of Human Life International, says there may be enough evidence to begin an investigation of the World Health Organization.

  • Only women of child-bearing years (12-49) were vaccinated
  • hCG does not belong in the anti-tetanus vaccine
  • The vaccination protocol called for multiple injections even though one vaccination alone provides protection for at least 10 years
  • The World Health Organization initiated the Campaign Life Coalition The WHO is also heavily involved in population control.

“If the allegations are true,” said Fr. Matthew Habiger, “Congress should issue the strongest public condemnation of such massive human rights violations.”