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David Little meets Mother Teresa

For over a year, David Little had been in communication with Mother Teresa.  She accepted his invitation to attend a pro-life rally at the Coliseum in Moncton on July 3, 1983. But Mother Teresa became ill and the Pope ordered her into the hospital to recover.  Recover she did, and the correspondence and communication with David Little continued. Mother Teresa is the [...]

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Bill C-216 a pro-life Private Member’s Bill

On February 13,1984, Mr. Donald Blenkarn, member of parliament for Mississauga South, introduced Bill 216, An Act to Amend the Criminal Code (Protection of Innocent Human Life), in the House of Commons. Mr. Blenkarn explained to the House that the Bill "is intended to limit the right to have a therapeutic abortion to circumstances involving the actual physical health of the mother."  [...]

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The return of Mr. Turner

Politics as politics have never interested me.  I have lived as a citizen in three countries and have never belonged to a political party in any one of them.  But I do come to life when moral and political issues blend into one, and this has certainly occurred in Canada with regard to abortion.  So, I must admit that I am vitally [...]

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1984 is not the ‘Little House’ series

At this particular time in my life I am tired, very tired.  My family has had minor illnesses all through the winter.  My children present me with physical and emotional demands ranging from toddler needs, to those of a self-aware pre-adolescent needing to discuss his varying emotions and desires.  I have spent many hours, days, weeks of my past speaking about, organizing [...]

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Feminist prophets backtrack

Germaine Greer, the high-profile Australian feminist, has a new book - Sex and Destiny: the Politics of Human Fertility. It has caused the kind of media publicity which puts a gleam in the eye of the publisher. Her media interviews have confirmed her reputation for fearless outspokenness, for she refers crudely to parts of the female anatomy.  Most reviewers and critics of [...]

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“Saturday Night at the … What??”

TV Ontario's "Saturday Night at the Movies." Hosted by Elwy Yost, broadcast Lina Wertmuller's film. Seven Beauties at 8:00 p.m. on 31 March 1984. This film contains explicit scenes of at least three women being raped, men being shot in the head of machine-gunned after diving into an overflowing latrine, a sexually provocative girlchild, sexual intercourse between a Gestapo prison inmate and [...]

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REAL Women counters radical feminist bias

The REAL Women of Canada, recently formed to preserve and promote traditional family values, is an organization whose time has come. A permissive, secular society has battered the family structure to shreds. Permanent commitment in marriage is considered impossible, if not naïve. Motherhood, once held sacred, is seen as restricting the full expression of womanhood. And children are not regarded as blessings [...]

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There is a belief penetrating our society that “everything can be made”

The new medical procedure of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) pioneered by English Drs. Steptoe 7 Edwards was actualized by the birth of Louise Joy Brown in 1978.  Since then there has been a great rush around the world to duplicate and expand upon this method. How are Christians who take the Scripture seriously, and believe that they can "fully equip" us to [...]

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An open letter to Turner and Trudeau

On May 14,1969, to the acclaim of the Liberal establishment, Section 237 of the Criminal Code of Canada was fatefully amended.  It was a triumph of compromise, accommodating the law of the land to the increasingly pluralistic tendencies of 20th century man without, at least in word, denying the moral heritage which had given him birth and nurtured him.  It was an [...]

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Ed O’Brien

Ed O'Brien has died. He will be missed. I first met Ed some forty odd years ago, when I was an eager beaver teenager, anxious to change the world. It was during World War II, and the Great Depression was scarcely beginning to peter out as the country was being launched on an unprecedented career of industrialization. Those of us who lived [...]

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Ontario … a place to grow?

Statistics about abortion, shocking though they may be, present only cold facts and show little of the human misery involved in each of the cases. Recently, this fact was seen very clearly as countless men and women shared the anguish of a young father desperately seeking to save his inborn child from being wantonly destroyed. The truth is that for every abortion [...]

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Death before birth in Ontario

In April, The Interim published a list of all hospitals in Ontario which perform abortions, together with the number of abortions performed from 1980 to 1982 inclusive.  The total number of abortions performed in Ontario hospitals over three years is 93,102; in the two years, 1981 and 1982, the total is 61,971. This month's graphs deal with the 61,971 abortions performed in [...]

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70,000 in American march

WASHINGTON - More than 70,000 cheering, chanting pro-life activists flooded Constitution Avenue January 23, 1984 as a dynamic witness to the commitment of the large and vocal right-to-life movement. From Alaska to Florida, from California to Maine, busloads of partisans for the civil rights of unborn children brought their message of love and justice to Capitol Hill and, for the first time, [...]

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In the hearts of men

One day a man went mountain climbing. Unfortunate he had a terrible accident. He had almost reached the summit of the mountain when he started to slip. As he was slipping down the mountain he thought that he would be killed. As luck would have it, he happened to latch on to a little shrub that was growing on the side of [...]

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Alberta's test tube baby clinic Welcome to Orwell's 1984!  Did you know that taxes are being used to provide funding for a research project which permits scientists Dr. Renee Martin of the Medical Genetics Clinic at Calgary's Children Hospital to study the effects of fertilizing Hamster Ova with Human Sperm!!  Apparently "inter-species fertilization" must be cleared through the Ethics Committee to determine [...]

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