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Handling ‘heart issues’

Occasionally, no rational argument will convince someone of the pro-life position, and maybe this is because their resistance to it comes from the heart and not the head. Experience will aid in your ability to identify when it’s a “heart issue.” The person you’re talking to could be very upset or highly irrational, or constantly returning to one particular circumstance or excuse. [...]

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Study criticizes crisis pregnancy centres

A Canadian pro-abortion group issued a report attacking crisis pregnancy centres. Review of ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centre’ Websites in Canada, published by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC), surveyed Canadian pregnancy care centre websites and claimed that they “often present misinformation on their websites or fail to disclose their anti-choice or religious agenda to prospective clients,” according to the group’s press release. [...]

2016-08-06T06:23:37-04:00August 6, 2016|Crisis pregnancy centres|

Court rules abortion activist did not defame Vancouver crisis pregnancy centers

The Vancouver & Richmond Crisis Pregnancy Centre lost its defamation case against pro-abortion activist Joyce Arthur after she accused CPCs of resorting to terrorizing and deceiving pregnant women to convince them not to have abortions. Two Vancouver-area crisis pregnancy centers are shocked that a judge in British Columbia ruled that top abortion activist Joyce Arthur did not defame them in [...]

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CTV targets B.C. crisis pregnancy centre in sting operation

On Dec. 15, CTV News in British Columbia launched a sting operation against the South Fraser Pregnancy Options Centre in Surrey, B.C., with what Option’s Centre executive director Laura Lansink said was “the hope that our peer-counsellor would give false or biased information.” The Pregnancy Options centres are associated with the Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS), a national, non-political, registered [...]

2012-02-27T09:24:54-05:00February 27, 2012|Crisis pregnancy centres|

Reducing abortions: The untold story of America’s pregnancy resource centres

A groundbreaking report detailing the impact of thousands of pregnancy resource centres across America has been released by the Family Research Council. Entitled “A Passion to Serve: A Vision for Life,” the report lays out in detail the manifold contributions of American pregnancy resource centres to their communities, particularly to women, children and families. The nature and scope of the pregnancy centres’ [...]

2009-12-01T06:06:19-05:00December 1, 2009|Crisis pregnancy centres|

40 things for which the pro-life movement can be thankful

For living in a great country in which pro-life activism, despite the obstacles and difficulties, still flourishes. For the means to be actively pro-life – our health, our families, those in the background that make things happen. For the unwed mothers who keep their babies despite feelings of hopelessness and vulnerability or in the face of challenging emotional or physical environments. For [...]

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40 Days for Life campaign ends

  On April 5, the spring 2009 40 Days for Life campaign ended in 135 cities in Canada, the United States, Australia and Northern Ireland. The 24-hour around-the-clock vigil of prayer and fasting was expanded in Canada to include Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg, as well as Ottawa, and smaller Exodus 2009 events - prayer vigils that lasted for a few [...]

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A personal miracle, a public display

Following up on the promotional piece in June’s issue, entitled, “Personal miracle spawns Aid to Women benefit,” I was able to attend the Ben Navaee Gallery’s show in support of Toronto’s Aid to Women, which ran June 1-11. To recap, Ben, the curator and artist whose work was on display, and his partner Lenka encountered Ann Wilson and Aid to Women through [...]

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Edmonton Pregnancy Crisis Centre very successful The Edmonton Pregnancy Crisis Centre, run by Co-Workers to Human Life has had a very successful first year of operation.  The centre which opened in November of 1984, has had over 500 clients and believes to be responsible for changing the minds of 80 per cent of the people who came requesting help to obtain an [...]

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