Mother’s Day

Mother's Day May 13, 1984 should be an occasion on which all Canadians focus on motherhood and celebrate life. The celebration in Ontario will be somewhat marred with the release of statistics showing that over 90,000 reported abortions were performed in Ontario hospitals during the years 1980-82. In October 1983 over 40,000 Ontarians rallied at Queen's Park, Toronto and silently marched in [...]

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90,000 dead for the sake of convenience

The Editorial Ontario 1980-1982 According to provincial government statistics, over 90,000 reported abortions were performed in Ontario hospitals during the years 1980-82 (the figures for 1983 are not yet available). Knowing the number of abortions performed at each of these hospitals brings the abortion problem closer to home.  No longer can anyone in Ontario imagine that unborn babies are being killed in [...]

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Help for women suffering the after-effects of abortion

As pro-lifers, we sometimes forget the real emotional pain suffered by women who have had an abortion.  In our genuine concern for the fate of the unborn child, we often forget to reach out with compassion to those women who have taken the wrong road. Many of those who counsel women in crisis pregnancies generally hold the view that abortion is an [...]

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Human life: some fundamental questions

In order to understand some of the problems facing us as lawyers and as physicians today, it is necessary, I believe, to ask and to answer correctly, three fundamental questions. How do we attain the truth? What is human life? How do we value human life? The following will, I hope, indicate how to proceed to answer these questions. Since the unfortunate [...]

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“Let Them Live” on Father’s Day

On Father's Day, June 17, 1984, Campaign Life Ontario will co-ordinate a series of pickets to demonstrate throughout Ontario outside the hospitals which perform abortions. Campaign Life recently obtained copies of the abortion statistics for every hospital in Ontario (see pages 8 and 9 of The Interim). These figures cover abortions performed from 1980 to 1982 inclusive. The Statistics clearly show the [...]

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A candlelight walk on Mother’s Day Eve

This year, Mother's Day will be marked with a different format. Laura McArthur, President of Toronto Right to Life, said, "We've consistently shown the strength of the pro-life movement in Ontario over the years. Last October, the 40,000 who walked for life past Morgentaler's clinic could not be ignored. This Mother's Day, our stand will be different." With the theme in mind [...]

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Father’s rights upheld in abortion decision

For two weeks, Canadians across the country were caught up, in a legal struggle, by a father, to save his unborn baby's life. Christine Medhurst, 22-year-old mother of a year-old child was scheduled to have an abortion performed at Toronto Queensway Hospital.  However, the woman's 27-year-old husband, Alex obtained an injunction (prohibition) against the abortion being performed, from the Supreme Court of [...]

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