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Toronto police chief abets abortionists

Pro-lifers listened in shock as a police officer testified in a Toronto courtroom that the officers have orders from Chief Jack Marks not to arrest the Harbord Street abortionists on charges relating to Section 251 of the Criminal Code. The testimony came during the trial of five pro-lifers on November 20. The five, Barbara and Tom Brown, Antonio Conhoto, Stephen Jalsevac, and [...]

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The correct address for the newly-formed Birth Control Victims Association, featured in last month’s issue of The Interim is: Unit 14, Four Winds Drive, Downsview, Ontario M3J 1K7, (416) 661-6935

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Abortion show too controversial

The Atlantic Satellite Network has refused to air an evangelical television programme on the abortion issue.  Abortion: is it murder? which features excerpts from The Silent Scream was turned down for viewing in the Atlantic region but will be seen on cable on November 17 across much of Ontario.  The show is part of a three-part series on abortion produced by Food [...]

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A Daniel come to judgment

When I first became a member of the Right to Life Speakers’ Bureau, I was warned that I should not use the term “murder” when referring to an abortion.  It was too “judgmental,” I was told.  I did not agree but, being the subservient creature that I am, I obeyed. I euphemistically spoke of “the killing of the unborn.”  I admit that [...]

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How Henry beats the system

Ontario Attorney-General Ian Scott’s reluctance to prosecute Henry Morgentaler again (or still, for the last prosecution is not yet complete) is really quite understandable.  No man likes to be made to look like a jackass. After all, Ian Scott is a politician, and as such must be (or seem to be) responsive to the whims and nuances of public opinion.  It just [...]

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Teachers for Life

On August 27, 1985 a Toronto based group of teaches held its first organizational meeting to form metro Toronto’s first “Teachers for Life.”  A second Ontario chapter for South Western Ontario is under way in Sarnia, led by Jim Sekerak of St. Patrick’s High School. Initiated by Father Alphonse de Valk and concerned teacher Louise Di Rocco, the group is responding to [...]

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House of Commons report

REAL Women On September 10, Jim Jepson (PC, London East), speaking on the status of women, requested funding for REAL Women of Canada.  Among other things, Mr. Jepson said, “REAL Women, although desiring equal opportunity for women in the workforce, as well stresses the importance of the family unit and the role of women as mothers and homemakers.  Having witnessed the drastic [...]

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Charter On September 26, Mrs. Lucie Pepin (Outremont, Lib.), complained about the fact that government funds to challenge the charter were to be channeled through the Canadian Council of Social Development. “If the Government had given the Legal Education and Action Fund the money to defend women, it would have permitted them to set their own priorities.  Now with the Canadian Council [...]

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Campaign Life discusses future strategy

The present writer believes that a reporter can be, and indeed will be, both objective and subjective.  Like the Toronto reporter who persuaded the Milwaukee fans to back the Blue Jays, he makes no apology for being both.  He has, however, put his own comments in italics to avoid confusing speakers’ statements with his own. Some 80 members of Campaign Life Ontario [...]

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Interview with Ed Newell, new president for Alliance for Life

Ed Newell is the newly-elected president of Alliance for Life.  He traveled to Toronto for the All-Ontario Justice for the Unborn rally in September.  In addition to attending the rally, he took time out for an interview in The Interim’s offices. Alliance for Life is the umbrella group for the educational pro-life movement in Canada, with a membership of about 255 groups [...]

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Catching up – Canada: Polygamy

A five-member law reform commission appointed by the federal government to recommend changes in law claims Canada’s polygamy law is outdated.  According to them, polygamy – defined as maintaining conjugal relations with more than one person at the same time – does not reflect contemporary values. The committee still rejects bigamy – defined by the Criminal Code as being legally married to [...]

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The equality rights hearings: Part II

In Part I of The Interim’s look at the testimony presented to the equality rights hearings, I showed how they were dominated by the views of feminist, homosexual and pro-abortion groups.  (See “Equality hearings – soapbox for Sodomites,” October issue.) The public hearings conducted by the parliamentary sub-committee on equal rights have now ended.  They had been extended past their first August [...]

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Feminism’s basic values: Part II: Canada

Over the last hundred years there have been many changes in the position of women in society.  But there have been changes in the place of men (and children) as well.  In general they seem to have kept pace with one another. If, for example, it took women in Britain till 1928 to win the right to vote on the same basis [...]

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Alberta: Contrasts: Pro-abortionists and Birthright

On October 2, the Edmonton chapter of Abortion By Choice (ABC) held their annual general meeting at the University of Alberta’s Law Building, the location of Morgentaler’s press conference last year. About 150 people attended, many of them young university women.  It was a larger turn-out than expected, as the lack of sufficient seating showed.  Equally unexpected was the presence of at [...]

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British Columbia: Pamphlet project saves a baby

Surrey-Delta Pro-Life’s recent pamphlet blitz saved the life of at least one baby in the area. The group designed a pamphlet for door-to-door distribution throughout the area: 100,000 pamphlets were printed, at a cost of just over $4,500.  Distribution through the post office was rejected as the cost was too high and the group relied on volunteers to do the postman’s work. [...]

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