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Are women disadvantaged?

He pro-life, pro-family organization, Realwomen of Canada, (realistic, equal, active, for life) has been bitterly attacked by the feminists in the past few months.  Why? Because it dares to put forward a different approach for the advancement and equality of women.  Also, it has dared to apply for grants to the Secretary of State, Women’s Programme, which has been lavishly underwriting the [...]

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All in the family

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed a change on our front page this month: we have added “pro-family” to our slogan “Canada’s pro-life newspaper.”  Although it’s an awkward mouthful, and one that is not really necessary since all the life issues we deal with are family issues in one way or another, we have made the change to help those who are concerned [...]

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The targets they pick

In its issue of April 28, under the above title, the Globe and Mail published a scathing editorial attacking the Pro-life people who picketed outside the home of one of the doctors who performs abortions at the Morgentaler Clinic.  The editorial is characterized by pejorative language and lack of veracity.  That the Globe should take this position is far from surprising.  A [...]

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National – Update on Parliament and the abortion issue

Pro-life people, both in and out of Parliament, are helping to keep the abortion issue before the House of Commons, by petitions, by statements and questions in the House, and by Private Member’s Bills. Petitions From the end of February in the beginning of May 19, MPs have presented a total of 30 petitions which are recorded in Hansard. These petitions ask [...]

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Inquest on Erin Shannon’s death – Jury recommendations

The recommendations of the jury were as follows: In view of the fact that Amniotic Fluid Embolism “is a rare occurrence and        has been described as the most dangerous and untreatable condition in obstetrics,” it is the opinion of this Jury that responsible Government, Medical, and Private Associations be encouraged to undertake meaningful and continuing research into the problem, and the results [...]

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Pro-lifers took to the streets

Pro-lifers across Canada took to the streets on several occasions in May.  In addition to the traditional Mother’s Day rallies on May 11, hospital vigils were held on May 14. The May 14 evening demonstrations were co-ordinated by Alliance for Life, the umbrella organization of the pro-life education movement.  Pro-lifers from British Columbia to Newfoundland picketed abortion-providing hospitals to mark the anniversary [...]

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Media vilification

Campaign Life organizer Stephen Jalsevac has made a formal complaint to the Ontario Press Council regarding a Globe and Mail article of April 29. The article and editorial, published two weeks after the event, concerned the home picket of abortionist Nikki Colodny. Mr. Jalsevac pointed out several falsehoods and distortions in the April 28 article. The most serious concerned a brief, isolated [...]

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Christian Heritage Party

Have you ever wondered why the true Christian never seems to achieve any changes within the existing political parties to bring about a return of Biblical morality to the Canadian Government? Have you ever wondered why we are getting the same kind of government from the Conservatives that we had under the Liberals – and the NDP is saying the same things [...]

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The sexual revolution, feminism and the churches

Part Three: Catholic Theology This is the third part in a series on the Churches and pro-life issues.  Part One on The United Church appeared in the April 1986 issue and Part Two, covering the Anglicans, in the May edition. Two related articles, “Pro-abortion Catholics?” and “Pro-abortion feminists and nuns” appeared respectively in the February and May editions.  Two introductory articles to [...]

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Planned Parenthood and Father Paul Marx

Father Paul Marx, Catholic Priest and founder of Human Life International, reports the following item in a report printed as an advertisement in the American weekly The Wanderer (April 10, 1986): Early in 1985, in Ottawa, Canada, a radio talk show host, Lowell Green, had me on his popular three-hour program on station CFRA.  I was out to expose the evils of [...]

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Insurance company refuses abortion claim

Guardian Insurance Company of Canada has refused to pay a claim resulting from an illegal abortion that went wrong. The company asserts that it is not obliged to meet the claim because the insured doctor is being sued as a result of an illegal act which could result in a life sentence for the doctor. The case which will soon be heard [...]

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Scott Picket- Toronto

On May 1, 25 people picketed in front of the Toronto Press Club at 5 Wellesley Street West in Toronto where Attorney General Ian Scott was speaking. He was scheduled to arrive at 7:00 p.m. but he came 45 minutes late. He brushed off questions about laying charges against the new Harbord-Street abortionist Nikki Colodny, and ignored a question from a pro-lifer [...]

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Day care- who speaks for the children?

The Parliamentary Task Force on child Care is presently holding hearings across Canada. It should be a forgone conclusion that it will recommend universal Day Care centers across our nation, but first the charade of public hearings must end. Of the Seven parliamentarians sitting on this special committee, only one has three children. (2.1 children per family are required to replace Canada’s [...]

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The war widens

Abortionist Robert Scott opened his own abortuary on Monday, May 25. Both Premier Peterson and the Attorney General promised that charges will be forthcoming. “We will prosecute under the law,” said Premier Peterson. “ We will use the power of the law not to allow free-standing abortion clinics.” (Star, May 13, 1986) Plans for the facility were discovered when ads appeared in [...]

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New energy for Walkerton pro-life

On Saturday evening, May 10, during Respect for Life Week, 450 pro-life supporters gathered in the spacious Walkerton Community Centre arena for the Walkerton and District Right to Life Annual Dinner and Pro-Life Rally. The rally was co-sponsored by the Knights of Columbus- Cargill/ Chepstow/ Paisley Chapter. Canada’s Foremost pro-life advocate, Joe Borowski, was the quest speaker along with Fr. Ted Colleton. [...]

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